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  1. Selling an original German MG42 Lafette Tripod Mount. Mount functions perfectly. Elevation and Windage Adjustments are precise. Leather Pads in Excellent Condition. Comes with Attached Range Card. Nazi WA Acceptance and Bundesheer Stamps are present. All German, not a Yugoslav tripod. Price is $1,975.00 plus $60 shipping and insurance to the lower 48. Please call or email me with questions or any additional information. Doug George FFL / SOT cell 512-565-0240 ofc 512-416-1550 email
  2. I want to mount an MG34 onto an MG3 Lafette tripod. I have the TNW adapter block for the barrel shroud latch, but was wondering how to modify the trigger lever to be able to switch between the lower portion of the MG34 trigger and the upper portion to have semi and full capability like the original Lafette 34 has. Has anyone done this and could you describe and maybe even post a photo of how you did it, or does anyone know of someone who makes an adapter for this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Misc. MG Mounts

    Looking to sell three MG mounts: 1.) MG3 Tripod - for the MG42/M53/MG3/MG74 series. Complete with optics, straps, etc. 2.) Goryunov - for the SG43/SGM series. Complete with shield. 3.) Sokolov - for the M1910 Maxim. Complete with shield. All the mounts rate 95% or better. I think the MG3 may never have been used. All are way better than anything I'm seeing listed commercially these days. I want to unload all three at Knob Creek in a couple weeks ONLY. I will not ship any of them. DIRECT EMAIL ONLY: Remove NOSPAM from email. Thanks!