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  1. WTB: Mini Uzi Bolts

    Looking for both open/closed mini Uzi bolts .... please pm me if you have a bolt available for sale thanks!!
  2. Excellent condition Vector Mini Uzi Carbine (9mm) as shown with folding stock. Includes Dummy barrel (installed in photos) and correct carbine length barrel. Also included is as shown the original vector box and warranty sheet. Must ship to FFL, and purchase with confidence as this is a beautiful firearm that has become increasingly harder to find. shipped to your FFL (out the door). SPF
  3. For Sale Pre-May 9MM Mini Uzi

    ELITE IRON Weapon and Suppressor Solutions of a Higher Caliber Please email questions to Thanks for looking, Kathy FFL/SOT in MT 406-244-0234 Gun is also listed on our website and has additional pictures. Pre-May Sample Mini Uzi $8900 Pre-May Mini Uzi 9mm with original box, manual, sight tool and 1 magazine. Fires from open bolt. Excellent condition with low round count.
  4. Exc condition IMI Israeli Mini Uzi Semi and a rare find. Pre ban Import Ready to SBR Has had over 20 years Plus shipping and Insurance $3700
  5. I have for sale 2 new old stock German "DES" marked full size and mini UZI grip sticks that have been properly converted for semi auto only use. I started with an unused grip stick/ fire control group and machined the full auto sear to semi spec so it works as a striker release rather than bolt release. I then welded a "nub" under the sear so the selector can not be put into the full auto position. Tested for function with an UZI built on a McKay receiver (IMI spec). *Other semi auto applications besides McKay and SMG spec receivers may require you to drill the grip pin holes out to 9mm on the grip assembly. The grips I'm selling come with 8mm holes. A NOS grip stick runs aprox $80.00 or more plus shipping and a ready made semi sear is another $30.00 plus shipping. Then you have to mess with a selector stop modification to block out the full auto position. Get mine that's ready to go for much less less. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Also included with each grip assembly is one semi auto (non ratcheting) top cover and a semi auto recoil spring assembly. ALSO included for FREE is an original IMI cleaning rod. You get everything pictured for the low price of: $115.00 each shipped CONUS. USPS Priority Mail First buyer gets to choose between the one pictured on top which is a standard black (manganese phosphate) parkerized made in Germany grip or the one on the bottom which is a made in Israel for the German military and has the greyish (zinc phosphate) parked finish. To be honest, this is the only DES marked grip I have ever seen with the Israeli Star Of David on it as well. They must be uncommon. I accept PayPal, Credit Cards (no extra fee) or Postal MO. DM me for payment info. Note: Due to the way this was shipped and stored from Germany in bulk, there are a few scuffs on the grip panels but the entire assembly is unused except for testing by me after final assembly.