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  1. This is a conversion kit for the M1 to M2 Carbine. The trigger housing was originally produced during WWII by the National Postal Meter Company and stamped "N 16" on the left rear side. It was registered by John Norrell Arms and is now marked with "J.N.A.I. 111685/JACKSONVILLE. ARK." It does include the various internal components made by various manufacturers along with the selector switch, disconnector block, spring and plunger and one disconnector lever. This lot includes the following additional parts: seven (7) spare M1/M2 carbine bolts, 4 by Underwood(3-round 1-flat), 2 round Inland and 1 marked "AOB". All the bolts are complete with firing pins, extractors and springs. This lot also includes an extra disconnector block, spring and plunger and one spare disconnector lever and one recoil spring.