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  1. I sold the barreled action but still have the stock. like new with one small Mlok rail up front, 3 mags (300 win.)and mounting screws $270 shipped for all. bipod is not included. Compatible with long action AICS (Accuracy International Chassis Systems) pattern bottom metal and Magnum cartridges built on a 0.530" belted case head such as .300 Winchester, .257 Weatherby, .264 Winchester, .270 Weatherby, 7mm Remington, .300 H&H, .338 Winchester, and others*
  2. ADM QD mount on a lightly used M4 Aimpoint with no scratches dings, comes with factory killflash, box/papers/covers etc. $650 shipped, not looking for trades
  3. Updated 10/16/19 This Uzi is sitting at my dealer ready to transfer out on a Form 3. It's in very good condition with only minor wear showing where the cocking handle slides along the frame. This is a Vector registered Uzi on a Group Industries frame. The gun is in 9mm and included with are the following: Bolt and barrel for 22 LR Bolt and barrel for 45 ACP 5 - 20 Round 9mm Mags 1- 32 Round 9mm Mag 1- 16 Round 45 Mag 1- 22 Round 22 LR Mag 2 extra springs The 9mm configuration has been shot the most. The 45 and 22 set ups are practically unused. More pictures can be had on request. $14,600 delivered to your dealer. In the alternative, would still be interested in a trade for an original WWII gun. I have a 9mm Vector Uzi, very good condition - practically new, transferring into a dealer here in town. Hope to have it registered to them soon for a fast Form 3 transfer. Extra bolts and barrels for 45 ACP and 22 LR. 8 with a mixture between the three types. My interests run towards the WWII machine guns, and I would be interested in a trade if you have something of that nature. Even, up, or down. Throw me a proposal. ~Robert
  4. For Sale ATN Thor-HD Thermal imaging scope. I am selling my ATN Thor-HD Thermal imaging scope Model 384 1.25x5x. Like new; I have turned it on twice. Purchased new on Feb 8, 2019. Features: GPS Rangefinder Video recording Recoil activated video WiFi Bluetooth Compass Gyroscope Reason for selling I had a problem with coyotes on my property, so I wanted some type on night vision device to scan the landscape at night before letting my dogs out to relive themselves. I went to a local gun shop that sold several models of the devices with a “friend.” The first scope I was shown was a Leupold hand held thermal scope; perfect. Then the gun shop owner then shows me (the one I’m selling) that mounts on a rifle. My “friend” and the shop owner, talked me into buying this COOL rifle mounted scope. It turned out to be impractical for my needs, and out I went back and bought the hand-held one. So, I’m selling this one, at a loss, because it is just gathering dust. I am not a hunter, but I must admit if you are hunting at night a rifle-mounted thermal imaging scope is GREAT. You quite simply cannot hide from it. Instead of listing its attributes I have provided a link to the company’s website: This model is available online for $1799.00. I’m letting this one go for $1300.00 plus free US shipping. Scope is like NEW complete with all manuals, literature, box etc. that it came with. additional photos available if interested PM OR J43151C@ COMCAST.NET
  5. WTS: IMI B&G Bolt - Mini UZI- AS New $15,999.00 - Jim S Katy, TX ************************************************************************************************************* IMI Mini UZI - Registered B&G bolt, imported by Action Arms. It has the correct side folding stock and bbl. Vector checked this Mini Uzi out, however it’s in perfect condition. They determined there was nothing to do to it. Comes with (2) 30rd mags. Excellent condition and fires flawlessly Has extra correct Mini Uzi barrel with rt side slotted porting *************Payment 100% upfront.************ Bank Money Wire Preferred, Cash, Bank Cashier’s Check, Certified funds, Postal Money order. Payment must clear before paperwork starts. **************Buyer pays all transfer fees & actual shipping & Insurance.************************* On form 4 in Texas read for transfer. Email me with any questions or to purchase All NFA Rules Apply
  6. This suppressor is like new. I've fired possibly 200 rnds through it. Perfect for MP5 with 3 lug barrel. Rated for fullauto fire. Form 4 in Va. $300. Buyer pays tax and shipping. 100% payment upfront starts the paperwork. Thanks, R.Leyshion, Jr. .
  7. WTS: FN M249 Amazing Package; must see; 19.5K

    This is the “dream machine package” that any Class II or Class III dealer, as well as any LE Agency, could wish for. The FNH M249 SAW is the cream-of-the-crop of modern day beltfed machine guns. This particular one has only been demonstrated once, and was so meticulously cleaned afterwards, that it was cleaner and better lubricated than when it left the factory. As most dealers already know, these are usually backordered at least 12-24 months or more. This specimen is available to you right now, upon NFA approval. This amazing package includes: The M249 SAW in its original shipping carton, only once-fired One once-fired full size barrel One full size barrel still new in wrapper (NIW) One once-fired “para” barrel Two “para” barrels still new in wrapper One blank barrel, still new in wrapper 11,200 rounds Lake City M855, linked and in SAW boxes, 4 boxes/can 2400 rounds Lake City M193, linked and in SAW boxes, 4 boxes/can 800-1000 rounds linked live blanks Elcan Specter DR dual illuminated scope, NIB, not dialed in yet Front tri-rail system with vertical and side grips Original factory lower hand rail Additional after-market optional buffered A2 stock Argentinian hi-detailed amazing tri-pod Surefire FA556MG suppressor, NIB, still sealed, especially made for the M249 SAW Surefire muzzle brakes for full and para barrels, NIW Spare NIW bolt and carrier Carry bag, and padded sling A few other extra’s E-MAIL US FOR PICS (COULDN'T FIT THEM ON THIS AD) This is a beltfed machine gun dream-come-true. And we’ve done all the shopping for you. There’s nothing else you’ll need for a long, long time. Just as a polite reminder, this offer is only valid to Class II and Class III dealers, or LE Agencies. A Police Department demo-request letter is required for dealer transfer. Price for this phenomenal package is $19,500, shipped. If you arrive, in person, to pick up this package, the price is only $18,500 Call or e-mail with questions or inquiries: 616-443-0034 or
  8. Suppressor shot 2-300 rnds with my MP5, which I sold. Rated for full auto fire. Buyer pays tax and shipping. Thanks, Bob Leyshion, Jr.