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  1. No longer for sale. Moved to auction. Short video of running 10 rounds of mini mag with a suppressor. PM any questions. PLEASE DO NO COMMENT ON AD
  2. Brick and Mortar FFL/SOT Located in Bridgeport Ohio. Cash ready for anything we can make a margin on. Trades: Many Trade Items Available: Gold/Silver American Eagles, Bullion, Rare Coins, WW2 Firearms, Jewelry, Diamonds & Other Rare Items. Business Hours: 10AM-7PM Mon-Sat Text or Call (Text is best) Cell: 740-312-418FIVE. Office: 740-500-443EIGHT
  3. Powder Springs M10 in .45 acp in very good condition. Comes as pictured in the original box with the front strap, cleaning rod, magazine loader tool, and one grease gun magazine. The gun will transfer out on a Form 4, with the buyer to pay all transfer taxes and shipping. $9,000. Thanks for looking, and thanks for the boards. jwbaldree12 at gmail dot com
  4. Everything listed SOLD PENDING FUNDS Thanks to all that replied..... Two (2) Factory original MAC-10 manuals for the 70's $30 each One (1) Factory original MAC-11 manual $20 Two (2) Sears, one MAC-10 45/9, one MAC-11/380 $35 each Two MAC-10 (45 or 9) Sliding Collapsible Stock Rails and wood. Project from 25 yrs ago I didn't complete. Wood blanks are oak, walnut, hickory & oak. One metal sliding stock rail and 2 wood blanks $80 or $150 for both the two metal collapsible rails and 4 wood blanks. All plus shipping. Best to e-mail
  5. All SOLD :Both mags are .45 cal with the Cobray Snake stamping.. One (1) Stamped Cobray 30 round mag. One (1) Stamped Cobray 40 round mag. The 40rd mag (see pic) has a small dent in the lower front but does not affect function. 30rd mag $ , 40rd mag $ , All + shipping. Questions e-mail me at Thanks, Dave
  6. Here we have a very rare Interdynamic KG-9 semi auto open bolt 9mm pistol with aftermarket threaded barrel. These guns did not come threaded from factory, and I have not been able to find any others online with a threaded barrel making this possibly 1 of 1. The threaded barrel is removable. A small number of these were made before the ATF sent their letter of cease and desist on grounds of the easiness to convert to full auto. The value only goes up on these as the years go by. The barrel's thread pitch is the same as a MAC-10, 3/4 x 10, so you can run a stage 2 Mac suppressor on this. Pictured is a fake suppressor for a the 9mm mac series, I just put it on for representation, not planning on including it in sale but if you pay full asking price I will include it. Condition of this gun is overall very good, it does have a bad area on the pistol grip, some light to medium scratch marks, I smoothed them out with a Miracle cloth and they are smooth now and hard to feel. They don't seem to be very noticeable to me, and almost seems like you may be able to get rid of them if desired with more heavy buffing. The gun has some minor light scratches in a couple other places but overall its in very good shape. Pictures tell the tale. Viewing the internals it looks to be shot very little. I polished up the bolt some when I got it, looks very nice. No box unfortunately, just the gun and magazine. Price is $3,500. Can meet locally in GA or ship on buyers dime with insurance to your FFL of choice. I don't have feedback on here which I know in the internet world can be a red flag in some cases. Would be happy to talk over the phone with interested buyers to ease any concerns they may have. Also this item is cross posted on another local website where I have over 100 positive feedbacks. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, if you'd like a photo of somewhere specific I'd be happy to take them. No trades, cash only.
  7. delete!!
  8. I am not a Class 3 dealer, so this gets to be sold locally from my Texas Form 4 to your Texas Form 4. (Which should cut down on the ATF transfer waiting time.) If you are a dealer or an out of state individual, you are welcome to buy this as well. Buyer pays all taxes. Also, if you live around the Houston Brenham areas, you can check it out in person and there will be no shipping charges!! When you fill out the ATF transfer forms, you will have to pay them 400 in transfer taxes for the MAC and Suppressor. First time NFA buyer?? I will help you out with the paperwork!! 9mm RPB MAC-10 & AWC Suppressor - $10,000 The MAC and Suppressor have been completely restored and refurbished!! I have test fired 200 rounds thru this and there were absolutely ZERO problems. This gun ran 100% flawless using ball ammo!! The MAC comes with only one Walther mag. But you can buy more for extra. There are 5 Powder Springs Walther Mags in the factory box that are available for 200 each. 1000 Rounds of Premium Subsonic Ammo for 400. Profile Message me for pics and info.
  9. SWD M11a1 large grip comes as it did new in the box. I wanted to set this up in 9mm and keep it as small as possible.I love Lage uppers but they are very large. You can run it in stock config in .380 and it runs like a champ. Then with the CWD Tungsten bolt (Slow fire 9mm) and 9mm baby Ghost upper its runs 9mm at around 800RPM. The baby Ghost is side cocking with pic rails for optics and lights. Great forward grip. The mini uzi stock ties it all together and folded it not much bigger than a Glock. This is the whole setup with everything seen in the image below. Stock m11at barrel in box, stubby threaded 380 installed in stock upper.Mags, CWF Tungsten bolt, Baby Ghost upper with threaded 9mm barrel, stock upper, stock bolt, mini uzi stock, lage fixed stock, lage grip, spare parts, , buffers, Thompsen machine 9mm suppressor and more. Sitting on Form 3 e-file ready to go. $12,300 Shipped Feel free to text me Alex (541)944-4774 Have a great one...
  10. Available are the following magazines. All prices include USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US. Payment by US Postal Service Money Order. (7) NOS 30 round USGI Thompson mags: SOLD (1) Bergmann MP32, MP34, MP35 9mm Luger magazine: SOLD (2) Mac / SWD single feed M11/9 mags. These are the desirable metal PAM2 mags that were converted by Recon Ordnance years ago. SOLD (2) SWD M11/9 Zytel 9mm Mags. $50 for both shipped (1) M11/M12 .380 12 round Zytel skinny magazine. $40 shipped
  11. I have bought several NFA items from Autogun aka Tim Smith of Tim’s Guns. I have had the pleasure of driving over to Tim’s shop to pick up items that I have transferred in or sold. Tim is a wonderful person to deal with, very Professional and Cordial! Tim deliverers on his promises and goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Tim has been in this buisness for over “30” years and knows the Buisness! He and his team are very knowledgable and have many Nfa Firearms in stock and available for sale from Macs to Browning 1919’s. It was well worth the drive I made to complete purchases. Tim is located in Winter Haven ,Florida and his shop is amazing!! Thank you Tim for all the smooth transactions we have done together, never a hiccup and items EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS!!! Listed below is a video a company filmed at his shop. It will show some of the great items he has for sale. If your in need for a firearm then Tim’s guns is the place. Shameless plug sorry.
  12. FOR SALE are 3 Cobray 32rd mags and 3 Scherer 36rd mags. The MAC/Cobray mags are not the original Walther mags. They are the next generation of M-10 9mm mags. The price is $100 each + shipping cost. Please post here what you want and email me at for more info.
  13. FOE SALE is a MAC M-10 45 Auto to 9mm conversion kit with some extra parts. The kit includes 2 bolts. One is the original style bolt and the other is the newer style bolt. Both bolts are for double-feed mags. Also included but not shown is a new extractor and retaining pin for the original style bolt. The metal magwell insert has been modified (butchered) by me and probably can't be used. You will need to get a new one. I have seen them for around $50. You will also need to get a new buffer. Also included is a mag catch that might or might not work with your lower and mags. The price is $400 + shipping cost. Please post here and email me at for more info.
  14. In great shape with a bunch of extras, including spare barrels, stocks and uppers. We efile all form 3’s. My cell is 806-544-9260, we can provide videos of function if needed as well!
  15. I am an NFA Dealer and interested in nearly any machine gun on the market. Cash in hand, ready to spend. Long standing business, plenty of references, recent entry to the NFA Market. Many Trade Items Available: Gold/Silver American Eagles, Bullion, Rare Coins, WW2 Firearms, Jewelry & Diamonds and Other Rare Items: OSS Issued Kodak Eastman Matchbox Camera (WW2 Spy Camera) for example. This is a competitive market and I aim to compete, don't sell without getting an offer. I'll make you happy :-) Business Hours: 10AM-7PM Mon-Sat Private Message, Text or Call Cell: 740-312-418FIVE. Office: 740-500-443EIGHT
  16. MAC 10 WTS: RPB Industries MAC 10 Semi Auto Open Bolt - 9mm This is a Open Bolt Semi Auto Comes with 6 Magazines Barrel extension Assault systems case Manual Sling Brass Catcher $2500 Or best offer Please email for questions and photos.
  17. WTS Powder Springs Ingram M10 45 - $7500.00

    Transferable Powder Springs Ingram Mac-10 .45ACP Submachinegun - $7500.00 The gun runs great, we thoroughly inspected it after purchase. This is a transferable machinegun and will transfer to your dealer on an eform 3. 3 magazines are included as well as a barrel shroud. Currently in our inventory and ready to go. Please email to purchase Jake Hinton QRF
  18. WTB SWD M11/9

    Looking for a Swd M11/9 on form 3. Pm what you have. Thank you in advance.
  19. Hunting for an upper receiver (complete) for a MAC 11. Please state condition and whereabouts in first reply. Will provide cell no for text of pictures and other information related to a purchase by me.
  20. Check into David with Doubletapfirearms in Pa. We had a super easy transfer process. David is very fair on prices, has a great selection of machineguns and takes pride in providing premier customer service!!! In this day and age where money is tight and where we all are in the current world it’s nice to have a good people like David and his wife. Thank you again David!!!!
  21. Up for sale is a Mac M11/380. Everything is in like new condition! Comes with a Like new LAGE Max31k( Which fires in 9mm) Two Zmag-s 30rd mAgs,Two Soumi 72rd Drums, Small parts, Practical Solutions Uzi Side folder stock, Custom M11/380 upper, five M11/380 30rd mAgs( Not pictured), LAGE internals including there springs and LAGE Sear, Lage grip/mag catch. Lower is set up with a selector delete, so it fires in FA only. It fires so slow with the LAGE upper there was no need for a trip. You can easily pull singles. Included is the original parts including trip and factory selector if you wish to go that route. This is a smoking deal. I always maintain my guns and keep them pristine. Gun is perfectly timed and runs like a Swiss watch. Please do not ask me to split anything. This is a package deal, sorry. It’s on a form 4 and I will pay the first tax. Price is Firm at $8500 shipped. This is a small magwell gun. Which can be changed to a large Magwell if desired for not much. Honest opinion the Baby mac is best in the small magwell. Just feels right. This way you can shoot it stock in 380 or have the Lage Max31k to shoot 9mm. Thank you for looking.
  22. This fits only MAC10/45 barrels. It is a 4" tube, alloy. These are experimental parts. Just an option if you decide to remove the front strap hanger and strap. The original MAC steel strap hanger requires the barrel to be removed to remove the hanger. This does not require the strap/hanger to be removed. $70 shipped
  23. MAC 10 45/9mm Trunnions

  24. WTB MAC-10 Upper

    Want to Buy a MAC upper barrel assembly for my refurbish project made by either Powder Springs, Marietta GA, or an early RPB. Please only Profile Message me as I do not read posts.
  25. Pre may Mini Uzi

    IMI Mini Uzi 3 lug barrel. This is a pre maydealer sample so you have to have SOT. No law letter require $9500 Will make a deal for a semi auto FN m249 let me know what you got