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  1. Selling Two (2), Taken apart, blasted, painted M-23 50 cal vehicle cradles/mounts with Ammo Trays and a spare ammo tray. (A) M-23 Cradle/mount & ammo tray, marked 'A' with two (2) mount pins, 100% working, no welds or repairs. Pics from top 1-6 $625 (B) M-23 Cradle/Mount & ammo tray, marked 'B' with one (1) mount chained pin. No welds or repairs. * Needs a new coil spring. Pics from top 7-11 $525 (C) SOLD M-23 Spare Ammo Tray, marked 'C'. No welds or repairs. Pics from top 12-15 $200 I have more detailed pics of each, Cradles mounted on a pedestal for better view, just PM me with a e-mail and I'll send them. All plus shipping from 20740. USPS Money Order only. As always the first "I'll take it", gets it. PM me with any questions. Thanks, Dave