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  1. For Sale is a L3 Warrior Systems CNVD-LR Clip-On Night Visio-Long Range- M2124LR for $9495.00. Used in excellent condition L3 Warrior SystemsCNVD-LR Clip-On Night Vision-Long Range- M2124LR. This device was used only for a demo for LE and never fielded. This is the LE/MIL model not the commercial model that you see for sale. This one is priced to sale. I have this device listed several other places and have the right to end the auction at any time. I have possession of this device and can send other photos upon request. This device is White Phosporus. Buyer will pay shipping of their choice or send label. Insurance will be on the buyer to pay for. if you have questions please email me at or text/call 580-695-8340.
  2. I have the following PVS7 intensifier tubes available for sale. Each has been tested and photographed as shown below. A few of the tubes have a small spot or two so please refer to the individual photos for specifics. These tubes are ideal for either a build or to have on hand as backups. I have more photos available and can take specific shots on request. Contact me as noted below with interest. -Price: As noted individually -Shipping: Actual cost -Contact: PM or email me at (remove “NOSPAM”) -Payment: Paypal (gift or standard plus 3.5%) or USPS money order PVS7 Intensifier Tubes 1 - MX10130 - Nice clear image - $600.00 2 - MX10130C - Nice clear image, light spot top left - $600.00 3 - MX10130B - bad, dark, grainy, no pic - $75.00 4 - MX10130C - Nice clear image - $600.00 5 - MX10130C - Nice clear image - $600.00 6 - MX10130C - Nice image with a few specs - $600.00 7 - MX10130B - Nice clear image - $600.00 8 - MX18282 - Nice clear image - $600.00 9 - MX10130C - Nice clear image with a few specs - $600.00
  3. WTS: PVS4 MX-9644 Intensifier Tubes And PVS4 Front Lamps ***If anyone is interested in the entire remaining lot as it stands Ill let it go for $300.00 plus shipping*** I have several varying grades of PVS4 MX-9644 intensifier tubes available for sale. These are not perfect and I have included details regarding each individual tube’s quality in the descriptions below. Im pricing these low for quick movement, contact me for bulk pricing if interested. Some of the tube shots caught some dust / lint pieces which are visible in a few of the shots. Shipping will be at actual cost. -Payment: Paypal gift, standard paypal plus 3.5%, or USPS money order -Contact: email me at (just remove NOSPAM). -Tube 1: $80.00 -Tube 2: $100.00 - SPF Includes tube covers -Tube 3: $100.00 - SPF Includes tube covers -Tube 4: $50.00 Includes tube covers, random fade observed -Tube 5: $100.00 Includes tube covers -Tube 6: $100.00 Includes tube covers -Tube 7: $100.00 - SPF Includes tube covers -Tube 8: $100.00 Includes tube covers -Tube 9: $100.00 -Tube 10: $50.00 Very slight flicker observed at times, not consistent -Tube 11: $90.00 -Tube 12: $100.00 - SPF -Tube 13: $30.00 -7 Parts tubes: $100.00 Non-functional, for parts / projects only. Some hum when powered up but do not generate an image. -Front Lamp Assembly - $225.00 - SPF -Front Lamp Assembly Project Lot - $100.00 - SPF 4 included, damaged as shown -M60 Mount - $50.00 each Sold as shown PVS4, MX9644, Night Vision 20% fee for welch outs
  4. OK, I guess the battery is the hardest part and it is included. These fire up and are working. Needs new battery as the battery is becoming weak. All complete with inspection history, original padding, case and strap. For the militaria or "Silence of the Lambs" movie buffs. Spend 3 years looking for these now I have 3. Price includes shipping. Will take PP if you pay the fee or a postal money order. Can accept CC if you pay the fee. THANKS BUDDY!!!!
  5. This is a Fero Z51 Night Vision Scope. This is the best of the Gen I scope. Scopes appears to in find working order. Comes with HK G3 claw mount, PzF 3/PzF 44 grenade launcher mount and a quick-change adapter. Uses 2 standard "C" cell batteries. Adapters are available from A.R.M.S. to cover pretty much any mounting solution, including standard AR15 Style rails. Straps are broken off lens cover but it still snaps in place. Case has one latch broken off but works fine. Any other questions, please ask! Please email me at if you are interested. $600 Plus $35 Shipping.