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  1. Up for sale is a Transferable Springfield Armory M1A Select Fire machine gun. This is a very scarce rifle being that it is a Springfield Armory marked M1A not M14. Springfield Armory, Inc. only made 125 NFA transferrable select fire M1A rifles. Located in South Florida and eligible for immediate eform transfer on Form 3 to your dealer. Please message for additional photos, details, and with any questions you might have. Thank you! $25,000 Also interesting in any other transferable machine guns you might have!
  2. WTS AC556F reduced!!

    WTS Ruger AC556 Folder, HiLux scout style scope mounted on railed top cover Currently on form 4 in Arizona. I am FFL/SOT, this is from my personnel collection. Price 12500.00 and I pay the 1st stamp, you pay actual shipping and I will e-file it to your FFL. Greg 520-331-2185 call if interested as I may not be watching this forum every day.
  3. I have a 12.5" Remington 870 from Veronesi Gunsmithing, Seinole PA. Photos to follow this weekend
  4. I have a 12.5" Remington 870 from Veronesi Gunsmithing, Seinole PA. Photos to follow this weekend
  5. Please delete

    Please delete thread
  6. Up for sale is a custom mount that allows you to mount a pistol buffer tube or a form 1 AR15 buffer tube to your ARX100 pistol. This is my last one. When gone that’s it. I’m not making anymore. $150 shipped. Will come with a pistol buffer tube. All nfa rules apply! Beretta pic below is just an example of the pistol.
  7. Check into David with Doubletapfirearms in Pa. We had a super easy transfer process. David is very fair on prices, has a great selection of machineguns and takes pride in providing premier customer service!!! In this day and age where money is tight and where we all are in the current world it’s nice to have a good people like David and his wife. Thank you again David!!!!
  8. MAC 10 45/9mm Trunnions

  9. Spectre Sites Pistol M4 SMG SBR Top Folding Stock Ready To Install IF YOU WANT TO SBR YOUR SPECTRE ---------- YOU NEED THIS STOCK KIT! Complete new LIMITED production SPECTRE folding stock kit WITH ALL Mounting Hardware and installation instructions! CNC'd parts include: Locking latch, all mounting hardware ...... heat treated rear pivot mounting point and butt plate machined out of solid block of steel. Stock is correct length as the original folded/extended and locks on top of receiver as original. Assembled with solid steel rivets for strength, durability and safety. Locking latch and rear pivot mount are tig welded in place for strength. Butt plate is riveted and fitted to heavy weight airsoft rails for smooth operation. Stock has the same weight, feel and function as the RARE original Spectre SMG M4 stock with only slight cosmetic differences. Includes: New production stock finished in black oxide, all mounting hardware and complete installation instructions. Note: Pistol with installed stock is a registered SBR -- Pistol, Foregrip and magazine are NOT included. This is as close to the original stock you will find! Don't be fooled by cheap don't work imitations being sold on GB or elsewhere!! VERY LIMITED PRODUCTION ONLY A FEW LEFT TO SELL! Stock may require fitting as the original. If you opp to install the locking detents [included] as the original, two small holes will need to be drilled in the rear sight base for detent assembly. Installation should be done by a qualified gunsmith for proper function, fit and safety. All NFA RULES APPLY Sale Price: $1,150 Limited Time! Shipping: $15.00 USPS priority mail Payment: Bank check, Postal money order, Company check, Discreet PayPal +4% Payment due 6 days after commit to buy or will be sold to next buyer!
  10. I am listing my m16 lot with 2 silencers, 3 spare uppers, and a m203 launcher! Photos: Included is: 1. Factory Colt m16, this upper has less than 200 rounds down it 2.. Colt Heavy barrel m4 upper w/ Colt M203 40mm launcher (Colt 727 upper, flat top swapped in) KAC Rails, Matech rear sight, Flip m203 sight (NOTE: I changed it to a flat top but the rest is all colt, I may still have the factory stripped upper if I do I will include it with the lot.) 3. Complete Colt m16a1 spare NOS upper, New and unfired. 4. Complete Colt M16a1 Dissipater upper (cut down USGI barrel) The forward assist was removed for use with the silencer to help with gas blowback. 5. Silencerco Saker FA rated 5.56 silencer (comes with direct thread mount and QD mount with 1 muzzle brake). 6. Silencerco Sparrow .22 Silencer. 7. CMMG .22 LR conversion kit, I no longer have the FA conversion parts but they are easy to find online. 8. USGI surplus Sopmod butstock. Aftermarket tube spring and buffer included. 9. Carry handle mounted m203 sight (was used on the 727 upper when it had a carry handle upper) This is a 4 stamp package located in VA on a F4. Buyer pays actual shipping and transfer cost.
  11. H&K GMG 40mm

    For sale is an H&K GMG 40mm Grenade Launcher, one of the most technologically advanced grenade machine guns in the world. This has NEVER been fired and is the only one in the United States that is owned privately. Serious inquiries only. SOT & law letter required. As seen in pictures, the condition is great and it has been stored in a controlled environment. Comes with 1200 rounds of training ammo (does not require individual tax stamps) Price is $185,000.
  12. Hello, all. I've been designing and 3D printing a very successful line of suppressor tools for over a year now. I designed them for my own cans that had no factory tools or tools that were lacking in some way. Then more and more people asked me to make tools for their specific cans and 3-lug adapters. The high-impact ABS polymer won't scratch your mounts or front caps and I use spanner pins with no-mar rounded and coated ends. All of my products come with a 'No-BS' guarantee. If something goes wrong, I'll make it right. My website is HERE. The attached picture shows the latest product line, including the all-new wrenches for AAC TiRant, Dead Air Ghost and Wolf-9SD: One-Ended Wrenches: 1. Silencerco Omega 9K/45K/Octane direct thread/piston mount wrench with included strap wrench adapter (at left). 2. Silencerco Three-Pin Wrench for Osprey, Saker front caps, etc. 3. Dead Air Wolf-9SD/Ghost Mount Wrench with included strap wrench adapter (at left). 4. Dead Air Four-Pin Wrench for Wolf-9SD, Sandman and Wolverine front caps. 5. NEW! Silencerco Spectre II Mount Wrench. 6. NEW! Dead Air Mask, which is for both the rear mount and front cap. 7. Liberty Regulator Mount Wrench. 8. Rugged Oculus Front Cap Wrench. Two-Ended Wrenches: 9. Silencerco Octane Two-Ended Wrench, which features the direct thread/piston mount tool on one end and the front cap spanner on the other with included strap wrench adapter (at right). 10. Liberty Mystic-X Two-Ended Wrench, which features a mount tool on one end and a retainer ring spanner on the other. 17. New! Dead Air Ghost Two-Ended Wrench for front cap and 3-lug/direct thread mounts. 18. New! Dead Air Wolf-9SD Two-Ended Wrench for front cap and 3-lug/direct thread mounts. Super Wrenches: 11. Rugged Obsidian Super Wrench, which features both open and closed-ended mount tools on one end and a front cap spanner on the other. This version was designed for tightening a suppressor mount to left-handed barrel threads while also including a fully-enclosed mount torquing capability. 12. Octane Super Wrench, which features the direct thread/piston mount and short 3-lug spanner tools on one end and the front cap spanner on the other with included strap wrench adapter (at right). 13. Hybrid Super Wrench, which features the direct thread/piston and front cap spanner tools on one end and the piston housing tool on the other with included strap wrench adapter (at right). 16. New! AAC TiRant Super Wrench for mounts whether on or off your weapon's barrel with the open and closed ends and there's a three-pin spanner for the front cap. Three-Lug Torque Tools for 1 inch sockets: 14. Three-Lug Mount Torque Tool (Male). 15. Three-Lug Adapter Torque Tool (Female). Like our FB page here: Pricing: Two-Ended and Super Tools (9 - 13, 16-18) are $50 for the first one and $25 for any additional wrench. One-Ended Tools (1 - 8) are $35 for the first one and $25 for any additional One-Ended wrench. Three-Lug Torque Tools (14, 15): $25 shipped or $20 with any other tool. All tools are 3D printed from high-strength ABS polymer and are guaranteed against breakage. If you break it, we'll replace it. All prices include First Class Shipping with tracking. Thanks! Chase
  13. 1921A WH Thompson - $18,800

    Selling my West Hurley Thompson. The only piece still on the gun made by West Hurley is the receiver. I have all PK, GI and custom made parts put into/on this gun including a repro 1921a finned barrel. I have enormous volume of accessories to along with a spare parts kit. Not limited to but including..... 8 - 30 rd stick mags 1 - 3 cell 30 rd mag pouch 5 - 20 rd stick mags 1 - 5 cell 20 rd mag pouch 2 - 50 rd L drums 1 - 50 rd L drum pouch 1 - PK 1921 converted knurled actuator, 1921 spring/buffer pilot 1 - complete spare Bridgeport lower and stock 2 - 1928 spare barrels 1 - extra pistol grip 2 - spare vertical foregrips 1 - custom vertical foregrip copied from 1921 colt pattern foregrip 1 - brass cleaning rod 2 - slings 1 - spare lyman rear sight 1 - spare L sight 1 - oiler 2 - spare brass blishlocks various books and manuals (pictured) 6 - 30 rd thompson magazine springs 2 - complete spare bolts 3 - spare firing pins outside of the complete spare bolts 1 - spare smooth actuator - pictured in the gun is a knurled savage 1928 actuator 1 - spare 1928 spring pilot 3 - polyurethane buffers various spare lower internal parts I would be happy to meet up with someone local to meet/test fire. I have many references available as i have bought/sold many machineguns. On form 4 in Florida. More pictures available upon request. $19,500 for the whole package or $18,800 for everything EXCEPT the spare lower Beau - 410-693-3036 or
  14. m1 Thompson for Sale

    selling my m1 to fund another project. I have alot to come along with this which includes: -1 slling -10 30 rounds mags -5 20 rounds with 5 cell pouch -1 brass cleaning rod -1 spare barrel -3 complete m1 bolts -1 complete m1a1 bolt -1 velvet lined mahogany presentation case -1 30 round magazine stick stand -1 converted 50 round L drum which works -1 spare butt stock $19,000 on form 4 in Florida. Please call or text 410-693-3036 or for pictures. Sorry about the pictures as it is litterally covered in gun oil. Would be happy to meet up for any local people who may want to see/shoot it
  15. We have more Short Barrel Shotguns in stock that we need to get rid of! Dealers and individuals welcome. All these shotguns are used and will show wear. I will try to delete the ones that get sold out as quick as I can. If you would like to purchase or have any questions, please email me at RREDA@VANCEOUTDOORS.COM Thanks! Numbers I have left are current as of 11/1/2018. Thanks, Mossberg 590A1 with speedfeed stocks and Surefire lights. $270.00 ( SOLD OUT) Benelli M1 Super 90 $390.00 (SOLD OUT) Remington 870 Police Magnum with Knoxx adjustable recoil reducing stock and ghost ring sights $400.00 Mossberg 590A1 with ghost ring sights and speed feed stocks. $250.00 (1 left) Remington 870 with bead sight. $215.00 Mossberg 590A1 with adjustable stock SOLD Remington 870 MCS (Modular Combat Shotgun) $800.00 Remington 870 Police Magnum with with rifle sights $230.00 (2 left)
  16. We are having a huge summer sale on all Rat Worx ZRX Tavor ARClight Forend Integrated Silencer Suppressors. We have standard Black OD Green and FDE, with M-loc or Key mod. This is the lowest prices we have ever had on these is the time to quiet your firearm and hit the range...Key Mod type are now $300 and m-loc are now $250 Using the cutting-edge ARClight Forearm design from Manticore Arms, we were able to develop a suppressor that unbelievably reduces noise from the 9mm Tavor. The overall system only adds 2-3/4 inches of length to your rifle. Compare that to your average 9mm suppressor, with an overall length of 7" call us at the following telephone numbers 1-800-675-6906 / 1-815-734-7346 / 1-815-734-4676 or email us at ( or
  17. WTB HK Sear

    Retiring from the Navy and want to buy a transferable HK sear. Not interested in any hosts at this time except for an mm13 or mm23e. Happy to pay 100% upfront and buy out of state. Please txt, call or email. 4106933036 Thanks All, Beau
  18. FN FNC plus spare parts Kit

    Selling my FN FNC. Video below of me and the gun with the VSO Gun Channel doing a review against the m16 family of rifles. Please watch the video, watch how smooth it is and see lots of close up footage/review. Aftermarket features: 13" barrel, three round burst kit installed, a2 standard flash hider, engraved/colorfilled pictograms on both sides, engraved/colorfilled FN logo on right side, ambi selector switch, titanium firing pin installed, stormwerks picatinny top rail and red dot Spare parts:extra barrel, fixed stock, firing pin, and firing pin springs (2). I am willing to drive a reasonable distance in Virginia to make the deal happen if a buyer is local. I am active duty Navy so it is difficult for me to take phone calls during the day, but at night I am free. $15,000. Buyer pays all shipping/transfers. All NFA rules apply. 4106933036 Very Respectfully, Beau Haworth
  19. Up for sale is a lightly used (100rds Of bird shot) Mossberg 500/590 PGO SHOTTY. $500 shipped to your ffl. This will ship in original box and all paperwork as bought new. Some facts below. PLEASE READ!! This Shotgun will also come with two different ATF tech branch letters stating the ATF's opinion that these are indeed federally legal and DO NOT require a tax stamp or any Class III paperwork. This firearm transfers as a PGO (Pistol Grip Only)/Other on the 4473 that you fill out at your dealer. DO NOT install a shoulder stock or a shorter length pistol grip on this firearm! If proper paperwork is not filed with the ATF Prior to doing so this would be a violation of Federal Law punishable by up to 10 years in prison! Description: Up for auction is a 14" Mossberg 500 12 Gauge that's NOT considered a Short-Barreled Shotgun or an AOW! This Mossberg 500 was built on a 500 Cruiser Pistol Grip Only firearm. The overall length of the firearm is 26 1/2". This is done by using a complete 14" front end from a Mossberg 590A1 and a Shockwave Technologies birds head grip to achieve the 26 1/2" overall length. The Mossberg 500 Cruiser (50588) that this firearm is made from ships from Mossberg with a pistol-grip already installed and a 20" barrel. By definition of what the ATF considers a shotgun the original firearm was never a shotgun despite it's ability to fire shotgun shells. This firearm is considered an "other" because in order to fit the definition of a shotgun it must have been manufactured with a shoulder stock in order to be "fired from the shoulder". Therefor it cannot be considered a "sawn-off" shotgun either as it never met the ATF's criteria to be a shotgun in the first place. Since this firearm is not a shotgun, it is not required to have at least an 18" barrel. Also the overall length exceeds 26" therefor it cannot be classified as a AOW (Any Other Weapon) which would require a tax stamp and Class III registration with the ATF. Overall Length: 26.5" Barrel Length: 14" Choke: Fixed Cylinder Bore Chamber: 3" Weight: 5.4 Lbs. KNOW ALL LOCAL STATE AND STATE LAWS.
  20. I already own through a trust several NFA items, including a mg and suppressors. I am strongly considering getting my FFL01 home based. Would I be subject to the NJ gun laws regarding magazine size restrictions, and NFA ownership?
  21. Update: PENDING SALE to smdub I am selling a HK 33 "SUO" (Malaysian contract) 5.56mm parts set that I bought in 2009, and never used. It has been reported that HK shipped 55,000 HK33 rifles as parts to Malaysia and then they were assembled there. So the quality of these parts kits is excellent. These are no longer being imported, so the supply of these in the U.S. has essentially dried up. This set is complete except for the receiver and barrel, which is typical for imported parts sets. I am including a very scarce original German 20-round alloy magazine that looks almost new. (It is truly 99% finish.) The Navy-style polymer lower has "SUO"selector switch markings, which confirms that this was from a Malaysian contract HK33. The stock furniture is black. The handguard is the bipod cut type, and also black. The kit is in quite nice shape overall, although you might want to refinish some of the small parts for your build. All NFA rules and other ATF regulations apply. (The trigger pack and bolt carrier are both full auto configuration and hence would have to be changed before doing a legal U.S. semi-auto build. You would also have to substitute some parts for Section 922(r) compliance.) RE-REDUCED to $625, Priority Mail Postage paid to CONUS! The first firm "I'll take it" trumps. No overseas orders. Again, all NFA rules apply. Payment via USPS PMO or P-yPal. I love to barter. Some possible trades: Winchester Model 88 .308 magazines (original factory 4-round or Colyer brand 8-round or 10-round extended mags.) Canvas cover for a M2/M3 Browning .50 HB spare barrel, preferably the type with the relief gusset to accommodate a barrel handle bale. Canvas cover for a complete M2/M3 Browning .50 HB, preferably the type with the relief gussets to accommodate ammo can and a barrel handle bale. HK91 magazine loaders HK91 magazine unloaders Sealed original 10-packs of HK G3 alloy magazines. Pelican or Starlight brand rifle hard cases (new or used.) Choice pre-1899 production cartridge guns. (Mainly looking for Mausers and large frame S&W Top Break revolvers.) Silver coins (I prefer U.S. American Eagles or pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters, and half dollars.)
  22. I am interested in any Stoner 63 or 63a parts. E-mail me with what you have and how much you would like for them.