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  1. 11 Thompson 30 round blue mags. 6 Seymour & 5 U.S. Cartridge blued mags in very nice condition. $450 plus $20 shipping. Questions e-mail me at Thanks, Dave
  2. As the title says. Can be a stripped receiver, barreled receiver, partially complete, etc. This is for a project where the barrel will be replaced, so a trashed barrel is great.
  3. Three (3) 1928 wood Stocks with only the cross-bolt, washer and nut hardware. All three $110 Two (2) used 1928 Trap Door Butt plates $60 for both. SOLD PENDING Two (2) used M1/M1A1 Butt Plates $45 for both. SOLD PENDING M1 Complete double stamped Savage bolt that looks NOS. Bolt comes with actuator, firing pin, hammer, hammer pin & extractor for $350. SOLD PENDING All plus shipping. Best to e-mail : Thanks, Dave
  4. All original TSMG parts 1 Stock Reinforcing Cross Bolt Screw 1 Stock Reinforcing Cross Bolt Nut 1 Stock Reinforcing Cross Bolt Washer 1 Buffer Pilot ( S Marked ) 1 Buffer ( S Marked ) 4 Spring, Sear Lever ( AOC ) 1 Sear Lever ( S Marked ) 1 Sear ( S Marked ) Eleven (11) parts in total. $80 plus shipping. Best to reply to e-mail : Thanks, Dave
  5. SOLD. Six (6) Thompson 30 round mags. All 6 are Seymour Co. Five (5) parked and One (1) painted. $210 plus $20 shipping. Questions e-mail me at Thanks, Dave
  6. WTS: Correct December 1941 M1 Garand Price(s): as noted Payment: Paypal plus the fee or Venmo Shipping: Actual Cost Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Cross Posted I have several nice rifles that I am thinning out of my collection. Please refer to the individual descriptions below for details on each. Additional detailed photos of all are available upon request. I will work on prices for multiple purchases. Contact with any questions. M1 Garand, December 1941 This is an extremely nice rifle and is particularly scarce given its production date. Both the serial number and the barrel date indicate this was made in December 1941. From what I can see it is around 98% correct with the proper heat lot numbers on individual parts, gas seal front sight, and the very scarce SA GHS marked stock. A great deal of the M1s from this period were sent to the UK as lend lease items so it is particularly uncommon to see one that does not bear British proofs on the barrel. The bore is in good shape but does show some darkness in the grooves which should clean up nicely after some shooting. The stock has been sanded and the barrel is marked with a Blue Sky import stamp. These are tough rifles to find in any condition these days. Price: $2000
  7. Sold Pending Funds - Will mark "SOLD" when payment is received. As pictured, lot of Thompson mags coming out of estate. All seem like very nice solid, usable mags...not picked through or any non-sense, this is the whole lot and represents all the mags that were present. All were stored in a single bin and the owner simply pulled some out when he would go shoot, so I make some assumption that one is equal to the next. There are eighteen 30-round and ten 20-round. $750 for the lot. No sales where restricted. Direct email only, please: titantriggersSPAMFILTER @ Remove SPAMFILTER from email.
  8. PM if you have a nice one preferably matching upper and lower. Looking for a nice ZB as well. Ken
  9. Lake City Military .30 cal Lake City Military .30 cal Ball M1 Carbine ammo. 16 fifty round boxes (minus 2 rounds), total 798 rounds, head stamp LC-69. Will sell half, 8 boxes of 50rds each (399 rounds) $325 + shipping All 16 boxes, of 50 rds each, total of 798 rounds) $625 + shipping No shipping to restricted areas. PM me if interested. Thanks, Dave
  10. SPF: Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson Fully Transferable

    SPF Fully transferable in excellent to very good condition Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson marked Savage upper. This machine gun is in my inventory and is ready for immediate efiling which typically only takes a few days. Cost is $21,500. I believe this to be a WWII M1 thompson based on the S/N 247178 and research I did. The upper is marked with an "S" which indicates it was a Savage contract M1 Thompson. The lower is stamped 244486. The gun is in excellent to very good condition with some handling marks. I am not sure if the finish is original but it appears to be to be. Front foregrip had some play in it so I put a metal barrel band on. The rear sight has some free play in it which is common to every stamped rear sight Thompson I've encountered. These weapons were meant for full auto use in close quarters not precision shooting at distance. However, I wish to provide full disclosure so to my knowledge this with minor surface detractions pictured are the only thing that makes this gun less than perfect. It runs fully automatic flawlessly. Included are (4) USGI 30 round magazines two marked U.S.-30 cartridge cal .45 and two marked The Seymour Products Co, Seymour.Conn with a reproduction US sling IMG_6155 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6156 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6157 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6159 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6160 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6161 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6162 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6154 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6164 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6163 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6165 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6166 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6167 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6169 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6168 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6170 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6171 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6172 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6173 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6174 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6179 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6178 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6177 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6176 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6175 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6158 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6153 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6152 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6151 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6150 by Davy Keith, on FlickrIMG_6181 by Davy Keith, on Flickr
  11. This is a very nice West Hurley M1 Thompson. Comes with one magazine and sling. This one is on a form 4 in Kentucky. First tax is paid and this price INCLUDES shipping to your FFL/SOT. Beautiful gun and it really speaks for itself. If you have any questions please contact me at or 859-361-9444. Price delivered is $18,400. Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  12. I have two transferrable MG's up for sale. First one is a M2 Enforcer pistol in .30 carbine, this is in good condition. This is select fire and runs good with correct GI mags, the only flaws is some scratches in the wood. Email me for more pics or questions, on a form 4 in ohio. Buyer pays first tax. SPF. Next is a HK 53 built by RDTS with all factory german 53 parts. This gun is a clip on lower Registered receiver, lower was modified to a 4 pos 3 rb ambi lower a very expensive and rare modification to this type of receiver. Gun has some wear because it is not a safe queen its a shooter! Email me for pics or questions, on a form 4 in Ohio. Buyer pays first tax. 27000.00 Third gun is a Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson Viet Nam commemorative factory SBR. Gun is in perfect condition, looks to have been fired. Comes with one 50 rd drum and 1 30rd magazine. Email me for pics or questions, 75.00 Shipped to your ffl/sot. Buyer pay first tax. 2900.000
  13. Benelli M1 Super 90 14” Barrels, Fair condition, $50.00 each, includes shipping
  14. Benelli M1 Super 90s

    Benelli M1 Super 90s, Used/Good Condition Police Trades, $600 Shipped.
  15. For Sale: Winchester M1 Carbine in very good condition. This is a fully transferrable machine gun. $9500
  16. SPF Beautiful, transferable Thompson manufactured in 1942. Note: this is an M1 and not the later design M1A1, see e.g., the rear, unguarded Lyman sight. Fitted with Thompson-marked Cutts compensator. Included with this .45 ACP full-auto workhorse is a rare, custom-made, 50-round drum magazine, 3 parked stick mags and a G.I. sling. Also included are 2 spare barrels and 3 springs. $22,500 + $100 Insured shipping. Buyer will be responsible for any NFA transfer tax. All NFA rules and Regulations apply to this offer. I will eForm to a class 3 dealer. Full payment is due upon committal to purchase. Contact me (Jim) via text @ 614-537-3539 or email @ to purchase or if you have any questions. Please include your contact info In any correspondence with me. The first party to send a written commitment will be entitled to purchase.
  17. We have for sale a fully transferable Savage-made Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson 45 ACP SMG manufactured in Bridgeport, CT. S/N: 139958 (receiver only). Trigger frame has no S/N. Both the receiver and trigger frame were manufactured by Savage as noted by the "S" stamp near the magwell on the receiver, the FJA stamp on the receiver, the encircled GEG acceptance stamps on both the receiver and the trigger frame, and the "FULL AUTO" being on two lines on the trigger frame. It has the beveled trap door on the stock indicating it is early production. It has the protected rear sight which first appeared on the Savage M1s in the high 137000 range. It has a floating firing pin and a non-riveted grip mount, also correct for the M1 models. We believe this to be manufactured in the late 1942 to early 1943 time frame. This Thompson is in excellent condition -- please see all the full resolution photos in the link below. It is clean and has been well cared for. Also included is one 50 round drum magazine and (17) 30 round stick magazines for a total of (18) magazines. I have test fired it with both the drum magazine and several of the stick magazines and it functions 100% with both. All but a couple of the stick magazines are Seymour. The gun has NOT been modified in any way to accept the drum mag. The drum mag was modified to work with the gun. 44 Full Resolution Pics Here $23,995 $23,500 $23,000 + $250 insured shipping to your dealer. Certified funds only. This SMG is owned by us and in our possession in our Little Rock, AR shop. We will submit an electronic form 3 when we have your payment and will ship as soon as the electronic form 3 is approved. Electronic forms 3 have been taking apx. 1-3 business days. Please email or call if you have questions. Firearms 4 Less, LLC - 07/02 FFL/SOT. 501-680-4867
  18. Form 4 in VA. If transferring out of state I will cover the first stamp Excellent condition M16A1, Model 611 Heavy Barrel w/factory M60 Bipod - $26,995 Not the first owner but I have never fired this rifle, it has been a safe queen the entire time I've owned it. It does not show any signs of wear. Cannot confirm "never" fired.
  19. New-in-box. Surfaces marks just oil print from bubble wrap. No sales where prohibited. Listing for a friend. $750
  20. Ad retracted.
  21. Transferable WWII C&R Savage manufactured M1 Thompson SMG. Most likely the first month production run of Savage made M1's in July 1942. Gun has been reparked and shows metal wear. The lower/trigger group frame has the proper Savage-produced "FULL AUTO" written in two lines, while on the Bridgeport lowers are marked in all on one line. Rear sight been updated to the later "protected" triangular guard winged rear L sight. Horizontal foregrip is Savage marked. Upper receiver stamped 'S' Stick-type fire control levers. Up graded reinforced cross-bolt in rear stock. Correct Savage stamped bright bolt. Two "GEG" civilian inspector Auto-Ordanace George E. Goll stamps, "R.L.B." Army inspector of Ordnance Colonel Ray L. Bowlin stamped and Crossed Cannon stamped. Paperwork shows manufacture as "SAVAGE". Serial # is 45925. I have owned this gun for 18 years. Just took it to the range, fired a couple hundred rounds, gun ran flawlessly. TSMG M1 comes with one 30 rd mag. 100% funds up front to start paperwork to your dealer. Buyer pays tax stamp out, shipping and insurance at actual cost. Can transfer to a Maryland resident directly with no dealer needed. All NFA rules apply. On form 4 in MD. $23K
  22. Auto Ordnance Bridgeport M1 Thompson

    BEAUTIFUL M1 Auto Ordnance Bridgeport Thompson in excellent condition. Beautiful bore, great wood, and sling. This firearm has been in a private collection for years and has not gotten much use and has been well cared for. This beautiful weapon runs flawlessly and is in stock in our inventory ready for immediate transfer. $23,000.00 shipped to your dealer. GA residents must pay 7% sales tax. More pictures here - AO M1 Thompson Jake - Quiet Riot Firearms 678-614-7129
  23. M1D Garand sniper. Winchester. M84 scope and mount. Both original and correct in my opinion. Correct leather cheek piece. Original and correct in my opinion. M2 Hart flash hider. Original and correct in my opinion. $5,000 M1 and accessories are in excellent condition. Fired 80 rounds and no malfunctions. Pics and or video on request. Test fire and inspection available. References available. Location: Louisville, KY