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  1. Found a direct contact with DI Optical for a DCL 110 and DCL100 red dot sights for the M2HB and M249 BUT, concerned that company invoice is s scam??? Anyone doing business with them out of Santa Fe Strings, CA? Retailers are saying [product discontinued but I have an invoice with prices for two items allegedly discontinued. PAYPAL request for payment - if it's a scam will I get my $k back? Just askin!
  2. The model number is for a heads up red dot sight for 12.7mm .50 Browning with a range knob for adjusting the impact range of the dot. They make red dot sights for 50-762-556 heavy and LMGs with range knobs to adjusting the red dot. DI Optical sold some 1000 of the DCL120s to the US military for use in Afghanistan back in the 2007s or so. Anyone use or heard of issues or how this sight worked on the Ma Deuce? Also interested in info on the DCL110 and DCL100s made for SAW and other LMGs in the two smaller calibers. Anyone ever use the DCL110 or DCL100? Recoil issues? Not seen one for sale in forever - any in private hands?
  3. WTS: Used Aimpoint CompM2 Optics I have 4 used Aimpoint CompM2 optics available for sale. Each sight shows light signs of wear including scratches, finish wear, and other marks consistent with daily use. Each unit includes the optic, mount, battery, and may also include bikini covers or spare battery compartments (refer to photos). These are perfect for those looking for a low cost range optic or for clone builds. Contact with any questions. All offers and trades considered. -Price: $300 each -Shipping: Actual price -Contact: PM or email at (remove “NOSPAM”) Cross Posted
  4. StormWerkz scope mount for the Savage Rascal . The Savage Rascal is an excellent rifle to train the younger set. With the StormWerkz mount and a red dot in place, the loading port is visible to the trainer and trainee making for a very safe environment. Using a red dot is much simpler to use than iron sights or rifle scope as it is easy to line up on the target and no parallax to deal with. The mount isCNC machined from aerospace aluminum bar-stock and comes with mounting screws. $30 Visit our website for this and other StormWerkz products Thanks for the board Buddy !! Savage Rascal Mount
  5. StormWerkz is now manufacturing scope mounts for the M11/9 Cobray pistols. Perfect for mounting red dot optics, works great with the StormWerkz M11/9 stock/brace adapter. No Permanent Alteration to Firearm! $70 For more information and to order please visit our website at Thanks for the boards Buddy!! Cobray Scope Mount
  6. Up for sale is a new never mounted hard to find Primary Arms Micro Red dot. It's a 2 moa dot with push button controls. $100 shipped cost $150