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  1. Like most of you, I think I see well enough. I drive ok, I shoot, hit the target. I still shoot pretty good groups so everything must be ok with my vision...right? Wrong.I have spent the last year being tested/evaluated for what my ophthalmologist referred to as "atypical glaucoma" caused by narrow angles in the eye. This all started with a simple glaucoma test at an optometrist's office when I went in to buy new glasses after being in denial that my vision was slipping after all these years. After looking into my eyes she freaked out and refused to dilate my eyes for fear she would trigger a negative response, and referred me to a specialist sayinbg I had a potentially dangerous condition. I'm like WTF??? This condition, narrow angles, can happen to anyone but mostly in people 50 and over. You can't see it or feel it, you will never know it until it's too late. If the eye pressure changes and two parts of your inner eye make contact, it can cause instant permanent blindness! At first they thought I had a brain tumor pressing in causing the high eye pressure. After living with this unknown for the last 3 moinths, I was finally told yesterday that was not the case. Relief...kinda. I still have to endure a rather painful laser procedure to alleviate the draining/pressure issue. Guys if you haven't had your eyes checked in years or worse never checked. go schedule an eye exam today, and get checked for glaucoma too. Losing your sight or the prospect of losing it really was a game changer for me. Think about it...No hunting, no shooting, no driving, never see your family's faces again. Go schedule that exam today! R.L.