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  1. As pictured, two A3 stocks for the G3-series. Full length rod, $200. Short rod for $300 (IIRC it's for the 51?). Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  2. Contact KYLE at 210-213-1710 to purchase or with any specific questions I am brokering a batch of Post-86 dealer sample machine guns, transferable silencers, and parts / accessories for another local dealer. ALL items are ready for immediate transfer. The Post-86 dealer sample machine guns WILL require a demo letter and will transfer to your SOT on a Form 5 from an LE agency. All silencers are with an SOT on a Form 3 and will transfer directly to your SOT on a Form 3. Prices are all negotiable and price breaks are available for the purchase of multiple machine guns or machine gun(s) with silencer(s). Machine Guns: Price varies depending on condition / wear and configuration (stock, trigger pack, etc.). Conditions vary from GOOD to VERY GOOD to LIKE NEW. Buyers have the option of a 3-position "Navy" trigger pack or a 4-position pack. Stocks available are the A2, A3, or "F" style stocks. Choose from a standard widearm foregrip or a modern dog-leg style SureFire foregrip. YOU pick the condition of the receiver and the configuration and we can negotiate price. Cerakoting options are available. All machine guns will include ONE (1) factory H&K 30rd magazine. Heckler & Koch, "MP5N", 9mm - $2250 to $2750 Heckler & Koch, "MP5/40-A3", 40S&W - $1800 to $2000 Silencers: Knight's Armament (KAC) "Navy", 9mm - $500 to $900, condition ranges from POOR to GOOD to EXCELLENT. These are DIRECT-THREAD 1/2x32 9mm silencers built specifically for the MP5N series. A very small number of these have baffle strikes and price will be significantly lower on those. Fully transferable to individuals. Gemtech Raptor-40, 40S&W - $500 to $700, condition ranges from GOOD to VERY GOOD. These are TRI-LUG style attachment silencers and will attach to EITHER the MP5 series in 9mm or the MP5/40 series. Fully transferable to individuals. Parts & Accessories: We have HUNDREDS of factory H&K parts available as either a package deal or as individual small parts. We are offering them for 30% OFF of what you would find them listed at HK Parts for. This list is too extensive to list here so please EMAIL or PM me directly for a list of parts - MP5/40 spare mags and mag couplers are also available.
  3. Everything is marked with the details on it. Prices are Each. Shipping will run $10-20 depending on what you get. USPS mo or discreet PP +3.5% Mp5 mags are PD turn-ins 2x JC date coded MP5 9mm Mags $45 ea Light rust 2x JA date coded MP5 9mm Mags $45 ea Light rust 12x Made in Germany white lettering MP5 9mm Mags $50 ea 8x Made in Germany white lettering MP5 9mm Mags $30 bad condition 9x Current production Small engraved Made in Germany MP5 9mm Mags $55 ea 3x Current production Small engraved Made in Germany MP5 9mm Mags $45 bad condition 5x Mp5 .40cal/10mm gray mags $60 ea 3x Mp5 .40cal/10mm mag clamps $55ea NEW IN WAPPER MAGS 2x Lancer m4 300 black out mags $15 ea 2x Pmag 20rd colt spec .308 mags $18.50 ea
  4. New build Just finished by PCS. MP5SD 9mm pistol built by Jeff Walters (aka Ghilliebear) at Parabellum Combat Systems. This was made form a complete German MP5SD Parts kit and is a pistol that requires no NFA paperwork and will ship to your FFL immediately, It includes a Faux suppressor and 1 30 round magazine. We can also provide a functional suppressor for this as well please inquire for options and pricing. Note the picture of the gun with the test target was during the build and testing process and the stock pictured is not included. $3950 Shipped Contact Ryan at JB Silencers LLC Email or text is best 303-250-2557
  5. WTS: Original H&K MP5 Front Sight Trees I have several factory original H&K MP5 front sight trees available for sale. These are all take offs from demilled guns and will show some wear to the underlying metal. When they were removed from the barrel stubs each sight tree was sand blasted, parkerized, and oiled for storage. Stock up on these original German parts for your next build! Price: $25 each, 5 for $100 Shipping: Actual Price Payment: Paypal plus 4% or USPS money order Contact: PM or by email at (remove “NOSPAM”)
  6. Up for sale is a fully transferable registered receiver HK MP5K PDW machinegun in 9mm. This has the very rare and desirable push pin (swing down) lower, so you can swap it out with any factory full auto trigger group. This MP5K was built on a HK receiver and has a SEF trigger group, newer B&T MP5K 3-lug threaded barrel, and HK-marked PDW folding stock. One HK 30-rd magazine is included. This is about as close as you can get to a factory MP5K-PDW! The Form 3 lists S&H Arms as the machinegun manufacturer. The firearm is in stock and will transfer tax-free on a Form 3 to your local FFL SOT dealer. Buyer is responsible for all subsequent transfers, fees and taxes. Price includes shipping and insurance to lower 48. Will consider trades for rare semis and modern NFA firearms. Cross-posted on GB. $34,000. Benjamin Specialties LLC, 07 FFL / 02 SOT Libertyville, IL 224-221-969zero
  7. Here are three Pre86 Dealer Samples. These are available only to holders of FFL & SOT. In stock and I use eforms. The Sterling is just like new. Fired once or twice only. Vault queen. Comes with the usual mag and sling as pictured. Other mags are available. The MP5 is hardly used. Also a vault queen. Comes witb HK mag.HK33 also excellent vault queen. I have not had the time to do much shooting :(. Prices: Sterling $11,000 MP5 11,000 HK33 11,000 Call me daily 9AM-9PM EST at (207) 476-0000 or email Thanks. Ivan
  8. HK Universal Low Profile Scope Mount For HK MP5, G3, PTR, 93 Models - $124.95 MFI HK Low Profile Scope Mount - $28.95 UTG B&T HK MP5, MP5K Low, Short Style Scope Mount - $99.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet B&T MP5, 94 Mid Range Scope Mount - $99.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet B&T G3/91, 33/93, MP5/94 - Universal Scope Mount - $119.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet B&T MP5, HK33, G3, PTR - Mid Range Mount - $119.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  9. MP5 Parts Kit 100% German - A2 Stock & Navy Lower - $1995 Heckler & Koch MP5 9MM Parts Kit 100% German - A2 Stock & 4 Position Lower - $2495 Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat & Weldment Set - $1449.95 Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1499.95 MP5 .40 Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1799.95 MP5 10mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1799.95 In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  10. Surefire Model 628LM - HK MP5 Lighted Forearm - $399.95 Surefire MP5, 94 Wide Forearm - $23.95 U.S. MP5 & HK94 Vented Wide Forearm - Horizontal - $64.95 U.S. MP5 & HK94 Vented Wide Forearm- Vertical - $64.95 MP5, 94 & HK53 Key Mod Handguard - $99.95 HK PARTS MP5, 94, HK53, 51 M-LOK Handguard - $99.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  11. MP5K Pistol Build Kit Complete - $1499.95 MP5 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat & Weldment Set - $1449.95 Heckler & Koch MP5 Reverse Stretch Pistol Build Kit Complete - $1499.95 MP5 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1499.95 MP5-SD 9mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1899.95 In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  12. I have a total of 5 MP5 magazines for sale, All 30 rds and all made in Germany: 1 Straight 30 rd mag marked MP5 HK 12/67 2 Curved 30 rd mags marked 9mmx19 "IR" date code 1 Curved 30 rd mag marked 9mmx19 "JA" date code 1 Curved 30 rd mag marked 9mmx19 "Made in Germany" This is a later mag I purchased from Also included is a like new Magula MP5 loader. This thing is of the Gods if you own an MP5 or HK94 etc. Easiest loader I've ever used. I also have (not pictured) a German made MP5 mag case. This is the Green type issued mostly to the Federal Border Guards. It is still brand new in the original paper and plastic. I cant describe it further because its never been opened. $260.00 for all. Check, money order. Will do Paypal gift as long as you are discrete and pay fees. Only for for sale in jurisdictions where legal. Email works best or PM here
  13. SAIGA 12, 107UR

    I'm a 10/02 in Snohomish WA, if you're local everything is price plus sales tax. All prices are OBO and include shipping. Trades I may consider would be night vision or accessories, mtek flux ballistic helmet, hk kits, hk416 parts, just let me know what you have. SOLD: Have an sp89 pre ban pistol converted to mp5k-n by TSC, barrel is from an hk94 and converted to 3 lug and threaded 1/2x32, has a german mp5k auto carrier. It currently has my registered trigger pack in it but will transfer as a pistol with stock front plastic and metal grip housing. $5,000, one new HK mag but have more used mags I can sell. Saiga 12 SBS 13.75", I got it from a local guy with everything but the chop done. The carrier/bolt is polished, comes with everything pictured. Transfers on a form 3, $1150. Arsenal 107UR SBR conversion, info is marked on the barrel and you can see it through the handguard. Its unfired since it left the factory, just chopped down. Will ship with the factory black furniture but wood handguards, bakelite wood grip and triangle stock included as well as original box/mag and accessories. Transfers on a form 3, $1500 SOLD: LMT L2X 7" M203, new and unfired. Mounted to a DD rail for pictures only. $1785, transfers on a form 3. Have a couple different types of rounds I can sell with it. SOLD: And lastly I have a P7M13, used and includes 1 mag and a new plastic heat shield. $2000. Pending sale
  14. I have two very nice H&K pre-dealer samples available. They will come with a custom formed hard case with extra magazines as pictured. I need to move these, priced to sell. MP5A3 IE Date Code with 2 round burst lower, like new. This was sent to Jayson at IGF and had a new German barrel installed, checked over and refinished. Test fired only since then. SOLD MP5A3 IE Date Code with 3 round burst lower, excellent condition. $13,000 ALL NFA rules apply. These are both on a Form 3 and will transfer via eForms, very fast.
  15. Original factory German HK MP5 accessories, all in very nice condition: 1.) Sling, fabric. 2.) Mag loader/unloader set.
  16. AR, M4 Stock, Brace Adapter - QD - MP5, 93,33 - $114.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-349
  17. Selling one silencer and one post-86 dealer sample machine gun: 1. Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) H&K KAC Navy 10mm/.40 MP5 silencer, used. Very hard to get. This is a threaded silencer. All 100% factory KAC. $750 + $30 shipping to lower 48. Will ship out after approval on e-Form 3, which usually takes 1-2 days to clear NFA. Photos below. Of course no PD Demo Letter needed. 2. Ruger AC556 (Factory, not a conversion) - Used, 5.56mm, Wood Stock, Blued, Safe/Semi/3-RB/Full selector. 16” barrel. Photos on bottom post. Comes with a 20-round magazine. I have shot this with no issues. $950 + $50 shipping to lower 48. Post-86 DS and will require a PD Demo Letter. Photos below. 100% payment up front to start the ATF forms. I will submit the ATF e-File upon receipt of FFL, SOT, Demo Letter (if applicable), and funds. We are not responsible for dealer transfer fees of ATF taxes, that is the responsibility of the buyer. Not looking for trades. Credit cards will incur +3.5% (V/MC/Discover). I do not accept checks. NO EXPORT SALES! Any questions please email. I maintain odd hours so calling me will most likely result in you talking to my voice mail Steve Ou Spreadfire Arms Austin, TX FFL/SOT 03 email:
  18. Ambidextrous 9mm US Made Trigger Pack - 4 U.S. 922 Parts - $299.95 HK PARTS Binary Trigger Pack - Franklin Armory - $699 Franklin Armory Ambidextrous 9mm US Made Trigger Pack with Flat Trigger - 4 U.S. 922 Parts - $309.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  19. Have New in factory wrapping HK MP5/SP5K/SP89/SP5K 30rd 9mm mags , price is $65 each + actual shipping, buy 4 or more and I will ship them for free(ALL SOLD) . I also have a few 10rd mags ($55)for the SP5K for those who live in restricted states/ email or message me if your interested , funds via PayPal "F&F" or regular(+fee) , zelle, USPS MO, personal check . always plenty on hand.
  20. 30 Round Magazine - Translucent - 9mm - HK MP5 - $34.95 Elite Tactical Systems 40 Round Magazine - Translucent - 9mm - HK MP5 - $39.95 Elite Tactical Systems 20 Round Magazine - Translucent - 9mm - HK MP5 - $34.95 Elite Tactical Systems In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  21. WTS: Pre-May MP5 Keeper 12,500

    Pre-May MP5. Appears unfired with original grease on the bolt. Includes one correct magazine. SOT holders only, etc. we all know the drill :-). Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Located in Oklahoma. $12,500 + shipping/insurance. Thanks for looking!
  22. MP5, MP5K Anti-Rattle Roller Tipped "Paddle" Magazine Release - $59.95 Heckler & Koch Magazine Catch MP5, MP5K & SP5K Latest Style - German - $37.95 Heckler & Koch Magazine Catch Spring - G3, 91, PTR, MP5, 33, 93 - $4.95 Heckler & Koch MP5, 94, MP5K, SP89 & SP5K Tac Latch - $69.95 USA Paddle Style Extended Mag Release - EMR - $39.95 HK PARTS Magazine Release Set - HK MP5 & MP5K 9mm - German/USA - $69.87 Magazine Catch 9mm MP5 & MP5K Latest Style - USA - $16.74 HK PARTS HK Semi Auto Shelf, Hanger Block For Receiver - $13.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  23. Mp5,Swede K and AK47 Receiver Pieces $65.00

    I have for sale as shown in Pic Several H&K Mp5 Receiver Pieces (Center Sections), a few Swede K Receiver Pieces and an AK47 Receiver Piece. These are all Original Receiver Pieces. Selling as a Lot only $65.00 plus Shipping I'll get you actual shipping Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  24. Looking to find a good home for my S&H registered receiver MP5K-N. Comes with two trigger packs (S-E-F , and Navy 3 round burst ambi picto, 3 magazines (one original to gun with same "IG" date code), and compact B&T spring loaded, three lug silencer. Suppressor is perfect for gun since it keeps it short and compact. Push pin swing down lower has its advantages since all MP5K M.G. parts can legally be installed or replaced. (I'm sure there are competent gunsmiths that can switch out registered sears to different trigger packs a lot quicker than I can, but being able to just switch trigger packs is a lot less of a hassle!). The conversion is very well done with smooth welds and consistent correct finish. If I keep it I would have the roll marks re-done since like most early conversions, they are not "spot on" and they could be made more consistent with the real deal. Overall excellent condition with low round count. Other than markings it is difficult to tell any difference from my HK MP5K-N Factory post sample (both aesthetics and performance). Overall a great conversion that could easily be turned into a "safe queen" if the buyer so desired. Priced to sell at $39,900. Currently in inventory on Form 3 and can quickly be E-Formed to your Dealer. Thanks for your consideration!
  25. Build from an MP5 40 parts kit with a Michael's Machine 10mm barrel buy Investment Grade Firearms. I ran about 100 rounds through it, ran 100% with my MP5 40 internal parts and correct locking piece for 10mm, (included with upper correct 10 high and low locking pieces), bolt hold open functions correctly. $1900.00 plus actual shipping.