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  1. BRAND NEW NEVER FIRED After approximately 2 million P38s were produced, Walther’s final evolution of the P38 was the P4. In the P4, Walther fixed all the idiosyncratic problems of the P38: the top cover taking flight, slide internals, fixed sight issues, manual safety either decocks too early or not at all, etc. Most noticeably the barrel was shortened by .59”, the locking block was made of a stronger material than previously and to its recess in the aluminum alloy frame was added a steel insert. The P4 is the way Walther should have designed the P38 originally, if the Wehrmacht had let them. Only 7400 P4 models were produced before all Walther P38 production ended. Virtually all went to the German Police - except for the last 451 which were imported by Interarms – designated “P38 IV” instead of P4 to differenciate as a US gun. The P38 IV pistols were shipped by Walther without a serial number on the frame (presumably German law was satisfied by the s/n on the slide). This was not discovered by Interarms until some while later, and the remaining guns were sent out to have the numbers engraved on the frame by panagraph machine. The number consequently looks very neat, and was cut through the anodizing, so the numbers are bright in the bottom. ** This P38 IV is one of the group that DID NOT get receiver or barrel lettering and the s/n is on the right side of the slide only. Receiver has some small proof marks but no lettering. Walther P38 production ended in 1982, the same year as this gun. The last serial number was 607,419. This gun is 607,180. Total German P38 production …….. 2 Million P38 P4 production............................ 7400 P38 IV Imported to U.S…………….. 451 P38 IV without frame markings…… unknown $975 OR BEST OFFER TONY CALL OR TEXT 443-201-3088
  2. GERMAN WALTHER P1-P38 MAGAZINES ARE BACK IN STOCK: P1 WALTHER 8RD MAGAZINE $14.95 P38 WALTHER 8RD MAGAZINE $18.95 BLUED P38 WALTHER 8RD MAGAZINE $24.95 ================================================= 3- WALTHER P1 HOLSTERS TO CHOOSE FROM: P1 P38 CAMO HOLSTER USED, GERMAN $9.95 P1 P38 CAMO HOLSTER NEW, GERMAN $17.95 ================================================= AND DON'T FORGET YOUR MANUAL: P38 MANUAL - WWII GERMAN ARMY $8 (WWII German army P38 manual translated to English) P38 MANUAL - DIE PISTOLE 38 $8 (WWII German Civilian P38 manual translated to English) P1 OPERATOR MANUAL $12 (German army P1 manual translated to English) ================================================= Thanks for looking and Happy Shooting! RTG Parts 307-675-1191