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  1. Colt SP1 RR on a Form 4 in VA - $18.5 + Shipping I will cover first stamp if out of state. The first transfer to an out of state dealer takes about 1 month. comes with 2 uppers - 12.5" large pin DD upper with DD barrel and 14.5" small pin upper Giessele SSF Trigger Magpul stock Spikes LPK T3 Buffer ASR Flash Hider Flip up rear sight Adaptors for small pin uppers (easy) Colt is on the F4, not sure who did original conversion BUT lower was redone and sear holes were redone/reinforced by Victor @ US Anodizing - built like a tank now and beautiful. PM for more pics/info
  2. Looking for a Action Arms registered receiver A or B with the blocking bar removed must be on a form 3 or form 4 in Arizona. C&R could be on F4 Let me know what you have and price please. (DO NOT REPLY ON THIS THREAD E-MAIL ONLY) Thanks
  3. This is a fully functional full-size Vector/Group Industries Uzi. Registered in 22/9mm/45 cal. Has a welded feed ramp by Vector and a FAB Defense Tri-Rail. The firearm is on a Form 4 from original owner and will transfer to your FFL. Payment must be made in full via Personal Check, USPS Money Order, Money Order, Certified Check to start paperwork. Seller will pay for the first $200 stamp to your FFL. Buyer will be responsible for all other tax stamps and shipping which will start with $75.
  4. WTS: Norrell M2 RR - $15K Bitcoin

    This is a conversion kit for the M1 to M2 Carbine. The trigger housing was originally produced during WWII by the National Postal Meter Company and stamped "N 16" on the left rear side. It was registered by John Norrell Arms and is now marked with "J.N.A.I. 111685/JACKSONVILLE. ARK." It does include the various internal components made by various manufacturers along with the selector switch, disconnector block, spring and plunger and one disconnector lever. This lot includes the following additional parts: seven (7) spare M1/M2 carbine bolts, 4 by Underwood(3-round 1-flat), 2 round Inland and 1 marked "AOB". All the bolts are complete with firing pins, extractors and springs. This lot also includes an extra disconnector block, spring and plunger and one spare disconnector lever and one recoil spring.
  5. HK51 Fleming RR Form 3 $21k

    All German HK51 registered receiver machine gun. The gun comes with several mags and the original HK91 manual. Conversion was done by Fleming and the gun runs flawless. Hk is currently on a form 3 and ready for immediate transfer to your dealer. sales@lewmanarmsmanufacturing dot com 863-430-6270 $21,000 shipped.