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  1. m134 minigun no letter req

    for sale is a m134 minigun with both ge and Dillon parts. no law letter is required for this firearm. we are a class 2 manufacturer closing a license due to opening a destructive device class 10. have been in the business since year 2000 and known throughout the community. we are asking $65,000.00 for this minigun runs great and has clutch and 3000 rounds per minute motor installed in it. also has Dillon bolts and ge feeder delinker this is the updated list of post samples which are still available mp5-5000.00-sold valmet-3500.00-sold 2- RPD- 5500.00-both sold m1a Thompson-2000.00-sold mg34-7500.00 sten-1000.00-sold krinkoff 7.62x39-1800.00-sold bren 303 brit-2500.00 FAL-1500.00-sold m1 carbine-2000.00 ppsh41-1200.00-sold,one still available mp40-3500.00 m4 9mm-2000.00 m16 .223- 1200.00 m2 50bmg-10,000.00-sold m60-10,000.00 1919a4-3500.00-sold, one still available 3- glock sears- 500.00 each-sold tech9-800.00-sold mac11 9mm-600.00-sold mac11 380-600.00-sold mg08-5000.00 ps90-3500.00 sterling-1500.00 for sale by itself m134 minigun-65,000.00 for further information call Mike Spano- 2032172657 Dom Spano- 3472193264 or email at pictures on request