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  1. RFB stands for Rifle, Forward-ejecting Bullpup. Why forward-ejecting? Because it allows the RFB to be the first truly ambidextrous 7.62 NATO Bullpup ever developed. The, dual-extractor system maintains control of the case from the moment it leaves the mag Order here
  2. I have a couple of M145C Blended Reticle 5.56/7.62 in as new condition, still has tissue paper on lens and with Pouch and ARD/Killflash, These have a 1150.00 retail, Sell for 650.00 ea. This is perfect for Rail Mounted MG's like M240/ M249 or any flat top weapon. shipping is 15.00 I have all sorts of M249 and M240/MAG-58 parts in stock. paypal or M.O.OK 828-773-1938