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  1. Last one we have, as pictured, New. $65 + the shipping you choose below. Priority Mail Shipping options and you will get a tracking number: Med box, the mag alone will fit and can include the Pro Mag literature ADD $15 Large box, the mag will fit as pictured with the top of the plastic case folded over to fit ADD $21 We accept PayPal (family & friends Gift) or mail us a check. Our contact info is below the pics.
  2. WTS: Excellent condition Springfield Armory model SAR-8. This is a clone of the Heckler & Koch G3 or 91. It was manufactured in Greece by EBO (Hellenic Arms Industry), under license of HK. The parts are interchangeable with HK91s. Very low round count. Comes with 5-round magazine. $1550 plus shipping.
  3. We have a GG&G QD mount available, excellent condition. (these are $196 + shipping elsewhere) We will accept a Check or PayPal (gift only) for this item< $125 is a Shipped price, Priority w/tracking number included. GG&G QUICK DETACH SCOPE MOUNT SPECIFICATIONS: Patented Accucam Quick Detach Scope Mount is repeatable to ½ MOA. The GG&G QD FLT Scope Mount is designed for Special Purpose Rifles (SPR) or Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) Easily adapts for proper eye relief. Dual recoil cross bolt design. (Not recommended for 50 BMG calibers). Fits 30mm tubes. (One-inch ring reducers are available separatelyas an option).
  4. WTS: NIB Colt AR6721

    WTS: NIB Colt AR6721. Sold.
  5. We have 2 of these available, as pictured and in excellent condition! PMT can be a Check or via a PayPal Gift only with no mention of what the pmt is for. $125 each and if you take both and we will include Priority Shipping w/tracking number at no charge. Buy one mag, add $6 for shipping.
  6. This is a lightly used Gemtech Tri Lug mount with 1 3/16 x 24 tpi threads and a solvent trap D-Cell adapter that is 1.4375 x 20 tpi Which will screw right into what they call a Maglite D-Cell body. So if you have a project like this going on, or in the future, here is your mount! Will ship 3 day delivery w/tracking number $105.00 and will accept a check or P.Pal as a Gift only.
  7. 2400 rounds of IMI made M855 62 grain ammo. Excellent surplus ammo. $1350 plus shipping. Preferred payment discreet PayPal F&F, Venmo or Zelle.
  8. 200 RDS - Portuguese (BF)- 7.62x51mm NATO - M963 - FMJ - Sealed Battle Packs. $150 each plus shipping. Preferred payment Discreet PP F&F, Zelle or Venmo.
  9. We have a Once fired, zero issues, Beta C mag for the Heckler Koch 5.56mm rifles. I ran one mag thru our D. Sample HK53 and it ran perfect! This one has the early Metal mag tower, not plastic :-) You will get all that is pictured, and there is a Mag Loader marked HK 5.56mm $250 is a Priority Mail shipped price and you will get a tracking number. PayPal (gift only) is preferred but will accept a check. Contact info is just below the Pics. From Beta: The BETA MAG is a revolutionary twin-drum high-capacity magazine for 5.56mm, 9mm and 7.62mm rifles, light support and other specialized weapons. BETA MAG™ has a 60,000-round service life, "stores indefinitely while loaded without performance loss" and requires no maintenance other than cleaning and lubrication.
  10. WTS: Test

    Hello- This is just a test
  11. We have a really nice Surefire 328 LED, single CR123 battery (included), lighted handguard for the HK94 MP5 or HK53. These are $599 at HK Parts and are Sold Out! Works perfectly, no issues, no cracks and has the push pin. $395 (OBRO, reasonable offer) is a shipped price, Priority Mail w/tracking number provided. PayPal (gift only) or mail us a check. Our contact info is below the pics.
  12. 400 Rounds (2) Battle Packs of 7.62x51 145 gr Prvi Partizan .308 ammo. PPU 5.56mm (.223) 62gr FMJ Green Tip ammo from the Prvi Partizan Arsenal. Made with the military pattern M855 62gr FMJ bullet (SS109 pattern), it comes packed in 20rd boxes inside a a heavy duty green vinyl battle pack, perfect for air and water tight storage. Non corrosive, with clean, boxer primed, annealed brass case. $250 plus shipping. I can accept discreet PayPal, Zelle, Venmo or USPS PMO's.
  13. We have a like new, once fired, zero issues, Beta C mag for the HK 9mm platform. PayPal (gift only) or we accept checks. Our contact info is just below the pics. Comes as pictured, 100 round mag, cover, lube, loader, instructions and black pouch. $259 includes Priority shipping w/tracking number provided. From Beta: The BETA MAG is a revolutionary twin-drum high-capacity magazine for 5.56mm, 9mm and 7.62mm rifles, light support and other specialized weapons. BETA MAG™ has a 60,000-round service life, stores indefinitely while loaded without performance loss and requires no maintenance other than cleaning and lubrication.
  14. We have 7 new boxes available, all are FMJ, 95 gr. $50 a box + $9 Priority Mail shipping with a tracking number provided. We accept checks or PayPal (gift only) as payment. We will combine shipping for multiple boxes purchased. Our contact info is below the pics.
  15. We have a new TROS (the riddle of steel, Mark McWillis) ACOG mount for the FN PS90. New in the original package with the screws w/loc-tite and instructions, $55 is a Priority Mail shipped price w/tracking number, so really, you are getting this for $45! PayPal (gift) or you can mail us a check, either way you will get a tracking number emailed to you. Our business info is listed below the pics. "mount is for the Trijicon mini ACOG. It mounts the excellent Mini ACOG 1.5x or 2x scopes as low as possible and as far back as possible for proper eye relief. It comes with mounting hardware and requires no modifications to the gun. It can be used with accessory side rails."
  16. Selling as a LOT and here is a description: Surefire 628 works just fine but is well used, someone added a remote switch (kinda ugly) which works but could be removed. I have sent these back to Surefire and they have replaced the touch pads at No Charge and even covered return shipping! Key Mod handguard with foregrip – like new and is super lightweight B&T single rail handguard – new in wrapper Scope rail, like new and is only fair quality Looking at HK parts, where most of this came from, parts total would be $797 $245 and it is all yours! PayPal as a gift or mail us a check. Includes Priority Mail w/tracking number
  17. Found this in one of the parts bins, not sure what it came off of, nor do I have anything to try it on. AC556s are threaded 9/16-24 RH Yankee Hill Machine shows the newest version of these at $90 + shipping, so I thought 25 Bucks is a pretty good deal! PayPal (gift) or send us a check. $25.00 + $7 Priority Mail w/tracking number included.
  18. We have 3 factory Ruger magazines and one Precision Mag available. Our contact info is below the pics. The Ruger marked ones are new with minimal exterior wear. Precision Mag is Used but in great condition. $50 each on the Ruger and $25 for the P mag + $8 Priority Mail w/tracking number. PayPal (gift) accepted or mail a check.
  19. Last one we have, "IG" date code, 15 round, slight finish wear at the top from being inserted in magwell. PayPal $45 + $8 Priority Mail Shipping to my email ( which is also listed below the pics (include your address) Priority mail w/tracking number provided.
  20. Original AC 556 flash hider in excellent condition with crush washer and a B-Square scope mount. PayPal $65 use my email address listed below the pics, will ship Priority Mail w/tracking number provided
  21. This is the last one we have, fits the HK 5.56mm and .308 models with the slotted hand guard. Locks up tight, very little finish wear. $175 is a shipped price, tracking number will be provided. PayPal or a bank check.
  22. We have 4 of these magazines available, 40 round for the 5.56mm HK's. 2 are New and the other 2 are gently used, all are Super light for a 40 rounder! $30 bucks each, plus $8 Priority Mail shipping w/tracking number. (buy all 4, $125 shipped) can also accept a bank check.
  23. I have one of these available from all of the builds we used to do. This came from a 94, the carrier is ID and the bolt head is IF date code, welded carrier for Full Auto use! Excellent condition, low round count and comes with the rod w/spring. We accept PayPal (gift) or a check will do as well. $650 is a delivered price via Priority Mail w/tracking number provided.
  24. We have several A2 stocks available, different date codes avail. if looking for a certain one. We can accept PayPal as a gift, or mail us a check. $48.00 each is a Priority Mailed price w/tracking number
  25. Back when I had a Registered receiver F/A Tec-9 I was worried about the firing pin getting damaged or breaking the tip off, so I sent that bolt and a spare bolt to RDTS. Sold the Tec-9 a long time ago and this was never used. Ralph welded in the new shelf and a new firing pin as per spec. I believe most of these were registered receiver guns and all other parts such as the modified bolt are non-NFA items. This is ready to drop in, just in case your bolt has issues. All NFA rules apply when using this bolt, meaning it must go into a registered Tec-9. $245.00 is a Priority Mailed price w/tracking number. PayPal (as a gift) or we can accept a check.