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  1. Gentlemen, I have several standard M60 Parts Kits available. These include every part to assemble a stripped M60 reciever. Most parts are NOS Saco Defense. Parts that are used are excellent condition. The barrels are all NOS. $3,500 Aaron - Mohnton, pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  2. WTB: 1) a John Norrell 10/22 trigger pack or similar select fire Ruger 10/22 2) M60 machine gun 3) Ma Deuce 50 BMG M2 I'm a private collector and I currently have 6 select fire guns in the ATF transfer process and have bought a bunch more. To complete my collection, I need the above. If you have one, please send me the details, pics, whatever you have got and your best price. Some people want to negotiate, I do not. Give me your best price and if that's workable, I'll buy it. I will not push back on the price, I'm too busy to waste time negotiating. Ideally, we can do a deal based on a price between wholesale and retail since we will be cutting out the dealer. And if you're a dealer and you want retail, I'm not the buyer for you. I have bought lots of NFA items this way and can furnish tons of references, but most are with individuals although I have bought a few from the big guys like Midwest Tactical and a few local dealers. I'm very familiar with the paperwork and can make it headache free. And I have cash. Thank you, GunMD
  3. Hi, I cam across an M60 barrel in a trade for some parts. I don't need it so it's up for grabs. Appears to be in excellent condition. Strong rifling and crystal clear bore. It has an "M" with a dot and a "P" along with some numbers. See pic's. Dropped price to $300 shipped.
  4. This is a like new M60E4 kit from US Ordnance. US Ordnance/Desert Ordnance installed it on a M60, but it was removed without being fired. It remains in unfired condition, with only very minor handling marks on a few parts. The kit includes: Barrel and handle assembly Bipod Buttstock Forearm grip assembly Cartridge feed tray assembly Bandoleer bracket assembly with bolts/nuts Cocking handle Top cover assembly Bolt assembly Trigger mechanism grip assembly Operating rod Drive spring guide Operating rod drive spring Sling swivel Also included is a box with foam custom cut to house a M60E4, extra barrel, and accessories. You’ll be hard pressed to find a nicer E4 kit than this one. $4,125 + $125 shipping/insurance. Certified funds only. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks. Adam
  5. Hello, I have an M60 Op rod in serviceable condition, it is not NOS nor is it junk. Perfect for those who are looking to put together a battleworn kit or the like. Priced accordingly at 300 OBO. Please PM with any questions. Thanks, brennon272
  6. Gentlemen, I have three NOS M60D Magazine Brackets that just came in. These are also known as feed chute mounting brackets..... These are 100% New Old Stock Manufactured by Saco Defense. They are complete and ready to go. Absolutely immaculate condition. As most of you know these are one of the hardest parts to find for the M60. They mount to the left side of the channel right below your feed tray. Feed Chute attached to them and can be quickly released and attached using the levers on the bracket. Please see the video from my youtube channel below for a better understanding on how these work. Only 3 available at this time. Typically these rivet to the side of the gun but I do have special mounting hardware that is available at an additional cost. $250 EACH Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com BELOW VIDEOS TO SHOW HOW THESE BRACKETS WORK
  7. Gentlemen, I got a nice lot of M60 Buttstocks and Handguards in. Pictures below. Condition is from immaculate to good.. price will vary depending on what your looking for. **Always open to trades for other M60 or M2hb parts. Handguards: $225 - $145 Depending on condition Buttstocks: $225 - $145 Depending on condition *For you collectors that have to have it all, I do have one very very early rare M60 stock in this lot. The sling swivel is on the bottom. Pictured below. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  8. I have a lightly used in very good condition M60 night vision mounting bracket. Asking $60 shipped obo. Thanks
  9. Gentlemen, I have for sale a Rock Island Armory M60e6. I have had this gun for awhile and it is on a Form 4 in Pennsylvania. Receiver is factory original and no modifications have been done to it. This gun runs flawlessly and is in very nice condition. I meticulously maintained this gun and it has never let me down. Super low round count on the E6 kit. I am unsure of the approximate round count on the gun. I am the second owner of this weapon. The original owner bought it direct from Rock Island Armory. Please don't waste my time with low offers. The gun will either sell for or close to my asking price or back in the safe it goes. Gun Will include a spare Bolt (complete), OpRod, and 1 CapCo 100 round Ammo Box. Not interested in any trades as every cent from this sale will be going into another project. $48,000 Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  10. I need a new m60 charging handle and also may be interested in a bolt if you have one. Let me know what u have and how much you want for it. thanks, Alan
  11. WTS: M60e3 Bipods - NOS

    Gentlemen, I have 4-5 NOS M60e3 Bi-pods for sale. Immaculate condition just as they were when they left the Saco Defense Assembly line in the 1980s....These have always been the hardest part to find for the M60e3. I came across these and to be honest, they are likely the last that we will come across that are sold outside of a complete kit. Have just about everything in stock for the M60 if there is anything else you are looking for. We also accept credit cards. $450 each Aaron - Mohnton, Pa
  12. WTS: M60 Rear Receivers

    Gentlemen, I have four M60 rear receivers for sale. These are 100 percent mil spec and ready to go. These are he nicest you will find anywhere. These can not be made into a functioning gun without multiple other components, however, prior to completing a sale on these and shipping them, we require to see a proper FFL. If you own a transferable gun with a serialized trunion, and want one of these as a spare part, we require to speak to you by phone before completing a sale. It is the buyers responsibility to understand and comply the the ATF rules and regulations as well as local, state, and federal laws. We will not sell the necessary parts to build a complete reciever. No foreign sales at all....For additional photos please email me at the address below. $1,650 each Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  13. M60, M134 and M240 owners using standard M13 disintegrating metal links now can easily and reliably link and delink .308 and 7.62x51 ammo belts. Have you tried other linkers that don't work very well? This one works great! Kendall Ordnance's new linker/delinker loads rounds perfectly every time and can be done with one hand. Do you have ammo belts that need to be delinked? Slide the lever forward, press the handle, and the rounds quickly extract. There is no need to change plates. This easy to use M13 linker/delinker: * holds 20 rounds * has extra space for a starter tab when using a nut sack * has a unique, rotary handle that causes zero friction on the palms while linking * is made from high-grade, durable 6061 T6 aluminum * key components are 1095 heat-treated * cartridge guides are heat-treated spring steel * easily transportable at just 15 pounds. * comes with four corner holes for screwing into a board or table. * 100% designed, machined and assembled in the USA Replacement parts are available for the cartridge guides and pusher. It is also available for M27 disintegrating metal links in .223 / 5.56. FOR PURCHASES: $549 + shipping. All questions/orders can be sent to We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, money orders, USPS and cashier's checks.
  14. I have a M60E3 Kit which includes everything seen in photos including the correct rear sight. Very Good Condition, $4095 shipped Payment by USPS Money Orders or Paypal (Gift or add 3.5% to total). Tom Lannon FFL/SOT Arizona
  15. This is my personal registered M60. It's in the classic "E1" configuration. It's a 10" x 20" black and white print on high quality photographic print paper and is meant for framing and hanging. I apologize for the crappy iphone pics and bad lighting. It looks great in person and natural light.I used a $750,000 medical CAT scanner to scan this gun. It took many scanning sessions and tweaking of the machine to optimize the image. The source image was then lifted, placed on a black background, centered ,sized. Artifacts were removed and the image tediously cleaned up and optimized for printing. It took several months of effort and many generations to produce this print. This high resolution print has a very mechanicalstark appearance that all gun lovers would enjoy. All the inner working of the gun are clearly visible and seen in a way that is virtually never come across. This is a one of a kind print. It is a very unique piece of artwork that is ready to frame and hang on the wall. All gun lovers will appreciate this print.Frame is not included.100% full money back guarantee. If the print does not meet your expectations then simply return it to me within 14 days in the same shipping tube with a brief note and I'll refund your purchase.
  16. For Sale, Three NOS M60 Butt stocks, all are in excellent condition two are pictured below. Asking $125. ea or all for $300. James Text me for quicker response as I don't have internet at my home. Five 7 Five-Four 1 Five-7286
  17. FS: Nos Saco m60 trunion

    I have for sale an unissued Nos m60 trunion that has never been installed. It does not have a serial number and can ship directly to you as a spare part. I have plenty of good photos that i can email to you directly or text me at 603-748-0264. I have tons of reference and long time eBay member. $3000 delivered anywhere in USA. I have enclosed a link below to photos. m60 trunion/IMG_0404_zpsa66ktz2c.jpg
  18. WTS: M60 Back Half $SOLD Bought this for a build but ended up with a factory gun.

    M60 parts with lots and lots of parts and duplicates. Please see the pictures. I tried to get photos of everything. Also includes 80% receiver and two sets of rails. $5000 for everything, including duplicates and duplicates. Clearly, there is much more than $5K equipment here. I prefer to sell as a lot. Just easier for me Rather than doing a reply thru the board (not sure how to find it) please email or call me. (207) 476-0000 daily till 9PM Eastern.
  20. WTS: M60e6 Conversion Kits - $8,500 - Pics

    I have three M60e6 conversion kits inbound. The kits include everything to turn your M60 into the latest and greatest design. These are brand new. As always, I will assist buyers with assembling their guns which is not difficult to do. For detailed information on these kits and how to assemble them, please see my video below. $8,500 Thanks, Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com **BELOW PHOTOS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY TO SHOW WHAT THE GUN LOOKS LIKE ASSEMBLED**
  21. RIA M60 on form 3,we actually own this gun and it is in our possession ready to transfer to your dealer. This gun has been well cared for, maturely owned since the 80s by the same collector. The gun has never been abused, slammed, over heated, or mis-handled in any way. The trunnion is nice and TIGHT with the barrel lockup. This gun is a desirable registered receiver gun and not a registered trunnion. Please see the photos for the extras that come with the gun.If you would like a specific photo of the gun please ask. $40,000 shipped to your dealer. We also have a 1944 dated M2 ground tripod that can be purchased separate.
  22. M60D parts in excellent condition. $1200 Delivered in the ConUS. -Ted 301-674-3862
  23. Gentlemen, For sale I have a 100% ready to go NOS Saco Defense M60 Trunion. This Trunion was never issued and as you can see there has never been a serial number engraved on it. It is new as it came from Saco Defense's factory and has never been on a gun.This is not a transferable Trunion and is offered as a spare part for a transferable M60 or a Trunion for a new post sample machine gun. I also have NOS Saco defense channels and rails I will be listing. Perhaps the most critical and unobtainable spare part for the serious M60 Collector. This Trunion looks like it's been in a time capsule ...$2,500 shipped. Thanks, Aaron - Mohnton, Pa M60.MachineGun@Aol.Com
  24. I have a couple M60 barrel assembly's, they both are complete with gas system, flash hiders and bipods and in excellent shape, they do have handling marks on them like they have been shipped around some, but no rust of any kind....... The first one is dated 10-60 and is in excellent shape, the throat measures between 0 and 1 on my gauge, the bore is like new, the bipod feet bottoms don't have any wear on them...$750 The second one is dated 6-97 and is as new, there are no signs on the barrel extension from installation, no signs on the inside from a bolt either...the throat measures 0 and the bore is new...$750 Shipping is $45 each in the cont USA, postal money order...
  25. All guns are on form 3s and ready to transfer to your dealer. Please feel free to inquire for more photos and details. These guns all came from the same collection and were owned since the 80s. The owner took extremely good care of these guns and they are all in immaculate condition. Guns have not been abused, shot out, or miss treated in any way. 1.) Fleming AKS Polytech 223 comes with 2 factory Polytech mags(hard to find) -$25k 2.) RIA M60. Gun comes with many extras including barrel, feed tray, pintle with T&E, and many other parts - $40k 3.) HTA Colt Sporter II M16 conversion all original except for an upgraded NIB BCG, original Colt BCG also included - $18k SPF 4.) HTA IMI Galil model 372. Gun comes with several original IMI mags - $20k SPF 5.) HTA FNFNC - $15k 6.) Fleming AR70 - $20k SPF 7.) Fleming HK51(G-3) RR. - $25k