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  1. Colt RO633 upper Colt RO603 lower Colt R6001 aluminum-acetate stock Colt R6001 pistol grip Colt RO635 bolt (factory ramped) & Specialized Armament Warehouse receiver extension spacer Colt X buffer (7.6 oz) Hahn Precision dedicated block Lot of pre-1991 Colt parkerized mags. Others include Mec-Gar (unbranded) and ASC pictured. Extra set of factory RO633 handguards. Mint condition, meticulous care. Rare. Please call me with any questions. $29,995. $29,495. $28,995. $27,995 on a Form 4 in AZ. Full funds up front to start transfer. Cheers! Richard (520) 891-2132