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  1. Some very nice USGI Colt, GM and H&R A1 bakelite pistol grips. All grips are in excellent condition, very minor wear. All are pretty close in condition and appearance, so no hand picking. Prices do not include shipping Shipping is a flat $7 for any order Prompt Paypal f/f or + fees No trades CROSSPOSTED Thank you for looking!! Excellent condition Colt M16/M16A1 bakelite grips. All are about the same in appearance, nice mottling, very little wear, some of the nicest grips I've had. All are C marked, indicating post-'68 mfg. $10ea Excellent condition early Colt M16/XM16E1 bakelite grips. All are about the same in appearance, nice mottling, very little wear, some of the nicest grips I've had. None are C marked, indicating pre-'68 mfg. $13ea Excellent condition H&R M16A1 bakelite grips. All are about the same in appearance, nice mottling, very little wear, some of the nicest grips I've had. All are marked with the large number on inside as pictured. $15ea Excellent condition GM Hydramatic M16A1 bakelite grips. All are about the same in appearance, nice mottling, very little wear, some of the nicest grips I've had. All are marked with the cross and number on inside as pictured. $15ea
  2. This is a fully transferable Colt AR-15 Model SP1 carbine converted into a military M-16 configuration by Garth Choate (Choate Tools - national manufacturer of firearm parts and accessories). Originally registered on an ATF form 1 in 1978, this estate firearm is in stock and ready to transfer to a Class 3 dealer on an ATF form 3. The mode of converting this firearm to a selective fire carbine machine gun was based on the machine specs of a military M16 using the same type parts and design. In addition to the original 16 ½” SP1 upper receiver assembly, this firearm comes with an additional Colt M16 A1 upper with a Colt 14 1/2" barrel and Colt bolt carrier & charging handle, with small front pinhole and adapter at no extra charge. Also at no charge, this carbine includes a Jonathan Arthur Ciener AR15 /M16 suppressor from the same time period. This firearm is clean and in great condition. A 20 round Colt magazine is included. All of these items are pieces of nostalgia from the era that started the class III firearm craze (post-Vietnam) in the late 1970's after Colt released the semi-auto version of the M-16 rifle. Since the suppressor is included with the carbine, there will be two ATF form 3 transfers. Because the suppressor is included at no additional charge, if you decline to accept it as part of this package, there will be no reduction in the price of the AR15. Alternatively, you may choose to have the suppressor transferred to the dealer of your choice on a form 3. $17,500 plus actual shipping and insurance, with adult signature. This item will ship from JOHN NORRELL INC., in the continental US only. We will transfer to Class 3 dealer only, even if in state; however, this firearm is fully transferable. All NFA rules apply.
  3. Sendra conversion of Bushmaster lower, on form 4 in The Great State of Texas. Recently refinished. First transfer tax paid by me $SPF shipped or best reasonable offer. Texas Mac 10/9 with Lage upper and original upper both with bolts, $6k shipped or best reasonable offer. On form 4 in the Great State of Texas. First tax paid by me. You can contact me at Take out the -NOSPAM for questions. I have both guns in my possession and ready to transfer.
  4. Colt M16A2 New in box never fired. On a form 3 in Wisconsin. Please contact me for more pictures, questions, or if you wish to set up a time to view the gun. $32,500.00
  5. This is a four-position, full-auto trigger parts assembly for an M16 or AR15 receiver machined to an M16 specs. You have selector positions of safe, semi, 3-shot burst and full auto. Selector is designed to clear selector stops on a typical M16 rifle receiver. Selector can be turned 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise to obtain desired firing mode. Red selector mode plate fits under the selector and is held in place with the standard M16 selector stops. On a receiver with no selector stops, the plate can be attached with a couple of drops of silicone adhesive. This type adhesive can be easily removed from the receiver. This is not a full-auto conversion kit! This parts kit is intended to be placed into a receiver that is already machined to full-auto specs. All BATF rules apply. We ship to the Continental US only. Our price is $395 and we will pay shipping - UPS with adult signature required. Since these parts are intended to be used in a registered full-auto M16 or AR15 that has been machined internally to duplicate an M16, we need a copy of your FFL or a copy of your ATF form showing that you have such a rifle in your legal possession. These parts do not function with a drop-in auto sear.
  6. For your consideration, a few misc retro M16 A1 parts. Prices do not include shipping Shipping is a flat $7 for any order First unconditional "I'll take it" posted in this thread gets it Prompt Paypal gift or + fees No trades CROSSPOSTED Thank you for looking! 1) Improved 3 prong M16 flash hiders. Correct for early M16 and XM16E1 models. These are the absolute best repros made, nearly impossible to tell apart from originals, including the finish. All are unused with very minor storage wear. $20 ea 6 available (now 4 left) 2 SPF elsewhere New Old Stock USGI M16 rifle buffers. Sealed in original wrap dated 1969. These have the deep red wine colored bumpers. $30 ea ALL SOLD BFPU Colt M16 A1 bakelite pistol grips. All well used, most mottled, no cracks or major issues. $10 ea 4 available (top right sold, bottom left sold) NOS Colt A1 bakelite pistol grip. Never mounted, exc+ condition. $15 SPF elsewhere VG+ GM Hydramatic A1 bakelite pistol grip. +3 marked inside, nice mottling, minor wear. $15 SPF elsewhere
  7. I have a Couple sets of 3 M231 drive springs. They appear to be new old stock in a package that was stapled with a label dated from 1986 Also have 2 sets of 3 M231 Fire control group pins. These are new in a sealed package with a label dated from 2009 Set of 3 Drive Spring $150 shipped. Set of 3 FCG Pins $75 shipped. If you need more pictures just let me know and Ill send you them. I will accept usps money order for payment. I do not take paypal because they are anti gun. Email is best way to get a hold of me, Thank you Ryan.
  8. Want to sell my transferable Rock Island Armory m16. Recently refinished by m60 joe. On form 4 in Norfolk, VA and i am active duty Navy. Works great and runs like a champ. Lower comes with, magpul furniture, 10.5" 223 upper, aim point clone and anti-rotation pins. $18,500 Will also trade towards other machine guns, i cannot figure out how to post pictures please txt or email me for them. Beau - 4106933036
  9. * Brand New in the Box MAC 10/9mm, marked INGRAM M10A1, they are 9mm. These are Texas MAC's that were purchased at auction by SWD (same people who made the M11/9's) as unfinished receivers. SWD then completed these guns & properly TIG welded them together (unlike the Texas built guns that were only spot welded & have been know to come apart). These are great shooters as they do run slower that the M10 45's, M11 9's & M11/380's These guns are registered in 9mm & 45 ACP but are set up in 9mm. These guns come w/ all the factory accessories as pictured metal mags can be purchased from Jerry Prasser @ Recon Ord, $6995.00 * FN FNC-K, custom cut down FNC Paratrooper, comes as pictured w/ folding stock & MP5K K-grip. Gun runs good on PMC ammo. You cannot run a suppressor on this gun as it creates too much back pressure & breaks the hammer, call for details, priced accordingly $12,995.00*Tippman 1919, Here a great little item that any 22lr or miniature collector would love to have. This is a 1/2 scale minature of the Browning 1919 machinegun. This gun was manufactured by Tippmann Arms Company back in the 80's it comes as pictured w/ hardwood transit case, 2 - 1/2 scale metal ammo cans, 1/2 scale tri-pod, pintle & T&E. It even has a miniature manual. gun is in beautiful condition, click on the pictures below for a closer look. These are getting VERY HARD to find now-a-days. If you have any questions let me know. $22,500.00*Colt M16-A1 set up in 9mm w/ all Colt parts from a post sample Colt SMG (except for Hahn Machine mag block. Gun runs perfect & is in nice shape. Comes as pictured w/ Magpul stock & 1 factory Colt mag. $27,995.00 Note deduct $1000.00 from price if you dont want the 9mm parts, just the complete Colt M16A1 223 lower* Colt M16-A2, “BURST” marked, excellent original condition, $30,995.00 , * Wilson Arms Company AR15 / M16 DIAS (drop in auto sear) These are getting very hard to find now-a-days. These will make any of your AR15's select fire. This is one of the best made due toit's steel construction. $32,500 Denkins / D&D
  10. WTS: Knights Armament M5 Rail System Kits - New!! I have several new in box Knights Armament M5 rail system kits available for sale. These kits are made to equip a standard configuration 20 inch AR15 / M16 uppers and include the rail, rail panels ( six 12 panel sections, one 7 rib section, two 6 rib sections, and one 5 rib section), rail panel carrying case, KAC fore grip, and support collar. This is a drop in style rail which only requires one screw to be tensioned in order to lock the assembly into place. Cross posted. -Price: $175.00 each -Shipping: Actual cost -Contact: PM or email me at (remove “NOSPAM”) -Payment: Paypal (gift or standard plus 3.5%) or USPS money order, all sales final The following are the description and specs from the KAC website: The KAC M5 RAS (Rail Adapter System) was developed for use on the US military's M16A4, and with hundreds of thousands of rails issued to date, it is one of the most battle proven designs available for the AR-15 platform. This non-free float handguard is a simple-to-install, drop-in upgrade that features genuine Mil-Spec M1913 Picatinny Rails along its entire length. What sets the M5 RAS apart from other 2-piece quad rails on the market is that it securely locks to the rifle's barrel nut via a clamp and screw arrangement, making it a very solid foundation upon which to mount tactical accessories. Includes three KAC 11 Rib Rail Panels. Specifications: Length: 11.5" Weight: 14.4 oz Free Float: No Material: Aluminum Finish: Black Anodizing Rifle Requirements: The M5 RAS is a drop-in replacement part for standard, 2-piece polymer, A2-type handguards. The rifle must have a rifle length gas system, delta ring assembly, fixed front sight/gas block, and either a round or triangular handguard end cap. Lighter barrel profiles work best (Government contours). Heavier barrel contours may require modification to the inside of the rail. For AR-15/SR-15 based platforms only; not compatible with SR-25 variants.
  11. Colt A2 registered MG in 556/223. Rare Burst pack installed. Great shape, very low round count this is a very clean higher end gun. Ballistics is the maker on the form. M4 rail upper, flip up sight, shorty stock and buffer tube. $22k Price drop to $19.5k, Form 3 in Oregon.
  12. Just got the approved F3 from NFA. Available immediately. COLT M16A1 As New in Box, One owner since purchased new 33 yrs ago. Was test fired a couple of mags and then stored until now. Original owner moving out of state and due to not ever using it he decided to let me find it a new home. Complete with Box and All original items as shipped from Colt. Lot of Pictures. All we need is payment and FFL/SOT to start transfer to your Dealer. We pay shipping. Can be seen in person by appointment in our Raleigh NC PROSHOP
  13. These are new in USGI Cage Code plastic wrap. Asking $9 each plus actual shipping. I can accept PayPal "Friends and Family" with no fee or "Goods and Services" plus 3.5%. I will also accept a USPS money order for 10+ mags. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can email me directly at Thanks!
  14. I have for sale as shown in pic: (6) USGI Mil Spec Pouches. a. (2) 2-Mag M16 Pouches b. (1) Large Miscellaneous Carrying Pouch (Camo) c. (1) Blackhawk 9mm Mag Pouch (2 Mag Pouch) d. (1) Small Miscellaneous Pouch (Camo) e. (1) 9" x 6" Flat Pouch for Papers, Maps, Etc. Selling as a lot, only. Shipping Extra. These pouches can be shipped cheap in a flat, plastic envelope. I will accept as payment, U.S. Postal Money order or PayPal (discreet, as a gift only). First "I'll Take It" posted in this thread, gets it. Cross-Posted at another site. Thank you for looking, Murray Over In Carolina
  15. Complete upper with bushmaster 24" bull fluted barrel with matching bolt and low pro gas block, yankee hill free float diamond rifle length rail, Daniel Defense flat top upper, 3 fde magpul rail covers. FDE magpul PRS stock and magpul MOE FDE pistol grip. Overall very good condition. Some handling marks, can send pictures of any imperfections. Barrel is 1 in 9 twist, 1" bull under the rail, .223/5.56 Approximately 300 rounds through it $600 plus actual shipping May part out if the offer is really good but would like to sell together. I can send pictures, just email me. I will accept usps money order for payment. Email is best way to get a hold of me, Thank you Ryan.
  16. I have 2 colt uppers that are unfired take off's. They are marked "C AF", and have T marks and m4 feed ramps. Some signs of wear on threads from taking the barrel nut off and and on the inside were bcg was. Nothing major. $155 shipped each. I can send pictures, just email me. I will accept usps money order for payment. Email is best way to get a hold of me, Thank you Ryan.
  17. Colt M16A1

    Colt M16A1 This is a very nice original Colt M16A1 that is currently set up in carbine configuration. The upper is an original Colt patent number and features an integrated quad rail and folding front sight as well.The stock is an uncommon early two position adjustable and makes for a great feel. There are some light wear marks but overall this is the perfect Colt for both the range and investment. -Price: $25,000 **Additional Images are available upon request** Local buyers are welcome to come and inspect firearm in person with an appointment. Upfront payment in full begins the paperwork. Please contact me either via PM or by email at: (just remove “NOSPAM). Im happy to speak by phone to serious buyers. Shipping at actual cost.
  18. Colt M16A1 - Mint

    This is an original Colt M16A1 in mint condition. The rifle sports an even dark gray finish throughout with only a few extremely light handling marks. Overall a very nice firearm which would make the ideal addition to any collection. -Price: $27,000 **Additional Images are available upon request** Local buyers are welcome to come and inspect firearm in person with an appointment. Upfront payment in full begins the paperwork. Please contact me either via PM or by email at: (just remove “NOSPAM). Im happy to speak by phone to serious buyers. Shipping at actual cost.
  19. Please leave a voice message or text contact info. The steel RDIAS was made by RPB Atlanta GA. It has been unfired in my personal collection for 14 years in the safe . It will transfer on a form 3, Host Colt Sporter II is free. Text FOUR 34 825-1406 if you have any questions. I will send you my email address. You rarely see these come on the market because they make a machine gun that will last for many generations to come. Thanks for looking. Only $29 k
  20. Olympic/SAW M16 Multi Caliber

    Olympic/SAW AR-15 Conversion for sale includes: 5.56 original upper/stock, Magpul items as pictured,10ring 9mm upper, Orion 9mm upper set up to shroud the suppressor, 9mm drop in (top load) magwell adapter, PWS Piston upper, CMMG 22 LR conversion kit, X-Product 50 round 9mm drum mag, C-More sight, folding BUIS, and 20) 9mm mags. 9mm mags are a mix of 20, 32, and 40 round converted Uzi mags, ASC, and the 40 round is from 10ring. In the interest of full disclosure I have not shot the rifle with the PWS upper on it. The Olympics have a reputation of being produced with less than stellar quality control back then. The upper goes on, but it feels tight to me. I had planned to ship the unit off to M60joe for some of his TLC. I tinkered with the CMMG kit and pretty much per usual with 22LR conversions had varying degrees of success (read that as a total PITA). The 9mm and original uppers fit and operate fine. I have put about 2,000 rounds through the rifle, a mix of 5.56 and 9mm. A Liberty Mystic is shown in the pictures and can be included in the deal at extra cost if you are interested; it is clean and clear with no baffle strikes. Great suppressor IMHO. Happy to provide "proof of life" pics upon request or additional photos. Contact me at: Several more photos shown at All items on a Form 4 in Virginia. Transfer taxes are buyers responsibility. Asking $18,500.00 for the Olympic and extras, $19,000.00 with the Mystic. Terms: 100% funds up front.
  21. Swing by our website and take a look at the titanium firing pins for various HK firearms we offer. These are the finest US made Titanium firing pins available anywhere, at any price. Built to last a lifetime or two. Simply the strongest, lightest, most robust firing pin for the listed HK pistol or rifle ever made. Made 100% in the USA. Be sure to follow the links below for more info. Order by website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 ___________ [HK Pistols] HK45, HK45 Tactical Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 Firing Pin HK45C & USPC 45 - Titanium || $49.95 Firing Pin, Striker For VP9, VP40 - Titanium || $59.95 P30, P30L, P30S & P30SK Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 USPC & P2000 9mm /.40 Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 Firing Pin USP Full Size New Style - Titanium || $49.95 Titanium Firing Pin For USP Pistols- Older Style || $59.95 Mark 23, SOCOM Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 ______ [HK Rifles] Firing Pin - MP5, 94 & MP5K, SP89 - Titanium || $49.95 HK 93, 33 & HK53 Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 HK MR556 & HK 416 Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 HK MR762 & HK 417 Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 HK21E, MM21E, 11E Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 HK23E, MM23E, 13E Firing Pin - Titanium || $49.95 AR15, M4, M16 Firing Pin - Titanium - On Sale! || $19.95 ___________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website for more of your HK needs.
  22. I have a very nice original 601 sling. It has the proper fold under and then stitched end. Sling is in great condition and these are getting hard to come by. $110 shipped. Thank you.
  23. I seek this model: *Update: Deal made for transferable Colt M4 Commando Enhanced. Full payment sent as of June 20th, 2016.
  24. WTS: Transferable SGW M16

    WTS: Transferable M16, by SGW/Olympic Arms. Excellent condition shooter, runs flawlessly. I am the original owner. This is an excellent condition shooter a very low round count assembled with mostly GI parts. It has a pencil profile C MP marked Colt barrel with drain hole in the front sight base, six slot birdcage flash hider, an L M marked M16A1 upper (made by Martin Marietta for a military spares contract), original triangular handguards marked L and R on the aluminum liner (no broken tabs), and full auto parts; all are visible in the photos. In addition to the light handling and storage marks visible in the photos there is a grind mark where the Class III manufacturer (TTI Corporation, Las Vegas, NV) ground off the limiting pin. This has no affect on functioning. This machinegun is private party owned and is stored in a climate controlled safe. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada held on a Form 4. $18,995 buyer pays transfer tax, shipping and insurance. Not interested in trades. Payment by check or bank transfer, I cannot take credit cards. Additional images are available online at: I am new to selling on a forum so please ask if anything is unclear. All photos are available in high resolution (4-7mb each) and additional photos can be taken if there is anything you want to see in greater detail. Paul, 702-338-5679 call or text (or leave a message - I don't answer calls if I'm driving).