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  1. 2 only left, new rare in factory brown wrap still, Standard Armament m134 or m60D/m240H stainless flex belt feed chutes about 5 feet total as for 2 units with ends installed. Easily Put together any length desired. 475. Ea or bith 900.00 plus 16. Shipping flat rate priority. SPF TO JEFF Also 2 new .50 m2hb or m3 2.5 foot flex chutes , as new 300.00 ea. With gun end to play B17 waist gunner with!! Do you need s nixe m2hb .50 mk93 soft buffered cradle unit for m3 tripod small pintle complete super condition original with ammo can rack 1500.00 M2a1 voretex new type .50 flash hider 100.00 niw 1 only rare .50 m2hb rear sight complete niw 125. 50 m2hb rear and ftont ctg stop new set 75. New carry handle m2a1 fixed rare niw 85.00 M2hb ww2 type wire type carry handle new 35.00 Csll text 828 773 1938 Direct email plesse Greg 475.00 ea. Or both for 900.00 and 16. shipping flat rate