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  1. Gently Used SB5 brace Specifically designed for use on MP5, HK53, and MP5K Reverse Stretch clones, the SB5™ maximizes both the look and performance of HK inspired roller lock pistols. ***Will not fit on MP5K or SP89 clones. 100.00+ 10.00 shipping if needed Thanks for looking
  2. I have closed my HK build operations and have about 20 different trigger packs available: PLEASE NOTE: ALL NFA rules apply when using these. Feel free to make reasonable offers for part or all. Note also type of grip frame included in listing. 1 x HK 21 4 position ambi trigger pack, clipped and pinned. Suggested $750 1 x HK MP5-.40 4 position extended selector ambi pack push pin Suggested $800HK 1x HK MP5-.40 SEF trigger pack clipped and pinned $700 1x HK MP5-.40 3 position ambi trigger pack clipped and pinned $750 1 x HK MP5 9mm 3 position ambi trigger pack clipped and pinned $750 1 x HK MP5 9mm 3 position extended selector trigger pack push pin $750 1 x HK .223 4 position trigger pack, clipped and pinned $750 3 x HK .223 SEF ergonomic trigger packs clipped and pinned $550 each 1 x HK .223 4 position ambi trigger pack, clipped and pinned $750 1 x HK .223 SEF trigger pack, clipped and pinned straight grip frame $550 1 x HK 53 .223 3 position ambi trigger pack with correct ejector lever for 53 / 33k $750 1 x HK G36 4 position trigger pack $750 1 x HK 53 .223 3 position trigger pack, no grip frame or selector lever with correct ejector lever for 53/33k $350 1 x HK G3 .308 4 position ambi trigger pack push pin grip frame $750 I have several .308 clipped and pinned grip frames in SEF and 3 position ambi packs. Inquire for your needs.
  3. HK53 A2 Pre may dealer samples

    These HK53s are like brand new out the box beautiful shape. Professionally refinished by RDTS in Arizona. Every part down to the trigger shoe has been inspected and or replaced with Factory original German HK parts. You cant get any cleaner than this. Each gun comes with 1 German hk mag, one pro mag and sling. I have several available two of them actually are a consecutive pair if interested. $13,995 + Shipping THIS ITEM REQUIRES A VALID FFL/SOT TO SHIP. IF YOU DO NOT POSSESS A FFL/SOT YOU CANNOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM. Since this is a pre-1986 ban sample, we do not require a law letter.
  4. This is an excellent HK53 premay dealer sample. Probably one of the cleanest I have seen. Somewhat uncommon two round burst pack. Runs like it shoud. Comes with one magazine as pictured. Four prong flash hider. If you buy it quick I can deliver to Knob Creek or otherwise. $11,000 delivered to you. FFL/SOT only. Contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thanks for looking. Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  5. HK 93, HK33, & HK 53 Rear Sight Assembly Complete - $39.95 Heckler & Koch XS Front & Rear Night Sight System - HK - $137.95 XS Sight Systems HK German Rear Sight Spare, Repair Kit - $24.95 Heckler & Koch In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  6. <price reduced> For sale is a brand new Brethren Armament B300 9" pistol. Only fired by manufacturer for function check. Options include: 9" barrel Brethren Arms "Weldless" finish Ambi paddle release STANAG / AR mag compatible Aluminum hand guard Cerakote matte black 53PDW F/A bolt group (Buffered carrier) HK SEF Navy semi trigger group Welded Picatinny Rail AAC 51T 3-prong flash hider Soft tactical case Original product sheet: Note: Pistol is Engraved in my trust's name. It is converted back to pistol for sale here. NOT AN NFA ITEM. THIS IS A PISTOL. Stock not included. HK End Cap included. More photos available upon request $3000 shipped <price reduced>
  7. Left Side Ambidextrous Selector Lever FBI - 0,1 - $119.95 Heckler & Koch 0,1 Extended Left Side Ambidextrous Selector Lever - $139.95 Heckler & Koch HK SEF Long Axle Selector Lever For Polymer Trigger Housings - Used - $13.95 Heckler & Koch 4 Position Burst To 0,1 Only - Conversion Selector Lever Set - $179.95 Heckler & Koch SEF Enhanced Ambi Selector Set - Navy Style - $74.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  8. **GOT ONE - CLOSED** I am looking for an HK93-HK33 1/7 twist barrel. It must be marked "178" and be in excellent condition. I don't need a sight post or cocking tube or trunion but if you have a complete front end let me know what you've got. I will ask for good quality, closeup pictures of the muzzle crown, muzzle threads, 178 mark, proof mark and date code, breech face, and down the bore so I can see the rifling. Sounds like a lot but I've bought three barrels so far and they're all crap. Again, it must be marked "178" and must be in excellent condition. **EDIT: GOT ONE FROM GATEWOOD SUPPLY. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING.
  9. 3 Point Factory Sling HK Green German HK - $64.95 Heckler & Koch HK Single Point Sling - Black - $29.95 HK PARTS New Single Point HK Sling- Dark Earth - $29.95 HK PARTS New Single Point HK Sling - OD Green - $29.95 HK PARTS New Single Point HK Sling- Digital Camo - $29.95 HK PARTS Single Point HK Sling - AT Camo - $29.95 HK PARTS B&T Tactical Sling With HK Sling Hooks - $99.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet 3 Point Factory Sling HK German - Black - $69.95 Heckler & Koch In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  10. HK German HK53A3 Parts Kit - Like New Condition This is a rare opportunity as the HK53 is now out of production. This is a very rare and desirable parts kit new straight from HK Germany. Like new Condition with Slight Cosmetic Blemishes Includes all the latest upgrades and desirable options. A3 retractable stock 0-1-25 SEF lower 1/7 twist factory cold hammer forged German barrel with factory 4-prong flash hider All parts included minus the receiver included Price: $3,499.95 You can call us at 801-987-3494 if you have any questions or to place an order.
  11. HK SEF Short Axle Selector Lever For Metal Trigger Housings Only - Used - $9.95 HK German Standard 4 Position Burst Left Side Selector Lever - $119.95 Heckler & Koch 3 Position Navy Extended Selector Lever - $129.95 Heckler & Koch Burst 3 Position - Extended Selector Lever - $94.95 Heckler & Koch 0,1 Extended Left Side Ambidextrous Selector Lever & Right Side Set - $99.95 SEF Enhanced Ambi Selector Set - Navy Style - $74.95 HK PARTS Enhanced Ambi Selector Set - Contoured SEF - $74.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  12. Pre-sample HK53 A2 in 5.56mm. Beautiful weapon for the interested buyer straight from the inventory of Reed Knight himself. Comes with a double push pin lower (obviously), a 0-1-25 original trigger pack. Like new condition.
  13. HK41 – Manufactured in May 1966 by Heckler and Koch in Germany and imported by the Santa Fe Division of Golden State Arms, Pasadena, California. Semiautomatic 7.62x51mm predecessor to the HK91 with a pushpin receiver grandfathered under the Gun Control Act of 1968. All matching parts with exception to buttstock and magazine with the receiver’s 785 suffix on the bolt-carrier, bolt-head, locking-piece, and grip-frame. Stock trunnion has a 680 suffix. Magazine is late production steel. Overall condition is 98% with near perfect parkerizing and very good condition wood furniture. Fired very few rounds, rifling is sharp, bore is bright, internals are clean, and zero scope-mount or ejection marks. Outside of the earliest 1962 examples which sell for over $20K, this is the earliest example of the semiautomatic Heckler and Koch G3 with the correct pushpin placement, paddle magazine release, and the original grenade-ring. Doesn’t get much better than this for a 51 year old rifle. $8K. Thanx. SAMMY!
  14. We are looking to sell a lightly used HK53 full auto dealer sample post 86 machine gun. This purchaser will need to have a SOT and a Law letter to complete the class 3 transaction. Asking price is $8,500. Please check out the pictures and if there is any questions feel free to contact us.
  15. WTB: HK-53 4-Prong Flash Hider

    Need Several 4-prong Flash Hiders for the HK53. German HK only, new or used.
  16. I purchased this HK53A3 parts kit new from for $2400. I have no use for it any more. No mags included. $2100 1800 shipped firm. Please e-mail me matthewtroccoliesq (at) gmail (dot) com
  17. As new and as pictured $11.5K, with new 0-1-25 lower and standard A2 stock $10.5K. HK stock with recoil pad gives excellent "length of pull". Extended Factory rubber cocking handle and discontinued slimline forearm. 4 position Factory pictograph lower allows 3 round burst and ambidextrous controls. Includes 2 mags and sling. Pre Sample keeper for SOT holders only.Thanks!
  18. All parts are in used Very good condition Factory German HK 53 Parts and accessories. Shipping Via USPS Priority Mail. MO/Cashiers Check, PP+3%, CC+3.5%. ALL NFA RULES APPLY. 0,1,25 Contoured F/A Push Pin Lower VG- $295 German .223 Firing Pin and Spring VG- $20 53 MP5 type drum sights, with night sight plate, and stub - $60, standard hk93 type $35 HK 53 Complete Front end (barrel, trunion, cocking handle,tube tower,dustcap, trunion, etc. 1x7 a2 flash hider (VG/VG+) no cocking support- $1025 HK 53 Barrel/Trunnion, Sight Tower - $825 F/A HK 53 Bolt carrier VG+ $320, NOS -$340 German Bolt head, Date coded/proof marks -VG/EX- $210, Minor Staining/pitting-$200 HK 33/33k recoil rod - $25 Contract 93 wide handguard $45, more wear $35 HK 93 Black wide HG VG $85 Hk light bipod $250 HK 33k Front end - 178 Marked 1x7 VG+(2 avail) - $1400 Hk 33/93 178 marked front end $600 Mag release set $35 HK 93 Full Auto carrier VG+ date coded (not buffered) - $225 contract buffered carrier $180 contract bolt head - excellent condition $150 #3 LP - 85, stained $70 #7 LP - $ 65 BPP 922r HK 51/HK53 wide HG $50 German 53 wide HG - $55
  19. The Lepers UTG claw mount is made from steel. It fits easily and quickly on HK rifles. The quick detach feature is why these units are highly sought after. Includes a picatinny rail, which is removable. I bought it new in 2013 and never used it. I got lucky and found a new Hendsoldt Z-24 that came with it's own claw mount. For HK 91, 93, 53 HK G3 MP5 Century and PTR clones. $45.00 plus shipping. I accept postal MO, Paypal and CC. Add 3% for Paypal or CC.
  20. Update: PENDING SALE to smdub I am selling a HK 33 "SUO" (Malaysian contract) 5.56mm parts set that I bought in 2009, and never used. It has been reported that HK shipped 55,000 HK33 rifles as parts to Malaysia and then they were assembled there. So the quality of these parts kits is excellent. These are no longer being imported, so the supply of these in the U.S. has essentially dried up. This set is complete except for the receiver and barrel, which is typical for imported parts sets. I am including a very scarce original German 20-round alloy magazine that looks almost new. (It is truly 99% finish.) The Navy-style polymer lower has "SUO"selector switch markings, which confirms that this was from a Malaysian contract HK33. The stock furniture is black. The handguard is the bipod cut type, and also black. The kit is in quite nice shape overall, although you might want to refinish some of the small parts for your build. All NFA rules and other ATF regulations apply. (The trigger pack and bolt carrier are both full auto configuration and hence would have to be changed before doing a legal U.S. semi-auto build. You would also have to substitute some parts for Section 922(r) compliance.) RE-REDUCED to $625, Priority Mail Postage paid to CONUS! The first firm "I'll take it" trumps. No overseas orders. Again, all NFA rules apply. Payment via USPS PMO or P-yPal. I love to barter. Some possible trades: Winchester Model 88 .308 magazines (original factory 4-round or Colyer brand 8-round or 10-round extended mags.) Canvas cover for a M2/M3 Browning .50 HB spare barrel, preferably the type with the relief gusset to accommodate a barrel handle bale. Canvas cover for a complete M2/M3 Browning .50 HB, preferably the type with the relief gussets to accommodate ammo can and a barrel handle bale. HK91 magazine loaders HK91 magazine unloaders Sealed original 10-packs of HK G3 alloy magazines. Pelican or Starlight brand rifle hard cases (new or used.) Choice pre-1899 production cartridge guns. (Mainly looking for Mausers and large frame S&W Top Break revolvers.) Silver coins (I prefer U.S. American Eagles or pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters, and half dollars.)
  21. Looking for a Pre 86 dealer sample HK sear or trigger pack. Would also be interested in a HK transferable sear or pack, host gun would be fine. Also interested in other dealer sample HK guns. Please PM with what you have and what you are looking to get for it. Thanks for looking.