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  1. Looking to sell a number of my Pre- and PostMay Dealer Samples. Priced as marked. Not interested in trades Transfers will be submitted via eforms, which should run around 3 days. Let me know if you have any questions. Additional photos to be added. Shipping and insurance extra. First to commit in writing takes priority. PreMay Thompson Auto Ordnance Bridgeport M1A1 45ACP "U.S. Property" - SPF PreMay Ithaca M3A1 Grease Gun 45ACP "U.S." - $12k PreMay FN FAL 7.62MM - $8500 PreMay H&K G3KA3 RARE from the HK demo room marked "HK DEMO ONLY" 7.62MM - SPF PreMay H&K 33E 5.56MM - SPF PreMay WW2 German MP-40 9MM Nazi marked - $9500 PostMay American Apex MAG58 7.62MM Belt Fed w/“D” spade grip kit installed - $16k PostMay EleyArms RPD 7.62x39MM Belt Fed reweld - $3200 PostMay Factory Beretta PM12S 9MM w/suppressor - SPF PostMay Factory Calico M-960A 9MM w/suppressor. 100 Round helical drum. Extra 50 and 100 drums available. Brass catcher. $2750 PostMay LaFrance “M-2” Carbine on Inland 30carbine. 4-45 barrel. Nice. - $1850 PostMay LaFrance Sten MKII 9MM - $1600 PostMay Factory Professional Ordnance Carbon 15, 5.56MM. Lightweight and fast cycler. - $1500 Posties require Cleo Letters. NFA Dealers only. Thanks. Jim Eley, 07/SOT email: text 614-537-3539 EleyArms LLC, Columbus Oh How can I delete the photos below? Tried everything.
  2. Selling part of my collection

    Reluctantly I am parting with part of my collection. Feel free to make an offer for part or all as well as individual items. Prices listed are what I'd like to get close to. Please ask any questions. Pennsylvania local pick up in the Dillsburg area. Shipping FFL to FFL only, actual cost. Rare genuine Stery Aug A2 with all 3 barrels (16in, 18in, and 23in machine gun barrel) Factory black stock (not cheap aftermarket) $5800 FN PS90 with 2 50rd magazines $1250 Norinco number matching SKS with NCS scope mount, folding spike bayonet $650 Yugo M59/66 SKS $500 Armory USA AK74 build with one 30rd mag excellent wood "Krinkov" style flash hider $950 Armory USA AK74 build with one 30rd mag sidefolder AK74 flash hider $950 Romarms Wasr 10 with ugrades grips, AK74 flash hider, NCS Scope and mount, 1 30rd mag, polymer furniture $950 Romarms FPK Dragunov style 7.62 x 54r, 1 x 10rd mag Russian scope mount and scope $1700 test fired only HK 91 IB dated coded matching furniture, HK four prong flash hider, integrated bipod on wide forearm, factory bayonet receiver (gas tube end), paddle mag release, claw mount with ATN scope $2500 Vector Arms RPD 1 x 100 round drum , built on nice Polish kit with good wood furniture. $3100 Mosin Nagant M44 with cleaning rod and side folding bayonet 7.62 x 54r nice wood with some handling wear on one side. $450 Czech VZ58 side folder with bakelite furniture 1 x 30rd mag $800 DPMS AR 6.8mm special. 1 x 25 rd mag upgrades flip up rear site railed upper. $1100 Rock River Arms 5.7mm x 28 upper 2 50rd magazines flip front and rear sites (demonstrator for 5.7mm FN for LE carbines) $1300 Argentine 1891 Mauser manufactured in Berlin by Ludwig Leowe Co. Stock replaced with aftermarket wooden hunting stock. Minor surface abrasions. $150
  3. We partnered with a shop in GA to bring these to market again. We did a limited run and when they are gone they are gone. They are shipping now, so if you want one get one.
  4. Looking for factory rails for both platforms, each should be hinged "swing-out" type as shown in pictures below... Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  5. Listed is an Original NDM-86 7.62x54R Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle. This particular rifle is a rare All Matching Numbered Pre-Ban CJA Springfield 1985 Import Norinco NDM -86 Dragunov SVD 7.62x54R. A limited amount of these rifles were brought in to the country before the imports were stopped. The rifle comes complete with original scope as well as the original scope box. The wood furniture has been replaced with the "Current Issued" Russian SVD furniture, that is completely resistant to weather and humidity changes that effect accuracy. The rifle comes the current an original Russian Issued Russian Furniture which goes for over $500 by itself if you can find one. One cool feature of the Current Issued Russian SVD Stock is that the cheek rest rotates quickly so that the operator can go to iron sights very quickly. Original 10rd Magazine is included. These particular imports don’t come up often. Very accurate out to 800 yards with match ammo. A great historically iconic firearm for those that want to own one of the most effective, reliable and iconic DMR rifles ever made and fielded. A real factory Dragunov SVD in its currently issued configuration. Everything pictured is what is included in the sale. Price Reduction: $SPF No sales to CA or Restricted States. Will only ship to FFL ***PLEASE PM ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS*** Thank You
  6. Looking to sell my left over RPD parts kits I had a full size and Shorty built these are the two kits I have left 1. Egyptian Parts kit covered in Cosmoline with a drilled barrel ( was told its repairable) receiver pieces included with a DSA receiver -$1000 +shipping to your FFL 2 Polish RPD parts kit Mint Condition with intact original Polish made hammer forged chrom-lined barrel comes with receiver pieces included and DSA receiver $1400+shipping 3. Russian made AK barrel I have been told its a AK-103 barrel only stamp on the barrel is Circle Y $1000 shipped 4. Tula Krinkov BFPU parts kits 1992 Dated Comes with matching top cover,carrier and trunion, New bolt ,piston head and correct twist barrel ( this barrel was made for 1986 kits but will work with this kit just takes some work)- $1650 plus shipping 5. Izzy AKM Russian parts kit all major part matching -$950
  7. VERY RARE, never fired, Original Bulgarian set of RPD's with original shipping container as issued to Bulgarian field units in 1953 cold war era. Both were built by Project Guns from complete original Bulgarian kits including original Bulgarian chrome lined barrels (nearly impossible to find). Set is in excellent condition, complete and never fired. Not very many of these complete RPD issued sets out there let alone a true Bulgarian complete set. I believe most were parted out after importation. Don't miss this rare and collectible find for your Com-bloc collection!!!! Kit comes with the following: 2 semi - RPD 1953 mgf. Never fired. 2 standard issue canvas gun cases. 2 standard issue canvas gun slings/straps. 10 Bulgarian drums plus 2 extra. All drums complete with belts and oiled with cosmoline still in place. 10 original drum pouches 2 standard issue RPD tool cases complete with cleaning kit rods, extractor units and cleaning tools. 2 standard issue Bulgarian oiler containers. 1 original wooden construction carry container complete with correctly Bulgarian markings. Case still has the Bulgarian issue cosmoline packing paper liner in place. Extras - 2 extra Bulgarian drums (mentioned). Original cut receivers and miscellaneous parts from build. Extra set of 3 front hand-guards, extra top cover with feed tray. Asking price $12,000.00 shipped to your FFL. Prefer cash but willing to consider the following trades with cash difference made up by either party as needed; Complete Maclomar PKM kit/set (unfired preferrably but willing to discuss) Already built - M249 or M240 Sig 550 or 551 SP (NIB preferrably but willing to discuss) Shrike kit Thanks for looking!
  8. Looking to sell a Egyptian parts kit has everything including receiver chunks and a drilled barrel. comes with 2 top covers $720 shipped I also have 2 Tula AK-74U parts kits Battle field pick up condition a 1990 and a 1992 both will come with a correct twist rate barrel $1565 shipped each
  9. Title says it all please Message me with what you have to sell and the price you want.
  10. WTS: DS Arms RPDS New $2600