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  1. M79 Grenade launcher barrel

    I recently found this in a crate in my grandfather's basement. He was LA county CHP and SWAT. We recently auctioned off the rest of the collection after his passing and this was one of the items that we had left. Color of annodization is dark metallic gray/green. I do not believe it is black. If anyone can verify that would be great! I would like 2400 for it due to the rarity on the civilian market. I do also acknowledge it was a take off and has some cosmetic blemishes. "P" Marking on reciever spring milling. I would be willing to trade for m2 carbine parts as it is rather hard to find in my home state. Any questions or interest in purchase, Shoot me an Email @

    Interested in purchase of new sealed cases of chalk rounds, parachute flares, buck shot, etc. Any 40mm that is OEM and in excellent condition. P.M. me with pictures and price. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a complete m79 rear sight with bracket etc.
  4. no longer available.

    no longer available.