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  1. WTB FN M240 Spade Grip

    I'm in need of any FN M240 Spade Grip Assemblies you may have I can use more than one if you have any, cash at the ready , thanks Fred in Prescott AZ PS other mfg like OOW etc are also fine
  2. No letter M240B! New condition only test fired Molded pelican case Two barrels Pintle and T&E Extra Heat shield $25,000 + shipping Must be 07/02 FFL to be considered.
  3. Cleaning out my remaining collection of M240 support parts. If you've seen my other listings, just cleaning up my parts collection to make room for other projects. I parted ways with the M240 platform so the 240 parts are just collecting dust. I have been a detail-oriented individual collector so most if not all my items as listed are in excellent to NOS condition and are as noted below. Pics available on request, and shipping included in the listed price. I accept multiple payment options but do not accept credit cards. Preferable payment options are USPS MO’s, Personal/Company Checks (will hold to clear), and Discrete paypal gift. I’ll keep updating the add as items sell so if you see it listed with a price its still for sale. Thanks for looking and all NFA rules apply!! Open to reasonable offers (don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours). -NOS FN M240 Feed lever front retaining clip -- (List price is $24.62) -- $15 Shipped -Rare NOS in package M240L Safety Spring (Item #5340-01-550-1620, P/N 13016491) -- $10 Shipped -NOS FN M240 Front Cartridge Guide -- (List price is $188.18) -- $65 Shipped -NOS FN M240 Gas Regulator Plug -- (List price is $181.78) -- $65 Shipped
  4. NOS M240L shorty barrels. These have the AAC 51T flash hiders on them. Barrels look brand new and unfired. They still have the dried oil on the front end. $800 shipped European feed tray for the Mag 58/ 240 to use MG42 / MG3 / DM1 non-desintegrating belts. These belts are great for not having to pick up a bunch of links everywhere and they work with the belt loaders. This is the only part needed to use these belts. $160 Shipped. Also willing to trade/partial trade for a EX/LN condition 240 parts kit Additional pics on request
  5. WTS: Complete Mag58/M240B

    Post sample M240 w/ parts kit assembled with many spare parts (Mag58 Parts Kit, including 80% right side plate). The right side plate was manufactured by a third party CNC Machine shop per prints and solid rivets have already been applied to 90% of the receiver box. The weapon has previously fired and as it currently stands, the only component left to install is charging handle guide rail (rail included, 6 or 7 rivets to install). All of the hard work has been done for you and this package will require minimal time for completion. The kit comes with complete NEW OLD STOCK Top Cover, Feed tray, Bipod, Butt Stock, Bolt Assembly ($1000), Recoil Rod Assembly, Charging Handle, Trigger Assembly, rivet kit ($300), and NOS Barrel ($750), and Charging Handle Guide Rail. EVERYTHING you need all in one package. All of the hardware for each individual assembly is in excellent NOS condition and works as advertised. This is a rare opportunity to EASILY complete a post sample M240 and have the parts on hand to maintain it for years to come. Am willing to remove rivets from the kit to provide quicker transfer if form 3 is not desirable and would consequently ship to doorstep. Selling for $8750
  6. I have available all new MK-48 Parts to convert M249 SAW to 7.62 NATO; All are in New condition,, I also have M240B and L parts available These will not fit M249 S semi (I do have M249S parts available, See my other ad, Barrels, front rails, spare parts, stocks, tools, optics, 7.62 Top feed Cover with rail complete 1200.00 7.62 Barrel complete 1850.00 7.62 Feed tray 400.00 7.62 Slide group 750.00 Ultra RARE FN Made MK-48 Titanium Bipod (Cost is 2000.00 from FN,,,.SELL 1 ONLY ...700.00 other parts coming.for MK-48 Rare M240L Short barrel, New SALE only 2 left with factory Vortex flash hider, complete 750.00 Standard heavy M240B Barrel, new, 750.00 M240L standard lightweight barrel, exc. very hard to find, complete 700.00 Also have all sorts of parts and accessories in stock for M240B and L M240H Spade grip group complete conversion for M240 to H version, as new, 700.00 M240B or L Rail top cover exc. condition (upgrade for optic mounting 225.00 M240 Bolt stripped , new 225.00 M240 Op-Rod complete 200.00 M240 75 rnd assault drum 75.00 new M240 Recoil group, complete new 60.00 M240B Buttstock complete 150.00 M240 Coyote Bulldog heavy padded sling, new 50.00 Combo tool new in wrap to change extractor, cleaning carbon 40.00 Tripod adapter, 75.00 T&E complete with adapter exc. 125.00 (Fits 249 and 240) lots of small parts, Also parts available for the M249 and M249S (This is best to email direct) 828-773-1938 call or text to hold items
  7. WTS: M240 Parts Kit - New Photos

    I have one more NEW M240 Parts kit. These kits do not come with heat shields. They Include everything needed to build an M240B other than the right side plate. I do not have any 80% right side plates. $7,500 plus shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD Thanks, Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com Below photo is for representation only to show what a complete weapon looks like.
  8. I have 2 nice M240B or M249 SAW or MAG-58 USGI Tripod Buffered cradle shock absorbing types, as you can see in the pic, all complete, with T&E mechanism, ready to attach to your M122 or 1919 M2 tripod, 425.00 ea. These work with the M240/ M249 or MAG-58 and are very hard to find in nice condition especially with the Traversing and Elevating mechanism complete ready to go. Also have the M240/M249 Flex cradle for the small pintle that has the ammo can rack built on side. 325.00 Here is a list of the current M240/MAG-58 and M249 parts I have available all in New condition unless specified! New Type RARE M240L Improved cocking handle group upgrade 175.00 (See Pic) 2 available only) Here is what I have for you; M240/M249 MAG-58 Tripod buffered shock absorbing cradle with T&E complete 425.00 M68 Combat Gun Sight Aimpoint Comp M4s Sight as new with Rubber covers and Killflash 450.00 (These are 800.00 from Midway wholesale) 80,000 hour battery life) uses 1 AA Battery M145 MG Optic Elcan for M249 or M240B as new with Killflash and camo Pouch 650.00 MK-46 rail handguard new 100.00 M192 tripod exc. complete for 240/249 Newest version Titanium folding Mount 875.00 as new 975.00 M240/249 Flex Mount cradle with ammo can holder bracket for excellent condition M240/249 325.00 M240 Infantry barrel new complete 675.00 M240 Heat shield new in the box 75.00 M240 Gas regulator and collar new set 75.00 M240 bipod new 135.00 M240 top cover internal set complete 225.00 M249 Infantry barrel new 20" Length with heat shield 225.00 M249 Infantry 20 inch barrel Exc. 135.00 with heat shield 200.00 M240 or M249 heat shields individually new, 75.00 M249 Short Para Barrel new with Heat shield 225.00 M240 RARE Right hand feed top cover complete for 240 new 525.00 M240 RARE Right hand feed tray 240 125.00 M240 Left feed top cover complete with Optic M145 Elcan Picitinney rail all new 240 450.00 M240 Left feed tray for 240 new 100.00 M240 Bolt, new stripped 200.00 M240 Ejector set 65.00 M240/M249 Tripod Pintle for M122 or 1919 type mounts 75.00 M240 Complete Bolt and Op-Rod with firing pin, and connector for 240 425.00 M249 Complete Bolt and Op-Rod carrier group for 249 575.00 M249 Recoil spring for 249 35.00 M249 Recoil Buffer spring drive rod 249 100.00 M240 Recoil spring rod group complete for 240 50.00 M249 Top cover repair parts kit 249 175.00 M240 Top Cover repair kit 240 150.00 M240 Complete trigger group all new 240 225.00 M240 Firing Pin , new 50.00 M249 Firing Pin and spring 35.00 M249 Complete Trigger group all new 249 225.00 M240 Complete new Bipod 240 125.00 M249 New type improved 249 Bipod upgrade 150.00 M249 Charging handle for 249 new 90.00 M240 Charging handle for 240 new 100.00 M249 New feed tray for 249 100.00 M240 Ejector set,3 parts new 65.00 M249 Trigger group new sear 35.00 M240 Trigger group new sear 40.00 M249 Combo Tool new 20.00 M240 Combo tool does it all.Extractor changing, carbon cleaning etc.35.00 M240 Sight adjustment tool 35.00 M240 Belt drum attaches to side, camo , new 75,00 M249 Blank adapter new M249 25.00 M240 Blank adapter new M240 25.00 M240/249 Padded Sling with QD Hooks 35.00 M240/249 Spare barrel bag new, with built in heat pad and many pockets for the tools and accessories 75.00 M240 Ejection port cover and pin, new 40.00 M240 Buttstock complete used exc. Hydraulic version 150.00 M249 Fixed Hydraulic Buffer stock exc. 115.00 M249 Hydraulic Buffer Stock new 150.00 M249 Ejection port cover with pin 40.00 M249 Magazine side door and pin 50.00 M249 Charging handle stop 30.00 M249 Takedown pin Bottom 25.00 M249 Large Takedown pin Top 35.00 M240 Top Cover Hinge pin, new type 45.00 M249 Top cover hinge pin 3 part set 50.00 M240 Belt feed pawl set, new complete 75.00 (Must have spare) M249 Standard Bipod, as new 75.00 M249 3 rail KAC Handgaurd new 85.00 M249 Gas tube 125.00 M240 Barrel change assembly lock set 65.00 M240 trigger group pin 40.00 M249 Bolt complete with extractor all new 150.00 M249 Bolt carrier slide complete with Roller 150.00 M249 Op-Rod new complete 150.00 M240 Flash Hider, new 40.00 M249 Voretex newest type 50.00 M240 Voretex newest type 60.00 M203 Barrel brand new complete 175.00 This will give you a great spare parts set for all your potential needs and fun. will figure shipping as for what all you want Paypal to this email as a Gift or add 3% or Check to me at : 828-773-1938 Greg