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  1. S.W.D. M11/9 9mm Submachinegun

    EXCELLENT Condition S.W.D. M11/9 9mm Submachinegun manufactured by S.W.D. in Atlanta, GA. This firearm was bought new by the previous owner and appears to have been fired very little if at all. Includes: Factory Cardboard/Styrofoam Box, 1 Magazine, Magazine Loader, Cobray Stand, Extra Stock, Faux Suppressor, 2 Manuals (One New in Package) MORE PICS HERE $7,500.00 shipped to your dealer Jake QRF 678-614-7129
  2. Up for sale is a Mint Condition Swd M11/380 or M11/9 suppressor. This suppressor has been completely rebuilt with all modern components by Andy Blaschiek of KGB Armament of south Florida. Runs perfect in FA in 9mm or 380 and is extremely quiet do to its large volume. Has about 300 rounds total through it since it’s total rebuilt!! It’s threaded 5/8-11 but includes an adapter to attach it to 1/2-28 threads. Item includes shipping to your FFL/SOT. It’s on a Form 4. Form 4 to a dealer is currently taking 60-90 days, so don’t let that discourage you. Price is $500 shipped and I’ll pay the first stamp. So it’s like your getting it for $300. I paid $300 just for the total rebuild. Includes the endcap wrench as well. Thank you. Also includes original box and perfect condition Nomex cover!!
  3. WTS: SWD M11/nine - $7900

    SWD M11/Nine transferable machine gun with Sten-Mag Conversion on a Form-3. Detailed pictures available upon request. Price: $7900 Buyer pays $100 shipping.
  4. Exploring other options. Please close. Thank you for the boards!
  5. WTB: M-11/9 WIRE STOCK

    WTB: M-11/9 WIRE STOCK Like the one pictured below. Thanks for looking!
  6. Excellent condition Lage slow fire upper for the M11/9. I got this in a trade and it looks like it has had very little use, if any. No box or papers, just what you see in the pics. Tie-dye pillow stays with $700 shipped. USPS money order only. First public I'll take it gets it. Would consider trade ONLY for a Max-11 mk2 in similar like new condition. Thanks, Tall
  7. Looking to purchase an M11/9 SMG parts kit, please email or text me what you have. 817-239-7003
  8. Sold pending Funds I’m selling my SWD M11/9 SMG with Lage MAX 11 Mk2 upper Also includes: Original box, cleaning rod and loader 2 Zytel magazines 3 30 round Z-mags 3 50 round Z-mags, new, never fired Lage Competition full auto only trigger. Lage thumb release grip Lage safety assembly Lage stock with side folding adapter 2 Lage VBS Blocks Factory barrel is threaded 1/2 28 Free shipping $7500 Terry I'm American180 on
  9. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum but have credibility on snipershide and other forums. I'm wondering what the market value (going rate) would be on a transferrable SWD Cobray M11 9mm that has been professionally re-welded and parkerized. This transferrable has a LAGE upper with the metal lower rail and 3-lug adaptor on the barrel. It has the complete Lage trigger group (trigger/sear) and a Lage Stock. There are 10 factory zytel mags and it all comes in a nice Pelican hard case. All original parts and upper included. This is currently on a Form4 in VA. Thank you,
  10. I am an individual (not an SOT) interested in an SWD M11/9. Would be preferable to buy one that is currently here in Oklahoma, but I am open to out-of-state transfers. If you have an M11a1 or a reasonably priced M16, I would be interested as well. Thanks for your time.
  11. I have for sale 2 new receiver flats, one mag well/ trigger guard/ feed ramp, one rear sight and front receiver tab (from NOS "demilled" SWD sub gun). One flat is all ready for a sub build and the other is blank. (ALL NFA RULES APPLY) This is easily a $180.00 value and the receiver flats are very hard to find these days. Good ones like these 4130 steel flats that are spec thickness, are at least $60 ea when you can. Example: Example: $109.00 SHIPPED Conus. I accept Postal MO, PayPal and CC. Add 3% for PayPal and CC. If you are paying via PayPal, give me your registered PayPal email and let me invoice you.
  12. I have for sale a complete new original parts kit for a full auto SWD Cobray M11/9 9mm sub gun. Includes everything but the lower receiver. All you need to replace every part, build a complete gun from a stripped receiver or replace every part of your FA M11/9. The only issue is that the included cocking knob will not fit the bolt due to a pin on the bolt. (see second to last pic) You will either have to remove the pin, drill a hole in the knob or get a replacement knob that already has the required hole. Includes all pictured items and a 2 piece receiver pin not pictured. Includes free original operators manual. See my other listing for a complete lower build set. (ALL NFA RULES APPLY) FTF wants $574.99 for this very same original parts set with CNC machined bolt. See here: Get mine for $400.00 shipped CONUS. OBO I accept Postal MO, PayPal and CC. Add 3% for Paypal and CC. If paying via PayPal let me invoice you to your registered Paypal email.
  13. I have for sale a parts kit for the M11/9. It is COMPLETE minus the lower receiver, rubber buffer and grip screw. Also includes 2 take-down pins, new10 rd mag and one mildly used 10 rd mag. All the fire control parts and complete bolt (less buffer) are new take offs from an unfired 1988 SWD M11.. not one of the newer, sub standard Leinad versions. There's a few spots on the bolt from being wrapped in wax paper for yrs. The upper with barrel are from a lightly used 1989 SWD and are in great cond. If you have a receiver flat, weld kit, complete stripped semi lower receiver or just want a bunch of extra parts for yours, this is the set you need. This same set of parts, when in stock sell for $399.00 plus shipping not including the 2 mags and takedown pins. See here: You can have everything listed for $255.00 SHIPPED conus. I accept POSTAL MO, PayPal and CC. Add 3% for PayPal and CC.
  14. I have 7 zytel magazines with a four pocket Cobray pouch that I would like to sell for $170. Thank you, Jack