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  1. We have several A2 stocks available, different date codes avail. if looking for a certain one. We can accept PayPal as a gift, or mail us a check. $48.00 each is a Priority Mailed price w/tracking number
  2. Back when I had a Registered receiver F/A Tec-9 I was worried about the firing pin getting damaged or breaking the tip off, so I sent that bolt and a spare bolt to RDTS. Sold the Tec-9 a long time ago and this was never used. Ralph welded in the new shelf and a new firing pin as per spec. I believe most of these were registered receiver guns and all other parts such as the modified bolt are non-NFA items. This is ready to drop in, just in case your bolt has issues. All NFA rules apply when using this bolt, meaning it must go into a registered Tec-9. $245.00 is a Priority Mailed price w/tracking number. PayPal (as a gift) or we can accept a check.
  3. We pulled these off some HK93's that we sent in for a 53 conversion. Everything is in good working order! One H.G is date coded (3IB) the other is not and both bipods are in like new condition. $98 ea is a Priority Mailed w/tracking number price, PayPal (as a gift) or we accept checks too.
  4. Pulled this out of the bin of Colt parts. We have ran a lot of Colt XM177 and 653 models thru here over the years, so this came off one of them. As you can see by the pics, it is in great condition, no flaking off of the vinyl (a lot do that by the butt pad), there are no markings on this, at all. I have seen some with - usually a letter, but no markings. This is a Gen 2 - 2 position stock, that is the only way they made them. In the pics, it looks like scratches, but the finish is in awesome condition for it's age. So if you are looking to complete a correct rifle (like XM177 E1, M16A1 Carbine, models 653/654 and a GAU-5A) or just want a retro look (that is real) here it is. $360.00 is a shipped price w/tracking number, PayPal (gift only) or we accept checks. or here you can pay more for a worse condition and no buffer tube:
  5. Just pulled this out of a M11/9 parts bin, new never used. If I remember correctly, the cleats that go into the receiver need a different locking bar, or maybe modify the stock one? Here is some info on the stock and another member of Sturm mentioned one can get the locking bar here (Thanks Paul we appreciate the help): PayPal (gift) is preferred but will accept a check too. $150 is a Priority Mail shipped price w/tracking number. Save some money and have a cool M11 side folder!
  6. We have one of each available. The mini UZI barrel I did use a couple of times and it worked Great, I believe Mark at TROS built this one for me. The full size UZI barrel is New and I do not remember where I got it from, might of been TROS as well. (back when he was still building these). Price is $150.00 for each one + $8.00 Priority mail w/tracking number, if someone buys both, only one shipping charge. These are not for semi auto. Discreet PayPal (gift) or we accept checks. Below the ad is my email address to P.P the funds to or email me.
  7. What is pictured is what the buyer will receive. Looking at individual parts pricing, there is roughly $1080 in parts, that is if you needed all of the parts, so at this price of $750 it might just be worth it for a Sig Guy. This was a Sig 552-2 Commando in their color grey, the Tri-Rail handguard is black, barrel is nice and bright, night sites are weak (at best), Handguard ring is straight, gas system good. Overall condition is very nice. $750 is a Priority Mail Shipped price w/tracking number provided. PayPal (gift) or we accept checks too.
  8. We have an extra bolt carrier group available, date code on the head is "IF" and "KA" on the carrier, also on the carrier is an etched P/N (contract part?) Buffered, so no buffer in the stock is OK Shows wear but functions as intended. These are $599 at HK parts and they are "used" just like this one. $465 is a Priority Mail shipped price. Discreet PayPal (gift) or mail us a check, will email a tracking number once paid.
  9. We have 2 of these available and both are in excellent condition, 9.5" length. Discreet PayPal or you can mail us a check. $250ea. is a USPS Priority Mail delivered price w/tracking number provided.
  10. Here is a great price for 3 sets of quad rails for the AR platform. The Surefire M73 has T markings, the other 2 sets do not have a MFG marking on them, however they work as intended. Surefire is a little dirty, could use a good scrubbing! $85 is a shipped price for all 3 and I will provide a tracking number. Discreet PayPal (gift) or a mailed check.
  11. We have 2 of these 3 lug flash hiders available. Used but in perfectly good working condition, latches are in great shape. $65 each and add $8 Priority Mail w/tracking number provided. Buy both and save on shipping!
  12. We have some nice rails available for the HK family of weapons, MP5, MP5-K, 33, 53 93, G3 and so on.. Brugger + Thomet BT-21262-1 as pictured NIB with instructions and tools $95 (one available) (these are $140 elsewhere) Excellent quality, purchased from Long Mountain Outfitters P/N PT0653 NIB with tools $35 (two available) Best I have seen and used for only 35 bucks! PayPal accepted, add $8 Priority Mail w/tracking number
  13. We have a new Choate side folder for the MP5 or HK94, these are $135 so here is a good chance to save some lunch money. $95 + $8 Priority Mail w/tracking # We can also accept check or cash! however P.P for quickest delivery.
  14. We have some A2 stocks available, good condition! 3 have the metal ends with the metal buffer, all of these have "2ID" date codes. 2 are all plastic (or whatever the material is) with a hard rubber buffer, one of these has a "2IA" date code. See pics for the different buffers. These are cheap at $60 + $8 Priority Mail w/tracking number included. If buying more than 1, only 1 shipping charge is needed! PayPal - use my email address as listed below and include your address so I know where to send them.
  15. We have 3 stocks available, all are in really good condition and ready to be put on. There are three date codes to choose from, IIE - IIG - 3IF, buffers are good to go and factory finish looks good with no scratches. (one has slight sling loop wear, light wear) $385 each + $8 Priority Mail w/tracking # provided. PayPal is to my email address - see below or checks are accepted.
  16. One left In stock and ready to ship! $299 + $8 Priority Mail w/tracking number, pay by PayPal or check. These are $369 at HK Parts, so save some money and get my last one! Finally the most anticipated PDW style stock for the MP5K ever developed. Made 100% in the USA. The stock rails collapse along the top ridge of the grip frame for the lowest profile stock ever produced for the MP5 family of firearms. Finally a collapsible stock for the MP5K is here! Each PDW stock includes: 5 position stainless steel nitrided rails 7075 hard anodized aluminum body Billeted ambi sling attachment All steel locking mechanism Built in replaceable buffer lightweight and low profile weighs less than 1 lb. Works will all factory spec MP5K style firearms Fits: HK MP5K, SP5K, SP89, Z-5P, Z-5K, Custom Builds & MP5K Clones (SBR rules apply)
  17. We have 2 new mags available for the MPi 69 Steyr. I see these listed elsewhere for 50.00 each, so this should be a good deal for someone. $65 + $8 Priority shipping w/tracking #
  18. What is pictured is what we will ship you. One is the compensator with gas cuts & Big Threads and comes with a 1/2 X 28 adapter. The other one is installed in a HK K-Grip and has the Big Threads and NO gas cuts. The adapter can be used for either one. $30 + $8 Priority Mail shipping with Tracking # provided / PayPal Accepted!
  19. We have (6) good condition, Sten mags that were used in a Mac 11 9mm with the Sten conversion. We sold the M11 and these were left over. $55 + $8 priority mail shipping W/Tracking # provided. PayPal accepted
  20. I got this from Mark McWillis back in the day when he was still making these. Fits the Mac 11 9mm and worked great with my MP5 suppressor. Shows some wear at the lugs and the threads where the roll pin goes thru, otherwise low round count and the bore is super clean! 5 1/2" OAL PayPal accepted (gift) or I can email you an invoice from PayPal to pay by C.C $85 + $8 USPS priority Mail w/tracking # provided
  21. WTS: (2) Boxes FN SS192 AP Ball ammo 5.7x28 Unopened

    We have a couple of boxes (4) of the AP SS192 available. I am keeping a couple boxes for myself! PayPal accepted, also checks if you prefer, will ship USPS Priority Mail w/tracking # provided.
  22. WTS: New M200 5.56mm Blank ammo 4 Golf Ball Launcher

    For sale is 6 unopened boxes of Twin Cities M200 blank ammo, great for use with a golf ball launcher! PayPal (Visa/MC) is or check/cash is accepted, 120 rounds shipped Priority Mail $40.00 w/tracking #