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  1. Stemple Thompson .45 ACP

    Stemple Thompson in excellent, like new condition. Likely this gun has less than one mag through it. Bought from original owner. Made with original M1928 parts kit not like the later ones with new made parts. Has the look and feel of original Auto Ordnance Thompson for a fraction of the price. Guaranteed to work flawlessly. 3 day inspection. Comes with one Thompson 30 rnd mag. On Gunbroker so this gun may go at any moment. Don't delay it's a great price for an excellent investment. $11,200 OBO. Shipping FedEx 2cd day $150. MS residents 7% sales tax. On form 3 can eform for fast dealer to dealer approval. References available upon request. IMG_1899 by IMG_1900 by IMG_1898 by IMG_1897 by IMG_1896 by IMG_1895 by Davy KeithIMG_1894 by
  2. SOLD ............No Longer Available This STG M1928 was purchased new from BRP and is still in "like new" condition. The wood is from original Thompson M1928 thus had minor dings and scratches when this gun was purchased. Gun runs flawlessly. Has never had a "hickup". Actually runs better than an original Thompson 1928. Comes with a 30rd Thompson magazine and STG takedown tool (not shown). Thompson accessories like the "gangster" vertical grip will fit this gun. The overall appearance of the STG M1928 with finned barrel, Cutts compensator and detachable stock is like that of an original M1928. The exceptions being that the rectangular adapter housing for the Stemple 76/45 receiver tube is 3/16 in. taller and 3/4 in. longer than the original and the charging handle is on the side (like the Thompson M1A1) instead of the top. On form 4 in SC. $200 tax to SOT or SC resident is included in price. Price: $10,000.00 Shipped ($200 tax stamp included) Shipping to lower 48 states by USPS Registered Mail (insurance extra) Please email questions to, PM, or call Thanks for looking, James History of Stemple 76/45 Takedown Guns (STG) Transferable Machine Guns In 2003, the original inventor, John Stemple collaborated with BRP Corp to make new and replacement parts for the Stemple 76/45 receivers he manufactured prior to the 1986 cutoff. From this came a series of compatible drop-on parts for the unmodified/transferable Stemple 76/45 receivers known as Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) setups. Since nothing is welded or hand fitted to these receivers, changing setups and replacing parts is fast and easy. These are the most finely built and smooth running sub-machine guns on the transferable market. Built for performance and durability BRP Corp stocks plenty of high-quality spare parts, and provide excellent service. The Stemple STG M1928 is assembled from an original Stemple 76/45 machine gun receiver, newly made Stemple-compatible parts, and several original Thompson components. The Stemple 76/45 machine gun receiver inserts into a long receiver shroud. This holds the receiver in position with lower assembly and aligns the sear opening in the Stemple receiver with the new sear in the original Thompson fire control group. The bolt guide, bolt, barrel, mainspring, buffer, and guide rod assembly is a removable unit inserted through the front of the Stemple receiver. These main wear parts are easily repaired or replaced if necessary.