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  1. for sale: Factory Belgian FN 2007 production 5.56x45 Non-corrosive, brass cased, boxer primed with 4 SS109/M856 62 gr. LIght Armor Piercing projectiles (European Ball is ALL 62 gr. Light Armor Piercing. as they do NOT use 55 gr. ball so no green tip such as Lake City) and 1 L110/M856 tracer on M27 SAW links in a sealed .50 cal. can of 800 rds. @ $.60 per rd. for $480 + shipping. Email to or call 208-810-3315. Delivery possible. Thanks, Larry
  2. for sale: Romanian 8mm Mauser ammo 2013 Non-corrosive on new NON-disintegrating 50 rd. MG-42/M53 8mm belts for $.49 per rd. on 50 rd. belt to ship via SOLD UPS or FedEx plus shipping. (50 lb. limit per box) (possible delivery in WA, OR, ID, MT, UT, NV and AZ.) . Email directly to: or call for questions or more pics. Thanks, FNFAL5042 208-810-3315
  3. We are selling 800 rounds (four 200-round linked belts) of Federal Lake City 5.56mm linked M855 green tip 62 grain ammunition w/orange tracers. These are complete with starter tabs in black M249 SAW drums, ammo can and bags. The head is stamped LC10. The orange tip tracer round is every 5th round. The asking price is $500 plus $30 shipping. Must be 21 years of age to purchase. We will need a drivers' license or copy of FFL to purchase. Will not ship to CA, CT, CO, HI, MA, MD, NJ, NY, IL, D.C., or AK. This item will be shipped from John Norrell, Inc. Continental U.S. only. Please look at the photos and have confidence in purchasing. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money order made to the order of JOHN NORRELL, INC. Unless otherwise advertised, buyer will pay actual carrier shipping with insurance and adult signature. This item is being sold by E. A. Shelnutt for John Norrell, Inc. Please enclose a copy of your personal identification containing your name and address. We would also like your phone number and email address and a description of the item being purchased in the envelope with your payment. Negotiation does not constitute a “hold” on items for sale. Please be aware that if your shipment is returned for inability to deliver, you will be expected to pay a second shipping charge to re-send. We require an adult signature on most shipments. Norrell123
  4. Cleaning out the warehouse and have a couple pallets of ammo to get rid of. Everything has been inspected and organized by headstamp. All of the ammo is in .30 or .50 cans. New old stock. No reloads or pulled projos. Price is per round and ammo is sold by the can. For example, linked 7.62x51 tracer is $0.51/rd and you want to purchase a 200 rd can. 200 x .51 = $102 (+ shipping) Buyer is responsible for shipping. Ground shipping to US mainland only. Linked 7.62x51 pure tracer or 1B:1T = $0.51/rd Loose 7.62x51 tracer = $0.45/rd Linked 5.56x45 pure tracer or 4B:1T = $0.37/rd Loose 5.56x45 pure tracer = $0.33/rd Price for whole lot is $21,000 7.62x51 Linked All Tracer (200 rd Cans) 85 MAL 3 ea 64 WRA 7 ea 04 LC 16 ea 04/00 CG 1 ea Mix 1 ea All Tracer (400 rd Cans) 04 LC 5 ea 90 LC 1 ea Mix LC 1 ea 1 Ball : 1 Tracer (200 rd Cans) 91/92 RG 69 ea 7.62x51 Loose All Tracer (600 rd Cans) 04 LC 7 ea 85 MAL 1 ea All Tracer (300 rd Cans) 85 MAL 8 ea Mix 1 ea Boxed Tracer in Wrap (20rds per box) CBC 14 ea 5.56x45 Linked All Tracer in SAW Casettes (200 rds ea) 02 LC 26 ea 4 Ball : 1 Trace in SAW Casettes (200 rds ea) 02 LC 8 ea 4 Ball : 1 Trace (1000 rd Can) 88 WCC 2 ea 85 IVI 2 ea 5.56x45 Loose All Tracer (1000 rd Can) 02 LC 7 ea All Tracer (900 rd Can) 02 LC 1 ea
  5. WTS: .50 Cal. BMG

    Late date US GI Brass, powder and primer, from US government contractor. GI links and ammo can. Belt like new. Great non corrosive ammo for your semi or full auto. .50 Cal. Belted Ammo. US Gov. Contractor Manufactured. 650 grain, Re-loadable Brass, 100 rounds per can. $275.per can (also available as loose rounds - indicate your choice when ordering)