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  1. I have a few New in wrap M2HB Stellite .50Cal. barrels for High heat and long life. Like what is in M60 barrels, 750.00 ea. SALE REDUCED TO 600.00 plus actual shipping. New in wrap M2HB Barrel extension 200.00 Here's your chance to get some new USGI Spare parts, not old Israeli refinished junk. Front Cartridge Guide complete new 65.00 Front barrel support new in wrap 150.00 Barrel bearing new 50.00 Top cover Actuator arm new 45.00 Sear bar new, 45.00 Complete side cocking plate assembly 2, new 300.00 M2HB 50. Cal. Cleaning kit complete in carrier with brushes for chamber and bore 45.00 Also have a couple of M2HB Flash hider units complete 60.00 ea. M2HB Very scarce in New condition Dual arm Rail scope mount with 3 QD lock downs for solid accuaracy at long range. This allows scope and red dot quick firing sight at the same time. or a Thermal sight, Night vision, 165.00, M2HB Barrel carry handle 35.00 . M2HB Buffer new 100.00 Set of 8 Barrel support shims all sizes 75.00 M2HB Tripod T&E in new condition in new type Quick release push pin 140.00, and M3 Pintle 85.00 Breech block assembly new complete 75.00 Recoil spring assembly new complete 45.00 All plus Priority mail flat rate shipping, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECT... text or call to hold Item, 828-773-1938 Also have M249 and M240 items , M203 Barrels, M2HB Parts, available, just inquire your wants.
  2. I have 2 new condition M2HB scope mounts in new condition in factory packages, 150.00 ea. and 15.00 shipping Also 1 exc. condtion Navy mount for the M2Hb 150.00 plus 15.00 shipping SEE my other ads for more nice M2HB stuff. Paypal discrete of M.O. check 828-773-1938 or is best.
  3. M2HB Barrel extension new GI original 225.00 M2HB Buffer housing new in wrap 125.00 M2HB Buffer assembly for housing 75.00 new M2HB Charging handle side group complete 275.00 M2HB Barrel front support , (Part with big holes in it that supports the barrel New 200.00 M2HB Barrel support shims, all new, 15.00 ea. M2HB Extractor assembly new in package 50.00 M2HB recoil assembly complete 45.00 M2HB Firing Pin new, 20.00 OR all 3 above parts as a survival spares kit, 100.00 Firing pin extension new 25.00 Front sight complete all parts 45.00 Complete parts sent for a stripped bolt to make whole and complete all new 165.00 50. cal M3 tripod T&E 100.00 VG condition complete .50 cal. Pintle exc. complete 65.00 M2HB Complete top cover parts kit to make a stripped cover complete except for the little spring and detent that pushes feed lever, ALL else there 150.00 M2HB Cartridge Rear stop assembly, new in wrap 50.00 M2HB Top cover latch assembly with spring complete 50.00 M2HB Breech block, new 35.00 M2HB Bottom Breech block assembly that breech block locks into,with large flat spring and bolt/screw, new 60.00 Many Grip parts for the spade grips available please ask your needs. M2HB Scope mount newest type with dual rail quick detach 3 point scope mount with 2 long rails for lights, lasers, refex sights, etc. exc. condition blow-out price 140.00 M2HB Sear, 20.00 M2HB Side pin for cocking handle 20.00 M2HB feed lever for top cover new in package 35.00 Big lot of 1919 parts coming soon!!! Paypal or M.O. or check, 828-773-1938 text in eve. spotty cell then.