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  1. Machine Guns for sale

    This is a new list of Machine guns available for sale. All guns are in stock and available for immediate transfer thru Efile. Email Transferables Phoenix Arms 1917A1 30-06 This gun is complete with tripod , water can, hose and wooden ammo box Done with Argentine parts kit on 1919A4 sideplate Price is 18500.00 Military Armament Corp M10 45 Looks new in box Price is 10000.00 RPB M10 45 with Suppressor Price is 9000.00 UZI gun B&G registered UZI bolt installed in Century UC9 Uzi Price is 12500.00 Bolt only 12000.00 M.A.N. Manufactered (RARE) Maxim 08/15 8MM Price is 13000.00 Spandau 08/15 Maxim 8mm Price is 13000.00 Pre Samples (Class 3 dealers only) M1A1 Thompson 45 Price 15500.00 Madsen 1956 LMG 30-06 Price is 14000.00 Madsen 1956 LMG 30-08 and 8MM conversion and Tripod Price is 16000.00 HK MP5 9mm A3 with A2 stock. Mint gun redone by Terry Dyer , Not fired since Price is 22000.00 HK MP5 A2 Fixed stock This is a early gun 3/73 with grey parkerized finish Price is 18000.00 Browning 1919A4 (Saginaw gun) 30-06 Price is 15500.00 German MG34 8mm Price is 14000.00 FN-FAL 308 Wood stock 68 gun Price is 11500.00 FN-FAL 308 Price is 11000.00 FN M249 Minimi 5.56 w/ accesories Price is 65000.00 Pics available on request!