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  1. FN M249S Saw- Barely used

    For sale is a barely used FN M249S . I don't think it was even shot but is technically used as it came from an estate sale. These are very difficult to come by currently. The Price is $9500.00 + Shipping
  2. M249 FA trigger group housing $300 shipped. Perfect for your M249/M249S build or M249 post sample conversion (all NFA rules apply). I accept multiple payment options but do not accept credit cards. Preferable payment options are USPS MO’s, Personal/Company Checks (will hold to clear), and Discrete paypal gift.
  3. WTT for M249S

    Looking to trade for NIB M249S or nice used. Have lots of different stuff for trade. I specialize in H&K's and builds. All types of guns for trade. Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines
  4. Ad retracted
  5. The FN M249S is a semi-auto version of the M249 SAW light machine gun. This rifle features the signature 20.5 FN cold-hammer forged, chrome lined barrel and operates from a closed bolt position. It will accept both magazine and linked ammunition belt. Rifle has been fires with a 100-round belt one time. This package includes M249S semi-auto Pelican case with M249 foam cutout (heavy duty handles and wheels for easy transport) Front pistol grip Tactical handguard Hydraulic stock - adjustable One 200 round box mag One 100 round nut sack mag One 30 round magazine One brass catcher This firearm is post-recall, meaning that it has been serviced/repaired at the factory per recall instructions. The new Trigicon ACOG-dual illumination lever block base optic and green dot RMR trigicon ARE NOT INCLUDED. The optics package will be available to the purchaser for an additional $1600. Ammunition IS NOT INCLUDED. This item will ship from John Norrell, Inc. This firearm was function tested and visually inspected only. It has not been test fired. Please bid accordingly. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashiers check or a money order made to the order of JOHN NORRELL, INC. Buyer will pay actual UPS shipping with insurance and adult signature. This item is being sold by E. A. Shelnutt for John Norrell, Inc. Please enclose a copy of your personal identification containing your name and address. We would also like your phone number and email address and a description of the item being purchased in the envelope with your payment. We will ship to FFL in the continental US only and buyer must provide the FFL to us. Please be aware that if your shipment is returned for inability to deliver, you will be expected to pay a second shipping charge to re-send. We require an adult signature on most shipments. We do all that we can to achieve customer satisfaction. Norrell123
  6. At long last you can now have the extremely elusive and RARE MK-48 Light Machine Gun, (Being 6 Pounds lighter than the M240 for a great tactical advantage) We now have a small quantity only of the complete MK-48 LMG 7.62 parts kit to Convert the M249 or MK46 to 7.62 from 5.56mm . All parts are new and Mil-Spec quality by an ISO-9001 Certified Cage Code military contractor to ensure the best quality possible. This is all the parts needed to Change caliber from 5.56 to 7.62 NATO. (Some minor Mods to your receiver are needed and MGA can assist in these Mods to your existing receiver.) We can assure they are accomplished precisely to allow a trouble free reliable conversion that can be changed back and forth as desired. (The cost is very reasonable) If you want the MK-48 to be a new dedicated weapon, the receiver subcomponents are available to do a Class 2 Build which will allow simple caliber change from 7.62 to 5.56 with parts swapping creating 2 weapons in one, (As is accomplehed in the HK-21E/23E series ) See pics below for the parts supplied for 3250.00 added. 7.62 NATO Conversion consists ot the following; Cost is 6,000.00 plus shipping. 1. Complete 7.62 NATO Op-rod and Slide Bolt group ready to install. 2, Complete 7.62 NATO Top Feed cover with torque strengthening supports installed. 3, Feed tray assembly in 7.62 NATO with belt holding Pawls. 4. Barrel Assembly in 7.62 NATO complete with carry handle and Front sight ready to use, (Spare barrel available at additional Cost) 5. Trigger group complete designed for 7.62 NATO use. 7. 7.62 NATO Ejector assembly complete with all 3 parts. 8. Top Cover Hinge Pin Group complete 9. 7.62 NATO Sized Port Ejection cover Cost for these parts is 6,000.00 plus shipping with immediate delivery. With the cost of the MK-48 from FN approaching 22,000 this is a great way with minimal effort and expense to have a very desirable and RARE LMG at roughly half of the cost making it an extremely affordable project.. If desired for the dedicated builder/Class 2 manufacturer the complete set of receiver components are ready to ship, These are non-restricted and it's up to you to comply with registration and applicable licenses to complete the building into a functional weapon yourself or allow us to assist you in the building at our licensed facility for completion with you present at additional minor cost. You will receive the following build components as mentioned above at the cost of 3,250.00 1. Receiver channel uncompleted 2, Trunnion complete 3, Rear bridge complete 4. Left and Right Guide rails complete 5. Cocking channel complete 6. Front bearing bushing complete for Bipod and gas support. 7. Trigger group bushing Pictures show complete MK-48 LMG with added accessories showing Bipod, Rail system, MG Optic, all available at additional cost. Contact me direct at 828-773-1938 Alpine Military Concepts, Many M249S parts and accessories are also available such as spare Barrels, Improved Bipods, Nutsacks in 100 rnd and 200 rnd, Trpods, Front Tri-Rail assemblies with forward Grip, Top Barrel Heatshields, Collapsible and fixed stocks, slings, and various spare parts depending on availablilty presently.
  7. I'm looking for M192 Lightweight Infantry tripod for the M249 SAW or M240. Also looking for M249 PARA barrel, 200rds Black Plastic box, etc. Please let me know your price, condition, picture via PM. thanks!
  8. 3 available M249 Standard length barrel, new type Mono gas, complete with folding carry handle and KAC QD Suppressor flash hider mount 325.00 2 M249 Standard length Barrel with adjustable gas,exellent condition folding Carry Handle 275.00 2 New M249 standard length barrels, folding carry handle, complete new type gas 325.00 ea. 2 New in wrap Para barrels, 325.00 ea. 2 Excellent Used Para short barrels, complete with folding carry Handles, 260.00 3 new M249 Barrel Heat shields in package 75.00 ea. 3 used M249 excellent Barrel heat shields 60.00 5 New in package 100 rnd Woodland camo nutsacks with starter tab 32.50 ea. 4 used 100 rnd Nutsacks, Woodand, exc. conditon 26.00 ea. 2 Barrel carrying Bag, woodland , new in package with heat pads and pockets for all of your M249 gear 75.00 M249 Front Rail KAC system in new condition 150.00 M249 Nutsack adapter , Fits into magwell and realigns the 100 rnd nutsack or drum upwards for use on tripod or Bipod use, more stable, new in package 75.00 1 M249 Tripod,(1 Sold , 1 Left) newest type M192 lightweight folds up into the barrel bag for easy carry, New condition 975.00 M249 Combo cleaning tool, 40.00 M249 Padded sling, Black, with QD Clips 35.00 M249 Coyote Bulldog Padded Heavy duty QD sling 50.00 M249 Improved Bipod , new condition, Full better range of adjustments and field of fire, 175.00 M249 PVS-4 GI Nght Vision Bracket goes over top cover to mount sight, Rare and in New condition 100.00 Spare parts available, Inquire Firing Pin and spring 35.00 Extractor replacement kit 55.00 Bolt complete with extractor `165.00 Recoil spring 40.00 Ejector and spring with pin 65.00 Recoil guide rod 100.00 M249 Sear 45.00 M249 Plastic forend complete exc. 85.00 Also have some M240 Parts, Inquire, Barrels, Rail top covers, many others {Payal or M.O. 828-773-1938 Best to email direct I Will accept US pre-64 Silver coins in trade ,if you have some to trade. Looking for parts or kits kits for customers needs so will trade for: Insight/EOTech MTM AN/PAS-23 Thermal mini Monocular 3X Extended lens Steyr 9mm MPI-69 or 81 kits and magazines PKM Barrel, HK-MP5SD Barrel brush, magazines Steyr AUG 24" Heavy barrel with original Bipod Steyr AUG Burst trigger pack
  9. IF you have an FN M249S semi or M249 LMG, Shrike, MM23E or HK23E or whatever belt fed, these attach to the bottom adapter just like the US type.I have a small quantity of these IDF/IMI Israeli Military issue 5.56mm 200 rnd Assault drums, designed to be reuseable, Built like a tank, Rubberized outer material,with a metal frame inside and the attaching part to the weapon is all machined metal unlike the plastic US M249 drums, These should outlast the gun probably! They are new in factory packaging with IDF Markings on the front to add to the collectability and neatness of them. I also have lots of M249 parts, acessories, and the same for the M240B/MAG-58 (See my other ad on this board) You will love them!!! 50.00 ea. or 4 for 210.00 shipped! otherwise shipping is 7.00 ea.individually. Limited supply, get them while you can! see pics below I also have 100 rnd US Woodland Camo M249 "nutsacks" new with starter tab for 32.00 ea. (6 Available) and used exc. for 25.00 ea. (10 available) Paypal or M.O. Okay, 828-773-1938
  10. I have for sale a NIB FNH Military Collector Series M249S belt fed 5.56. This is the standard edition which includes the bipod, 200 links, one belt box, and one magazine. This item is unfired and ready to ship to your FFL. I didn't post pictures since the item is new, but I'd be happy to send you any at your request. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I will cover shipping costs to your FFL. I accept all traditional payment methods. All funds must clear before gun is shipped.