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  1. As pictured, new-in-box MG3 tripod. The picture of the tripod setup is from the web just showing what model it is, the one being offered has never been unboxed to the owner’s knowledge. $1500 OBO. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  2. WTS: MG3 belt loader. Loads DM-1 belts in 7.62x51 (.308) for MG34, MG42, MG74, MG3, M53, HK21, etc. $300 I believe all the complete, typical surplus loaders are now sold. I have some partial loader sets, misc. loader parts, etc. If you need something, let's talk and we'll see what I can do for you. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  3. This is something we have been working on for a bit. We are expecting to be starting production on these soon. At 1/3 the cost of regular 8mm or 762 nato it has intrigued quite a few MG collectors. Enjoy Lewman Arms
  4. Two pintle and adapter sets for the MG42 Dreyfuss AA tripod.
  5. Looking for an MG42 either complete in firing condition OR as a complete parts kit. 971-470-1465 Dave
  6. WTS: Special sale until Christmas! 20% off the following prices from now to 12-25-2016. We have MG3/MG42/MG53 rear receiver repair sections normally $300 no FFL required. We also have ratchet plates $45 ( $70 with the charging handle slot cut). Full size and Mini Uzi repair sections $89 ea. No FFL required. Full size, Mini, and micro UZI striker assys. (full size $45, mini & micro $125ea) Buffer for full size Uzi $10 Buffer and spring assy for mini and micro Uzi $75 ea Full size and mini Uzi S/A feed ramps $25, Micro S/A feed ramp $30 Full size and mini F/A feed ramps $30 Ejector & rivet for full size, mini, or micro Uzi $15 per set Full size Uzi receiver shell (complete receiver without any welded parts) $90 (this is an FFL item and requires shipment to an FFL, no C&R) All the above prices will be discounted by the 20%. Shipping will be added to these prices. All shipments to Texas will require sales tax. No shipments outside the USA. You must be 21 years old to purchase. Do not order unless it is legal in your state. You are responsible for obeying all local, state, and federal laws. Contact us by email: phone: 817-636-5606 fax: 817-636-5607 text 817-980-7537 We accept most credit cards. No Paypal. Thanks, Bill Nelson
  7. Torch cut but complete receiver. IMHO this is a better start than the BRP receivers on the market. This kit is complete with everything but a barrel. Included is a "new" barrel bushing (MG3 take off I believe, but 100% usable) and a set of MG3 takeoff rails. Everything else that a standard M53 kit comes with is included. Kits with all the cut pieces are hard to come by these days. $1500 plus shipping. We re-welded one just like it a few months back into a beautiful post sample. It took us about 8 hours to have a full functional M53, semi mods would take a bit longer but you get the idea. Available separate is an MG1 top cover, feed tray, and booster for 308 conversion. $200
  8. Misc. MG Mounts

    Looking to sell three MG mounts: 1.) MG3 Tripod - for the MG42/M53/MG3/MG74 series. Complete with optics, straps, etc. 2.) Goryunov - for the SG43/SGM series. Complete with shield. 3.) Sokolov - for the M1910 Maxim. Complete with shield. All the mounts rate 95% or better. I think the MG3 may never have been used. All are way better than anything I'm seeing listed commercially these days. I want to unload all three at Knob Creek in a couple weeks ONLY. I will not ship any of them. DIRECT EMAIL ONLY: Remove NOSPAM from email. Thanks!
  9. This MG-42 was picked up by my grandfather during WWII while he was deployed in France. He shipped it home and registered it with the US Treasury in the 1940's. It was directly transferred to me and is on a Form 4 in my name in Pennsylvania. It has had less than 1,000 rounds through it since my grandfather picked it up. It still runs well and I have videos of it running 50 round belts without any trouble. The gun is complete with Waffenamt markings throughout the gun. I notice them on the trigger group, trunnion, barrel, bolt, top cover and I am sure on other parts that I have not noticed. This gun has never been restored/refinished or "worked over". It is in the original condition it was found in on a battlefield in Europe. I have the standard spare parts from RTG Parts, including a 308 conversion kit and various spare parts that I would include with the sale. I have many additional high resolution photos that I can email. Please contact me if you would like a copy of them sent to you. Asking $48,000 814-876-0282
  10. I will ship this, but would have to charge actual shipping which would probably be ~$100. I would prefer a FTF in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Venice/Port Charlotte areas in FL. This is a good condition MG3 ground mount tripod that, like most German military items, is a functional work of engineering art. It will work with many beltfed MGs including the 1919 with an adapter. There isn't anything on the tripod that you can't adjust, there is even an integrated bubble level in one of the legs. All the adjustments work as intended, the bubble level works, traverse and elevation work unbelievably smooth, trigger actuator works. This one even comes w/ the original optic and optic container (which fits onto the tripod in both deployed and travel configuration). The carry straps are a bit ratty and there is some surface rust, but other than that it is in good shape. These used to be widely available but dried up a couple years ago. Price is $700 w/ payment via cash or paypal if FTF. If you don't live locally and want this tripod, payment can be made by USPS MO, certified check or MO (must clear before shipping), or discreet paypal. Email is cake5150 AT gmail DOT com
  11. WTB: MG42 8mm Barrel Assembly

    Looking for a complete MG42 8mm barrel assembly, ready to drop into my MG42.