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  1. Pre Knob Creek Sale

    These are several Post Sample machine guns. These are dealer only and requires the LEO Demo letter! All on form 3 in Fl. POH Hungarian PKM belt fed. Comes with two barrels and one ammo can with belts. price 9500.00 SALE 8500.00 M53 (MG42) 8mm belt fed Price 7500.00 Sale 6500.00 Browning 1919A4 308 belt fed (gun only) Price 3500.00 Sale 3000.00 PPSH41 7.62X25 W/ 1 MAG Price is 900.00 Sale 800.00 Sten MKII 9mm w/ one mag Price is 500.00 Sale 450.00 Sten MKIII 9MM w/ one mag Price is 500.00 Sale 450.00 Steyr MPI81 9mm w/ one mag price is 800.00 Sale 750.00 And last M134 Mini-Gun 7.62 cal. Comes with tripod, mount, ammo feed chute, ammo box, control box , Pretty much ready to go. Add Battery and Ammo Normal price 50000.00 On sale 43000.00 . All are post dealer sample machine gun and reguire the LEO Demo letter. All are in stock on form 3 in Fl.