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  1. Well as much as my wife and I both love Costco food and the goods they sell, the store in our area is just ABSOLUTELY , DISGUSTINGLY, LOADED with stinky illegal mexicans and sawed off central Americans. I had stopped buying there last year before something bad happens to me or THEM! These illegals are like f-ing cockroaches.... everywhere with their 6-7 anchor rats, eating produce in the produce section, blocking the aisles like they are at the street market in their third world sxithole countries they came from, yabbering away in spanish, just as ignorant and as uneducated and filthy as they come. And then there are the modern milf mommy, liberal tee-wat shoppers with their "cuck" husbands in tow, just waiting to acquiesce to her every command. Bet half of these guys get gag balled and walked on leashes by these alleged females. Man this is just not a part of my time. In my time men were men, knew how to act like men and women shut their yap. Sxit is upside down now, unfortunately. I decided the wife likes wild caught Salmon, so I decided to buy our next month's groceries last week at Costco. When I go, I open carry my Smith stainless. 45 in the event of any unforeseen social issues. I shopped for about an hour and noticed a Costco guy giving me some hard looks, but said nothing. I go to the walk in refrigerated area and this guy is there and calling me over to him. I go over and I already know what about to be said, so I'm primed and ready to go. The first few words back and forth are contentious , but after I calm down I realize he's a gun guy, an ex Marine scout sniper no less, and then we start to communicate on an intelligent level, then start talking guns, past assignments etc. Basically he's telling what a bunch of liberal ghey wads shop at Costco, and how liberal Costco either has become or always has been. He's like the lone ranger Right wing, Conservative Nationalist gun guy there at this store. He was explaining the rest of the Costco staff are either illegal or antifag type liberals working there. Seems the customer sissy boys and girls of the safe space, soy milk gang have been so scared of bad gun toting guys at this store like me , they need to hide in their safe space at home, with warm soy milky, coloring books and favorite crayons cause they're so "triggered".....WTF is wrong with these genetic defectives? FYI... he did NOT tell me NOT to carry in the store, but suggested to me that I carry concealed, gave me his contact info incase anyone gave me shxt that day and so now I have a conservative gun friend at Costco in Manassas, VA. Question?? Why are so many contemporary males so f-ing faggy and sissified these days?? Come on fellas, "HIKE EM" UP for Gods Sake! How are we gonna take control of this out of control society we live in without dominant male leaders?