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  1. All parts were taken off a brand new SP5K. Must sell as complete package. Complete Grip Semi Auto Carrier Hard Case Barrel Front Handguard Rear Sight Top Picatinny Rail Sling $850 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority. USPS M/O, Bank Check, (must clear before I ship) PayPal FF or +4% fees
  2. B&T MP5K forearm $210.00 shipped firm MR762 13" Quad rail and 20 round mag $250.00 shipped firm MR556 HKey mod rail 125.00 shipped.
  3. WTS: HK SP89

    HK SP89 SBR re-stamped HK MP5K, auto carrier, mag flap, certificate of authenticity by Terry Dyer. Comes with HK 30 round mag, B&T stock, HK butt cap. $5200.00 Plus tax stamp/s and shipping fees. On form 4 in Arizona can do paperwork directly if in Arizona go through dealer out of state all NFA rules apply. Sold pending funds.
  4. $39,500 Receiver marked "HK MP5-K" S&H Arms auto sear 3 lug barrel plus threads for "Navy Barrel" configuration SEF trigger pack Authentic HK brand PDW folding stock HK brand laser with pressure pad Paddle magazine release but receiver not altered for front push pin One HK 15 round magazine included. Buyer pays $ 200 Fed-Ex priority overnight shipping and insurance Excellent condition - Test fired for proper functioning. We do not see even one scratch on it. Firearm is part of a local AR C-3 dealer's collection being sold by John Norrell Inc. Fully transferable and will be transferred on a form 3 e-form to a class III dealer. Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate various selected NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order in which some may be posted on this ad or website. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant.
  5. I have a excellent condition Pre 1986 dealer sample MP5SD here for sale. This is one of the best condition ones i have came across. Has the "S" Serial number and is in like new condition. Its priced at $19,995 No Law letter required and a Keeper for individual FFL & SOT Holders Please note: This is a restricted Pre-May Sales Sample only available to FFL & SOT Dealers.
  6. Up for sale is a fully transferable registered receiver HK MP5K PDW machinegun in 9mm. This has the very rare and desirable push pin (swing down) lower, so you can swap it out with any factory full auto trigger group. This MP5K was built on a HK receiver and has a SEF trigger group, newer B&T MP5K 3-lug threaded barrel, and HK-marked PDW folding stock. One HK 30-rd magazine is included. This is about as close as you can get to a factory MP5K-PDW! The Form 3 lists S&H Arms as the machinegun manufacturer. The firearm is in stock and will transfer tax-free on a Form 3 to your local FFL SOT dealer. Buyer is responsible for all subsequent transfers, fees and taxes. Price includes shipping and insurance to lower 48. Will consider trades for rare semis and modern NFA firearms. Cross-posted on GB. $34,000. Benjamin Specialties LLC, 07 FFL / 02 SOT Libertyville, IL 224-221-969zero
  7. 30 Round Magazine - German - MP5 & MP5K, SP5K - $74.95 Heckler & Koch 10 Round Magazine - US - MP5, MP5K - $47.95 20 Round Magazine - USA - MP5, MP5K - $48.95 10 Round Magazine - Translucent - 9mm - HK MP5 - $34.95 Elite Tactical Systems C.A.M. Universal Loader for Rifles - $27.95 Elite Tactical Systems In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  8. MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete - $1499.95 MP5 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat & Weldment Set - $1449.95 Heckler & Koch MP5 Reverse Stretch Pistol Build Kit Complete - $1499.95 MP5 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1499.95 MP5-SD 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1899.95 In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  9. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    I'm a 10/02 in Snohomish WA, if you're local everything is price plus sales tax. All prices are OBO and include shipping. Trades I may consider would be night vision or accessories, mtek flux ballistic helmet, hk kits, hk416 parts, just let me know what you have. SOLD: Have an sp89 pre ban pistol converted to mp5k-n by TSC, barrel is from an hk94 and converted to 3 lug and threaded 1/2x32, has a german mp5k auto carrier. It currently has my registered trigger pack in it but will transfer as a pistol with stock front plastic and metal grip housing. $5,000, one new HK mag but have more used mags I can sell. Saiga 12 SBS 13.75", I got it from a local guy with everything but the chop done. The carrier/bolt is polished, comes with everything pictured. Transfers on a form 3, $1150. Arsenal 107UR SBR conversion, info is marked on the barrel and you can see it through the handguard. Its unfired since it left the factory, just chopped down. Will ship with the factory black furniture but wood handguards, bakelite wood grip and triangle stock included as well as original box/mag and accessories. Transfers on a form 3, $1500 SOLD: LMT L2X 7" M203, new and unfired. Mounted to a DD rail for pictures only. $1785, transfers on a form 3. Have a couple different types of rounds I can sell with it. SOLD: And lastly I have a P7M13, used and includes 1 mag and a new plastic heat shield. $2000. Pending sale
  10. Have New in factory wrapping HK MP5/SP5K/SP89/SP5K 30rd 9mm mags , price is $65 each + actual shipping, buy 4 or more and I will ship them for free(ALL SOLD) . I also have a few 10rd mags ($55)for the SP5K for those who live in restricted states/ email or message me if your interested , funds via PayPal "F&F" or regular(+fee) , zelle, USPS MO, personal check . always plenty on hand.
  11. MP5K, SP89, Z-5P Tactical Low Profile Handguard -US - $74.95 PTR MP5K, SP89, SP5K - Key Mod Handguard - $89.95 HK PARTS MP5K, SP89, SP5K Handguard M-LOK - $89.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  12. Everything is on a Form 3 in FL. / Shipping is $20, insurance extra / If you see something you like send me an email for pictures to: -------------------------------- TRANSFERABLES: HK MP5K Package: MP5K correctly converted from SP89 by RDTS, Qualified Sear, HK Briefcase, HK Shoulder Rig - $42,500 FACTORY Colt M16A1 Carbine Package: (M16A1 Carbine, plus 6933 upper, plus Colt period correct 3x20 scope) - $27,500 1975 A/O WH Thompson 1928 (Reliability mods by Jim Klodzinski of Gunmachines and LOTS of parts) - $22,000 NIB Colt 6933 - $1,075 NIB Keltec KSG Tactical - $800 NIB Keltec SU16D9 - $650 NIB Keltec SU16D12 - $625 -------------------------------- Post Sample MP5/40A3 - $4,000 (letter required) Post Sample Mac 10 - $1,400 (letter required) -------------------------------- LOOKING FOR: Urbach Krink in 7.62 -------------------------------- No sales in FL Thanks, GM / WPB, FL ( - lots of references FFL / SOT
  13. MP5 Parts Kit 100% German - A2 Stock & Navy Lower - $1995 Heckler & Koch Weldment Set Complete For MP5, 94 Receiver Flat - $47.95 HK PARTS MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete - $1499.95 MP5-N Parts Kit 100% German - A3 Stock & Navy 3 Position Lower RARE - $2595 Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat & Weldment Set - $1449.95 Heckler & Koch MP5 Reverse Stretch Pistol Build Kit Complete - $1499.95 MP5 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1499.95 MP5-SD 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1899.95 In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  14. In stock and ready to ship Call 801-987-3494 for any questions or help to place your order. ARMS Claw Mount For HK 90 Reries Rifles - Used - $199.95 Low Profile Red Dot For Scope Mount With Riser - $99.95 HK PARTS Fero Z-51 Zeiss Night Vision Premium Unit - Gen 2+ - $1495.95 Zeiss/Eltro B&T HK MP5, MP5K Low Mount For Trijicon ACOG - $149.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet MP5, MP5K Railed Scope Mount - German HK- MLI - RAL 8000 - $399.95 Heckler & Koch DTAC Picatinny Rail For HK Receivers - 15 Slot - $74.95 Dakota Tactical DTAC HK German Claw Mount Screw For Optics & Rails - $3.95 Heckler & Koch Ultra Low Profile HK Red Dot Mount - Aimpoint, Primary Arms, Vortex, Burris - Fits ALL HK Models - $94.95 MFI HK MP5, MP5K Low Profile Rear Sight Base Mount - 5 Slot - $99.95 CFG Picatinny Rail For HK Receivers - 13 Slot - $49.95 Low Profile Rear Sight Base Mount - 10 Slot - HK MP5, MP5K - German Spec Firearms - $119.95 CFG In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  15. Vertical Grip With LED Light & Quick Detach Mount - $99.95HKParts.netUTG MS QD LOW PRO COMBAT METAL FOREGRIP - $29.95Leapers - UTGB&T HK MP5K, SP5K Tri-Rail Handguard - $288.95B&T Brugger & ThometMP5K, SP89, SP5K - Key Mod Handguard - $89.95HK PARTSB&T Vertical Grip - Short Style - Black - $69.95B&T Brugger & ThometHK German Vertical Foregrip - $86.95Heckler & KochIn stock and ready to ship today.HKPARTS 987-3494
  16. The B&T USA / Brugger and Thomet KH9 was made in Switzerland and designed by Karl Brugger as Karl's Hobby 9mm which is a modernized Italian Sites Spectre M4 double/single action submachinegun with several design improvements. The KH9 has the option of feeding from either standard B&T magazines interchangeable with all of their firearms or includes a Finnish Soumi KP31/M31 magazine adapter to use coffin magazines. The recoil-springs operate on twin guides as opposed to the Spectre which is free floated and prone to binding. Receiver is a monolithic SCAR-type with quadrail and taken from the B&T GHM9. Barrel has an HK three-lug adapter. Controls are completely ambidextrous with magazine release and decocker on both sides. Charging handle was inspired by the Ingram M10 or IMI/IWI UZI, Pistol grip was based on the SIG SG550/STGW90, and the rear trunnion uses standard B&T MP9/TP9 stock/brace assemblies. Package includes hardcase, Soumi coffin magazine adapter, front/rear flip-up sights, two 30 round magazines, cleaning kit, manual, and hard-case. Photo is representative of another of my B&T KH9 examples. The firearm you will be receiving has not been fondled or touched. Made in Switzerland, this is 1 of 400 imported. Once gone, these will not be seen again. $2000 shipped.
  17. Excellent condition RDTS H&K MP5SD HE SBR with RDTS suppressor. SBR on Form 3 and Suppressor on Form 4. $9,000. SOLD Fleming registered sear in burst pack. On Form 4. $32,500. SOLD Great condition Rock Island XM15 on Form 4. SOLD. Transferable Colt M16 Model 639. $26,000. Upper is 640 style. Repro 2nd Gen Stock, 1st Production Pistol Grip, Factory Marked Barrel, S-1-FA, 11.5" Barrel, Birdcage FH and 20 Round Magazine. This weapon is on a Form 4 and is listed as a Model 639. Buyer is responsible for all taxes and shipping.
  18. HK Ambidextrous Selector Lever - Right Side - $59.95Heckler & KochMP5, 94, MP5K, SP89 9MM Magazine Follower - $18.95Heckler & KochTrigger Group (0,1,3) - HK MP5K - $749.95Heckler & KochHK SP5K, SP89, MP5K Bench Mat - $13.95HK PARTSMP5K, MP5 - B&T Folding Stock Section Only - $149.95B&T Brugger & ThometHK Flat Trigger - 90 Series - Enhanced - USA - $37.95HK PARTSIn stock and ready to ship today.HKPARTS 987-3494
  19. 9mm Ejector Lever - MP5, 94, MP5K, SP89 - 3rd Gen - $47.95Heckler & Koch30 Round Magazine - MP5, MP5K - KCI - $29.95KCI - South Korea50 Round Drum - MP5, MP5K 9mm - $199.95F5MFG0,1 Extended Left Side Ambidextrous Selector Lever & Right Side Set - $99.95HKParts.net30 Round Steel Magazine - MKE - MP5, MP5K - $64.95Zenith / MKEIn stock and ready to ship today.HKPARTS 987-3494
  20. Just in from Heckler & Koch, the new SP5K 9mm pistol. Brand new in the box with two 30 round H&K mags. Note, that the box is marked 10rd, but they are factory 30 round magazines. I do have more than one of these available. Part no. M750900-A5. Price is $2,395 Flat rate 2nd Day Air Shipping of $25 anywhere in the 48 states. Payment via certified funds or credit card with an extra 3% fee.
  21. Some of our MP5 and MP5K offerings. Click the link for more details.- MP5K-N 9mm PDW Threaded Barrel - 1/2 X 32 -…/MP5K-N-9mm...ded-Barrel-1-…Price: $169.95- MP5 AR, M4 Adapter & Stock Complete -…/MP5-AR-M4-...ock-Complete-…Price: $229.95- MP5 Navy Barrel - 3 Lug & Threaded 1/2 X 28 - USA -…/MP5-Navy-B...g-Threaded-1-…Price: $129.95- MP5K, MP5 - B&T Folding Stock Section Only -…/MP5K-MP5-B...-Stock-Sectio…Price: $149.95
  22. The "K" Grip Will Also Fit The MP5 & HK94, HK53 With The Use Of A K-Grip Adapter See Below. Uses the standard HK small push pin to attach to the cocking tube hanger. Made in the USA and counts as one US made 922R compliant part. The finest US made forearm available.Perfect item for the following applications: MP5K, MP5K-PDW, SP89 & SP5K conversion Reverse stretch, Zenith Z-5P & Z-5K MP5, 94, MP5 clone or custom builds (with K-grip adapter) HK51K, HK53K Other custom build & clone builds All NFA Rules Apply! -----------------Price: $29.95-----------------Follow the link for more details and to order online. You can also order through the phone at (801) 987-3494 here for our complete inventory and kits available here at HK parts.
  23. UMP B&T Folding Stock - MP5K, SP5K These are hard to find and the real deal. 100% Swiss & German HK Made. Fits all HK MP5K's, SP89's or clones (NFA rules apply). This is a military grade stock. B&T Switzerland has supplied these to law enforcement and military units around the world. B&T is an HK-OEM manufacturer.HK MP5K, HK MP5K-PDW, HK MP5K-NHK SP89 & SP5K (All NFA RULES APPLY)Other custom builds & MP5K style clonesTechnical Information:* Part Number: BT-20151* Weapon: HK MP5K, B&T BT96, MP5K-N, MP5K PDW* Material: Polymer, Steel* Color: Black* Weight: 12.2 oz.* Overall length 11.5" from front to back* Mounting: Standard HK small push pins* No modifications on weapon housing required on IN SPEC firearms* B&T Description: B&T stock foldable polymer with adapter for HK MP5K-----------------Price: $279.95-----------------Click here to view all of our HK parts!!
  24. MP5K, SP89 & SP5K - Side Folding Brace MP5K, SP5K, Zenith Z5P, Z-5K Folding Stabilizing Brace System Includes: SB89 MP5K, SP89 Or MP5K, SP5K side folding pistol brace Each brace comes assembled ready to install no assembly required Dreamed Up, Designed, Manufactured & Assembled 100% In The USA B&T styling and design B&T Sling Swivel The finest folding pistol brace option for your HK MP5K, SP89 & SP5K Seamless styling adds elegance & operator utility Features several sling attachment points Fully adjustable nylon stabilizing strap Integrated B&T brace adapter installed ATF Compliant, veteran designed 10.2" in length, 1.25" max width 12.4 .oz Fits all HK MP5K variants (NOT MP5 models): HK SP5K, SP89, MP5K, MP5K-N Zenith Z-5P, Z-5K Omega K models Clones or other custom builds The SBT5K HK MP5K style side folding pistol stabilizing brace, pistol arm brace is a shooters aid that is designed to improve the single-handed shooting performance of the HK MP5K, SP89 & SP5K or other roller locked style firearms. This veteran-designed, U.S. manufactured brace enhances accuracy and reduces felt recoil when used properly. Made from high-quality, elasto-polymer, the side folding brace is manufactured to HK/B&T tolerances. The Pistol Stabilizing Brace uses the operator's forearm to provide stable support, thereby minimizing accuracy-robbing spin and shift. A flexible cuff with two adjustable nylon straps allows the SB89 to be custom fit to any user. A perfect addition to the HK style stock adapter setups for your HK firearms. ATF has reviewed this product and determined that attaching the SBT5K folding brace to a firearm does not alter the classification of the firearm or subject the firearm to NFA control Price: $247.95