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  1. This is a very nice West Hurley M1 Thompson. Comes with one magazine and sling. This one is on a form 4 in Kentucky. First tax is paid and this price INCLUDES shipping to your FFL/SOT. Beautiful gun and it really speaks for itself. If you have any questions please contact me at or 859-361-9444. Price delivered is $18,400. Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  2. Reising M50 as pictured with Federal Labs original case. This rifle is on a form 4 in Kentucky. Same owner for the past seven years and has not been fired in that time. Really clean gun. First tax will be paid. Shipping is included as well. $13,900. If you have any questions please call or email me. 859-361-9444 or Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  3. Super nice Springfield Armory M1A (M14). National match rear site. This rifle is on a form 4 in Kentucky. Same owner for the past five years and has not been fired in that time. Really clean gun. First tax will be paid. Shipping is included as well. $17,000. If you have any questions please call or email me. 859-361-9444 or Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  4. This is a Fleming registered receiver 91 (G3) standard configuration. Really nice rifle. Let me know if you would like any other pictures and I will add them. This rifle is on a form 4 in Kentucky. First transfer will be paid as well as shipping to your FFL/SOT. $21,900. Please contact me with any questions at 859-361-9444 or for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  5. You get everything pictured $3300 OBO delivered USPS Priority comes with $50 insurance Buyer responsible for added insurance. Zelle preferred will do PP FNF Only no comments Personal ck or Certified Ck or USPS Money Order.
  6. IMI 9mm 4000 rds .50 rd

    I have up for sale 4000 rds of Israeli 9mm, this is all +p+ machinegun ammo and should not be fired thru pistols. Very clean brass cased 1970's head stamp. .50 a rd, I have 2 50 cal cans with 2000k per can. Local pick up in Columbus Ohio area.
  7. This is a pretty neat little gun. It is a Cobray (I would assume a flat bought from the auction?) that was finished and registered by St. Augustine Gun Works. They built basically a M11-380 and installed a 9mm barrel to make a very compact weapon. I have never seen or heard of them before. This gun has serial number 1005 E, possibly the fifth gun built? An M11/380 upper would mount right on this frame. I had the frame cerakoted to freshen it up as it had some discoloration. Comes as pictured with three Zytel magazines. I got this from the original owner that bought it new in 1985. I have included pictures of a couple of handwritten items that include some instructions and "advertisement". This gun is owned by me in KY and will transfer out on a form 3 to your FFL. $7,500.00 delivered. Contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  8. <h4>COLT IS THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER......UNFIRED and unassembled DLO AN-M2 belt fed machinegun. This is a prize as it has never been assembled. May or may not be missing small parts but DLO did send all he had.. Since 1996 this has been stored properly and most parts are still cosmoline covered. --- NO RUST. This has been a ONE OWNER gun and it is now first time offered for sale.. Shipping additional 150.00.. I will pay first 200.00 tax to owner upon good funds.. I am a retired C-2 dealer selling off old inventory and have 200 references if needed. YOU may inspect gun at our local PD if needed. This AN-M2 is the best of DLO's guns. I have another that has fired 15K rounds without a hitch at all. This has a 30-06 barrel as supplied by DLO and a 8MM barrel made from a MG34 barrel .. Invest in a good gun. . </h4>
  9. This is a really clean Iver Johnson M2 carbine. Attractive blued receiver, GI trigger group, one small safe ding on the stock, metal handguard, GI sling, one magazine. This is a factory made Iver Johnson machinegun made in 1985, not a conversion. Really nice little gun I have had for a while. On a form 3 in Kentucky. $7,750.00 shipped. Maybe the cheapest transferable out there! Contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thanks! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  10. I have for sale a steel SWD DIAS I've had since 2005, it has a A2 hardened tool steel trip manufactured by M60JOE which shows little/no wear. It comes with a extra trip that is new. It is now under my inventory and ready to go on a eform 3. Ill take bank transfer or cashiers check, cash in UTAH. email at removed for more pics and my number to call.
  11. M37 presample $14,000

    This is an original SACO-LOWELL M37 presample LMG for sale. These were made between 1955-1957. U.S. PROPERTY marked. This is a super nice gun and runs flawlessly. It is in my inventory in Kentucky and will efile to you on a form 3. It is in original condition in the original .30 caliber configuration. Comes as pictured. It does not have the rear cocking bar included but could be added for a few hundred dollars if desired. It is originally drilled and tapped for such. If you have any questions please call or email. 859-361-9444 or $14,000 plus shipping. You couldnt ask for a better example and this is the one to keep. Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  12. WTS Springfield M1A $16,999

    Super nice Springfield Armory M1A (M14) with jungle stock. National match rear site. This rifle is on a form 4 in Kentucky. Same owner for the past five years and has not been fired in that time. Not sure how these pictures will look but if you want more just ask. Really clean gun. First tax will be paid. Shipping is included as well. $16,999. If you have any questions please call or email me. 859-361-9444 or Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  13. I have the following transferable MG's for sale Vector Uzi in all 3 cal 12k Browning BAR 1918A2 Group Industries 27k MP40 Wilson 14K 1928 Thompson WH 16.5k FNC Sear Gun w/burst 14.5k All run ok and all on a form 4 in ohio, 3 mags per gun. All funds up front buyer pays shipping, email for pics or questions.
  14. I have a Colt Armalte AR-15 Model 01 available for sale. All original condition 1962 production date. Gun was owned by an NFA dealer in the state of Wisconsin up until his passing about 9 years ago. Gun has seen very little use. $30,000 asking price. Currently on a Form 4 in Wisconsin. Buyer would be responsible for the $200 transfer tax if buying in Wisconsin. Buyer would be responsible for $400 in transfer taxes if the item needs to be transferred out of state. Feel free to message with any questions. I can be reached via email at also for more photographs of the gun.
  15. This is a super nice Group Industries (pre Vector) UZI. Registered receiver gun. 9mm. Comes with 32 round mags,sight tool, magguide, sling and wood stock. Nice little package that will last a lifetime. $14,500 plus shipping on a form 4 in Kentucky. Brokering for a buddy and will pay the first tax. contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thanks, Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  16. Please Read My ENTIRE Listing. Check my Feedback on Gunbroker and buy with 100% confidence. These are non serialized Items, No ATF paperwork required. No Wait. AVAILABLE ONLY TO CURRENT 07/08 FFL-SOT HOLDERS. If you do not Possess a 2021 SOT & FFL, I can not sell them to you. INFO: Sear Blades are wearable items. If you have a Select Fire Glock sear, These replacement blades are a must have for ultimate reliability. Don't get stuck in the middle of a LE demo with a switch that fails. My Blades are Manufactured from 416 ss for optimal durability. I have limited quantities in stock. These will work in Select Fire Glock Sears for every generation (Timing may be required for your specific model) SHIPPING: We Only ship in the USA to Verified FFL Dealers. PRICE: $35 PER BLADE Shipped VIA Regular US Mail. 1-4 Blades $35 Each Shipped. 5 Blades for $155 Shipped TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Payment is to be made by one of the following methods: CASH OR Business Check. CONTACT INFO: SALES@LPDMFG.COM Thank you and God Bless America.
  17. For sale is a beautiful HK MP5 dated 1972! This is for the true HK fan boys. Even has the matching 1972 year stick mag! Price is $13,995 THIS IS A PRE MAY DEALER SAMPLE AND CAN ONLY BE SOLD TO FFL/SOT HOLDERS
  18. This listing is for a DLO built AN/M2 .30 (30-06) aircraft gun. This is a lightweight version of the 1919 with Spade grips. This is an absolutely beautiful gun and clean as a pin. The rate of fire is around 1300 rounds per minute! There are a couple of videos on Youtube with a similar gun firing. The feed can be changed from left to right as desired. This gun will come with a newer manufacture but identical to GI tripod and T&E for ground use. The added stability makes it a great base to shoot from. Also included is an extra barrel and several other spare parts. This gun will go out on a tax paid form 4 in Kentucky. Shipping will be actual cost. The gun itself will ship in a Pelican case. These arent seen too often so dont miss this opportunity to add one to your collection. You are welcome to contact me with any questions or specific pictures. Priced to sell at $16,499 plus shipping. or 859-361-9444. Thank you for looking. Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  19. This listing is for my very dear friend, Mr. Robert G. Segel. He has recently published a well-received book that I wanted to share with the community. More details, book reviews, and ordering information can be found at his website, General information on the Limited Edition book: This hardcover (with dust jacket) is a visual reference book with 415 full color pages containing a total of 1,035 pictures providing widespread information on the support equipment and accessories for many of the early machine guns of 1895-1945. Foreword by Dolf L. Goldsmith Taking almost three years to compile and produce, this book covers 77 different classic weapons and their support equipment and accessories for collectors, shooters, museums and re-enactors. Spare parts and tools are identified and labeled. Priced at $125 with Free Shipping in United States. International shipping also available. General information on the author: Robert Segel has had an interest in machine guns ever since he was nine years old. His father gave him a dewat (deactivated war trophy) Sten Mk. II machine carbine that was bought at a local gun show for the princely sum of $25. Robert's collection of live classic machine guns, and their accessories, began in the late 1970s. Robert started writing articles in his spare time in 1990 for the old Machine Gun News magazine. When that publication folded, he became a Contributing Editor for Small Arms Review magazine. His articles concentrated on the early classic World War I and World War II machine guns and all the accessories and memorabilia associated with them. In 2004, Robert became the Senior Editor for Small Arms Review. In 2009 he became the Senior Editor for Small Arms Defense Journal magazine. Robert retired from those periodicals in 2015, but continues to write for Small Arms Review with a monthly column entitled Machine Gun Memorabilia. Robert has had over 400 articles on early machine guns published in seven countries including the United States, England, Poland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, South Korea and the UAE. He is an acknowledged contributor in 22 highly regarded reference books, and is the author of three machine gun related children's coloring books (published by Chipotle Publishing LLC.) Robert is married, has two children, three grandchildren and lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.
  20. This is a transferable registered receiver M16. Bushmaster/BFI in Maine obtained EA J15 aluminum receivers from Essential Arms in Louisiana in the 80s and machined and registered them as select fire registered receiver M16s back when Bushmaster was making their own Gwinn Bushamster steel sheetmetal semi and select fire guns of their own design. It is very nicely milled and drilled by Bushmaster in the 80s even if the stamping of their name and address wasn't the prettiest. The pin holes are nice and tight, it was fired very, very little back in the 80s and just sat in the safe for 30 years. The gun has been here in Texas on a Form 3 for over 30 years but no longer have a FFL so it will transfer on a Form 4. The price is $18K SOLD.
  21. WTS: Five HK UMP 40 - Post Samples on Form 5

    We have five HK UMP40 submachine guns. They are currently with a department and must transfer via form 5. They do not include lights or optics. They are $2200 each plus freight. + 3.5% for CC + freight Mississippi Auto Arms 1300 Van Buren Ave #111 Oxford, MS 38655 662-232-8011

    NEW UNFIRED TRANSFERABLE AC556-F (folder), 14,000 This is another prize that I’m selling today. For quickest response please call or email me Phone (207) 476-0000 9AM – 8PM Eastern This is quicker than reply on the board I use e-forms for transfer to your dealer. I have been a RECOMMENDED DEALER on TOM BOWERS SUBGUNS BOARD SINCE 2001
  23. This is a very nice Valmet M78 in 308. Heavy barrel RPK style with bipod. This one has very desireable wood stocks in excellent condition. The only visible flaw on this weapon is a small crack on the buttplate. Very well made and supposed to be the best of the Kalashnikov style family. I am including THREE magazines with this weapon which are usually hard to get. This weapon is available on a form 4 in Kentucky. I am brokering for a good friend and I will guarantee everything as I will handle the paperwork and shipping. If you have any questions or want a particular picture just let me know. This is a beautiful gun and has been a while since one of these has been offered. Price is $15,999 plus shippingto your FFL. Please contact me with any questions. 859-361-9444 or . Thanks, Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  24. Nice transferable colt 614 this is a FACTORY MG made by COLT not a conversion such as an sp1... Now comes as pictured in modern configuration (less the eotch and the suppressor mount) also comes with all original parts as well! Specs for modern parts setup: Geissele SSF trigger group KNS Pins LMT sopmod stock KAC free float rail Daniel Defense Chrome Lined barrel KAC buffer magpul grip M16 bolt On form 4 in NC and ready for transfer Willing to use an SOT dealer as a middle man if the buyer prefers $22,000 OBO call or text 704- 999 - 3287
  25. Auto Ordnance Bridgeport M1 Thompson

    BEAUTIFUL M1 Auto Ordnance Bridgeport Thompson in excellent condition. Beautiful bore, great wood, and sling. This firearm has been in a private collection for years and has not gotten much use and has been well cared for. This beautiful weapon runs flawlessly and is in stock in our inventory ready for immediate transfer. $23,000.00 shipped to your dealer. GA residents must pay 7% sales tax. More pictures here - AO M1 Thompson Jake - Quiet Riot Firearms 678-614-7129