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  1. This MG-42 was picked up by my grandfather during WWII while he was deployed in France. He shipped it home and registered it with the US Treasury in the 1940's. It was directly transferred to me and is on a Form 4 in my name in Pennsylvania. It has had less than 1,000 rounds through it since my grandfather picked it up. It still runs well and I have videos of it running 50 round belts without any trouble. The gun is complete with Waffenamt markings throughout the gun. I notice them on the trigger group, trunnion, barrel, bolt, top cover and I am sure on other parts that I have not noticed. This gun has never been restored/refinished or "worked over". It is in the original condition it was found in on a battlefield in Europe. I have the standard spare parts from RTG Parts, including a 308 conversion kit and various spare parts that I would include with the sale. I have many additional high resolution photos that I can email. Please contact me if you would like a copy of them sent to you. Asking $48,000 814-876-0282
  2. ZQI Turk 308 in Beltfeds/MGs

    Anyone have any experience running Turkish ZQI 308/7.62x51 147 grain ammo in their MG's? Seems cheap and cheerful. Not sure if it will run reliably and feed properly. May just be better off running better ammo, but worth a thread here to find out from those who are experienced. I will be running it in 1919a4 and MG-42. Thanks for the insight, Mark
  3. Offering the Following Post Samples. Giving Up SOT so no love letter needed for Class 3 Dealers. All run well and little use by me. No Trades Please; Need Cash. All Prices Do Not Include Shipping. PpSh 41 with Stick Mag - $800 Sten Mk II with Stick Mag - $350 Bushmaster XM15-E25/M-16, no Mag - $1400 Savage/Thompson M1A1 Converted to Have Pistol Foregrip and Accepts Drum Mags as well as Stick - No Mag - $1300 FAL - .308 Built on Imbel Receiver - 1 Mag (If I can find it) - $500 MG-42 - 8mm; With Bi-Pod; Runs Well; Beautiful MG - $2800 1919 A4 - IMI in .308 - Great Condition, Runs Well. Accepts Cloth Belts or Metal Clips - $1600 Pictures available; Many Accessories For Above Also Available - Let Me Know What You Want; I Might Have It. Questions? Shoot Me an Email - All Located in Portland, OR. Greg Abbott Personal Defense Systems, LLC. Appreciate all the interest and will follow up with pic's tomorrow for those requesting them of the PpSh 41. It and the Bushmaster M-16 are the only ones left that have not been committed to. For those that have asked for pictures of the other guns, afraid someone else has said "I'll take it" so it goes to them. Will have some semi-auto weapons and lots of miscellaneous parts, accessories, ammo, etc. to sell in coming weeks. Well, now PpSh41 has been taken so down to the Bushmaster M-16 and may have MP-40 before too long.