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  1. I have two used post-86 Dealer Samples I am putting up for sale. Both require FFL/SOT and valid PD Demo Letter. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the demo letter will pass ATF scrutiny. As you know they are now calling the CLEO who signed off on the letter to make sure they know what they signed and are requesting the T&E demonstration. Absolutely no refunds, especially if the buyer fails to obtain the law letter. Israeli UZI. Produced by Israel Military Industries (IMI), imported into US by Century Arms. It is a factory machine gun. Appears to have been refinished. Has the safe/semi/full selector. Has the folding stock and one 25-round magazine. Open bolt. Caliber 9mm. Norinco M14. Produced in China, it is a clone of the US M14 military rifle and from my understanding accepts USGI and other M14 parts. It has a semi/full selector. I found that the safety lever sticks so may just need some CLP in the trigger mechanism. Wood stock (Chinese wood, typical type found on all Chicom guns) and comes with one 20-round magazine. Accepts standard M14 magazines. Comes with the sling as pictured. Caliber .308. Asking Price is $1000 each + $50 shipping each UPS/FedEx Ground with insurance to lower 48. Or buy both and I will pay the shipping to lower 48. AK/HI/PR etc would probably cost additional, and would most likely go out US Postal Service instead to save money. Not looking to chop up as parts kits. Payment terms are 100% funds up front and of course obligatory PD Demo Letter to initiate eForm 3 transfer. As you know this transfer will clear quickly so long as the demo letter is legit. All sales final.
  2. I have a used Post-86 Dealer Sample HK UMP 45 with Gemtech UMP silencer. The HK is all factory with a 0-1-2 trigger pack. It is a registered machine gun but in its current state only has semi and 2RB settings. This is obviously solved with installation of a F/A trigger pack. When I got the silencer the quick detach mount did not correctly seat on the flange on the barrel. As such I contacted Gemtech. This is a known issue, as Gemtech said, due to the variations in the flange on the barrel. Gemtech had me send them the MG and silencer and they threaded the barrel .578 x 28 and modified their silencer to match the threads. They also added a thread protector. I have test fired the weapon and silencer and it works correctly without baffle strike. Comes with one factory magazine. I may have a few more but I have to make sure I have them before I say I do. Both are on a Form 3 in my inventory and will be e-Filed to you. PD Demo Letter is required for the MG. I am not looking to separate the items nor am I looking to cut them up into parts kits. Asking $2200 delivered UPS/FedEx Ground to lower 48. Can accept business check/certified funds via photo of check front/back, or via CC (Visa/MC/Amex) +3.5%. Buyer’s responsibility to obtain PD Letter. I will take pictures shortly and post. Any inquiries please contact me via email at or post below. I will monitor this thread periodically so email is probably easiest way to get a hold of me. Spreadfire Arms FFL/SOT 03 Austin, TX
  3. I have the following post-86 Dealer Samples I am clearing out to make some room. Please note all of these require a valid FFL/SOT/PD Demo Letter as I am not turning in my SOT nor do I have any plans to. If you are looking for me to cut into a parts kit please advise it will cost an additional $100 for the labor and it will probably take me some time to do so as I may have to use special tools to cut the receivers or disassemble the weapons if they have trunnions or other parts that are somehow difficult to remove from the receiver (in which you will get parts of the receiver - I will need to keep the serialized portion of the receiver to show the ATF inspector that the MG was parted out for my A&D book). 1. British BSA/RSA L1A1 (FAL), Used, 7.62 x 51, 21.7” Barrel, not sure if this was ever re-coverted back to F/A. It is registered as a select fire MG. The story on this was that the guns were imported and then the sears were removed when some LE agency got them. They sold them off but unknown if they ever put the F/A parts back in. I never shot it so I have no idea if it goes into F/A or if the sears need to be re-installed. No magazine (but I think they are inch pattern). Reduced to $1350. *SOLD* 2. Indian (Ishapore) L1A1 (FAL), Used, 7.62 x 51, 21.7” Barrel, same story - same LE agency had it and sold them off. No magazine (inch pattern). I never shot it. Reduced to $1350. *SOLD* 3. Ruger AC556 - Used, 5.56mm, Wood Stock, Blued, Safe/Semi/3-RB/Full selector. 16” barrel. Photos on bottom post. Comes with a 20-round magazine. I have shot this with no issues. Reduced to $1000 or make offer. Want to move it! 4. CZ Bren 805 A1 - NIB, 5.56mm, 14” Barrel, Safe/Semi/2-RB/Full selector, uses AR15 magazines. Already imported so you aren’t waiting a year for importation then starting your Form 3. *SOLD* All of these are factory weapons - none are conversions. Prices are next to respective weapons. Please add $50 shipping UPS Ground/FedEx Ground to lower 48. AK/HI etc may cost more, so please contact me for a shipping quote beforehand. Note these are post-86 Dealer Samples so you will need to obtain a PD Demo Letter, as well as have a valid SOT (unless being sold as parts kits only). Please note all firearms must transfer out or be parted and shipped - I don’t want to hold them in my inventory until you find a buyer. 100% payment up front to start the ATF forms or to start disassembly. I will submit the ATF e-File upon receipt of FFL, SOT, Demo Letter, and funds. Not looking for trades. I would prefer certified funds as credit cards will incur +3.5% (V/MC/Discover). I do not accept checks. NO EXPORT SALES! Any questions please email. I maintain odd hours so calling me will most likely result in you talking to my voice mail Steve Ou Spreadfire Arms Austin, TX FFL/SOT 03 email: