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  1. WTB:HK33K barrel

    I’m looking for an HK 33k barrel or front by end. I’ll buy or trade (I have tons of HK parts, stocks, etc). Please reply or text…214-762-4499 thx LBTac
  2. These are modified Colt bolt carriers that are made for the HK416 and allow you to use AR15 internal parts lowering the overall cost of your 416 built and maintenance. This has been tested in a post sample 416 and ran well. Video upon request. I have one in Nickle Teflon ($950) and a few in Nitride witht he HK logo($900). Feel free to ask any questions (615)418-8181 or I ship on Fridays and I take Venmo Paypal and checks. Working on CC but not yet.
  3. For your consideration is this H&K G3. This has been with the same collector since since mid January 1986. This started life as a true German made HK91 that was purchased and then sent to Billistics Inc. to be built into a G3/SG1. Only real HK parts were used.It is currently on a form 3 and listed as a G3SG1. I personally test fired this gun on Saturday, 24 April 2022 on semi and auto and it functioned flawlessly. Currently on a form 3 and will be transferred using e-forms. $40,000 $30,000. 50% deposit starts the paperwork and payment in full is due within 5 business days of transfer approval. If you have any question, please feel free to send me a message. If you would like additional pictures, please let me know and I'll send you a link to a google drive folder with them.
  4. WTS: MP5/40 Sear Host

    WTS: MP5/40 Sear Host Unfired, FA ready, 40 S&W pistol built by Ralph Smith Jr. from a handpicked HK MP5/40 parts kit. All date coded German parts with the exception of the flat. Factory magwell grafted onto an LSC flat and magwell markings maintained. HK factory threaded 3 lug 40 S&W barrel, 3 position ambi trigger group (converted to semi), factory FA BCG, proper semi shelf, 1 German LE Restricted mag, HK range bag (holds 2 guns), MP5 armorers manual, HK desk logo included. Additional information and photos available upon request. $5800 + shipping **credit cards accepted with 4% fee
  5. SPF Selling my last HK MP5 host gun. My interests have taken me in other directions. This one has a beautiful finish, as you can see in the pictures. It is all genuine HK, including the receiver and full auto bolt carrier group. This gun has been fired very very little over the years (safe queen)--I have owned it for approximately the last 14 years. The barrel is a 3 lug/threaded. Please message me with any questions. $$6500 shipped, I will pay the first tax stamp to you as well. Your Class III dealer must prepare the paperwork please.
  6. HK Genuine A2 Stock $179.99 HK Genuine A3 "F" stock , 3 Position $ 629.99
  7. WTB: HK 21 (host)

    Hi to all the good people on Sturm! I don't suppose anyone has a hk21 (host) they're thinking of getting rid of? I'd sure appreciate some help.
  8. Very hard to find excellent condition 10 rd HK mag for SL7 and SL770 rifles. Asking $350 plus USPS flat rate shipping and insurance, figure $13.00. Sold one had one remaining. One of these sold recently on another board for $415.00! First I'll take it gets it. Thanks Ken
  9. HK UMP45 Parts Kits

    We have returned with a small lot of HK UMP45 Parts Kits in Good condition; these will show wear from use. Overall they are certainly in operable condition. All kits come with 1 magazine. 2 kits have the front end of the receiver with rails; 2 kits do not. WITH front receiver half+rails: $1800 shipped. ALL SOLD WITHOUT front receiver half: $1600.00 Shipped. ALL SOLD Per the usual with us lately please send direct message/DM rather than posting that "I'll take it," so that we can provide you where to contact us at and how we can accept payment. Questions may be put here or sent via DM. First come, first served as best we can. Thanks!
  10. WTS - MP5 and MP5-40 Parts Kits

    PD Trade in HK MP5 and MP540 Parts kits. All have typical PD wear. See different options below, please use the links to purchase. Free shipping. MP5 A2 4 position kit $1899.99- MP5 A2 SEF kit $1799.99- MP5 4 position Choate stock kit $1799.99- MP5-40 A3 F kit $2599.99-
  11. PTR-91 Squad Carbine new in the case. See attached pictures and feel free to ask any questions. Just cleaning stuff that is just taking up space. Your FFL will need to accept shipments from individuals $1275 Shipped Kerry
  12. HK 52k 7,62 x 39

    Up for sale is a PCS built 52k, it's 1 of 5 out there. Built with new SW receiver, new PTR barrel 5.5", new trunnion, new PTR bolt correct x39 bolt, 15 degree LP, new US cock tube, handle, parts, and the balance Malay. It has sat in my safe for the past 5 years, never fired after built by Jeff. Other opportunities present and it is up for sale, this one is title 1 and will come with the Magpul mag, which lock up tight, have shot its brother repeatedly for years, rock solid, here is vid Cross posted. 4500.
  13. Excellent condition HK 9mm host, started life as a 94 and was cut and stamped MP5. The finish is excellent, guns runs flawless, no issues, no cosmetic damage. Includes mag, no box, no manual. Currently set up as a full auto only for Connecticut compliance but can be made select fire if going out of state. $40,000 OBO. I am happy to face time anyone interested. Need to SELL SELL SELL!!! Will transfer to your Class 3 dealer from my dealer on a form 4. Will ship via insured USPS registered mail. Payment in full to begin paperwork. Cashier’s check or bank wire accepted payment. Buyer to pay shipping charges.
  14. Very hard to find excellent condition 10 rd HK mag for SL7 and SL770 rifles. Asking $375 each plus USPS flat rate shipping and insurance, figure $13.00. One of these sold recently on another board for $415.00! First I'll take it gets it. Thanks Ken
  15. WTS: Valmet M76 .223 For sale excellent condition Valmet M76, runs 100%, one 40 round LIQ mag 3300.00 plus shipping. SOLD /////////////////////////////////////////// WTS: HK SP5K NIB REMOVED
  16. WTS - M14 Parts Kit

    PD Trade in parts kits. One of each. For more info and to order, use the links below. Free shipping to the lower 48 where legal to ship. HK MP5-40 A2 Kit with SF light - $1750 - SOLD Norinco M14 - $450 - Link to buy
  17. SOLD, HK, H&K, Heckler & Koch, SP5, NOS, New, Priced to Sell $3,350.00 OBO, (close to Asking). Out of My Vast HK Collection is a Brand New, Heckler & Koch SP5. The item was opened for picture taking purposes only. This Includes the Factory Box, HK Carry Bag, 2 Magazines, Instruction Manual, Sling & Lock Features: tri-lug threaded barrel, paddle magazine release, and fluted chamber. This is the civilian semi-auto version of the full auto MP5. Will ALSO Consider partial Trade for HK 93, or PISTOLS: P7, P7M10, Listed Trades Only, WITH CASH ON My Side/Your Side..., Private Party Will Ship to your FFL, 50.00 Maximum Via UPS 2ND Day, or Next Day And Or Insurance, Shipping Cost Rounded to the nearest Dollar, No California, Washington State or Hawaii, More Pictures upon request
  18. HK Heckler & Koch, $575.00 OBO Delivered Via USPS Media Mail, English Version, Out of my Vast HK Collection, Has been Opened, Minor Tear on the Rear Jacket Cover, 383 pages. The book itself is like new. This is a full color book about every HK firearm ever made, including production information. These have been out of print for a long time and are hard to find. I will Include Other HK Material: 2013 HK Weapon Systems brochure, 2013 Calendar, HK Swag, ETC....
  19. HK Heckler & Koch, $210.00 Delivered Via USPS Media Mail, The Gray Room Book, Unopened and in New Condition. Out of my HK Collection, Really nice book that contain Many great pictures of all significant HK guns (rifles, handguns, SMG, etc.). If you're looking to a good read, do not get this book, get the HK History Book. This is a photo only book. The author Provided the title of the gun, caliber, and length/weight of the gun. This book does not have the newer P30's and HK45's. There are two guns in this book that were not marketed by HK: 2 variations of the Benelli M4 (or M1014). Joint project between HK and Benelli/Beretta.
  20. I have an Hk MP5 K N PDW parts kit for sale. The kit is complete with a navy marked threaded barrel, safe semi and auto navy pack with ESSL selector, and full auto carrier. The receiver was band saw cut behind the front push pin hole, leaving the mag well completely intact. All NFA rules apply. Price is $4250 delivered OBO.
  21. $13,000 is an original, all numbers matching, must have, most sought after variant of the FN FAL on the face of the planet. based on the ware indications of the bolt, carrier, barrel extension, and receiver this rifle has only seen a handful of rounds down the pipe. The original owner swapped out the handguard for a FALO handguard "unfortunately i do not have the original handguard" i have taken extremely detailed pictures but if you need any more please feel free to contact me directly or 941-286-2005
  22. Like new MP5N host gun built on a genuine HK94 receiver and HK 94 barrel w/ threaded three lug attachment. Safe Queen--fired less than 50 rounds. They don't get any nicer than this! Ready for you to drop your sear in! All internals are genuine HK. Full auto bolt group Price is $9,000.00 Shipped to your class III dealer. I will pay for first (SBR) stamp to your FFL.

  24. Out of my HK Collection, and Up for Sale is A RARE UnFired HK Bennelli M3T Super 90 W Folding Stock, NEW NOS With the Box, Has been Assembled Only With HK markings (Very Rare and IT Must Go), The M3T is similar to the full size M3 Super 90 but features a folding tubular metal stock, making the weapon more compact. Due to the folding stock it is available only with pistol grip. ONLY Manufactured and imported for a short Time (Two Years), and Currently NOT available For Civilian Purchase, NO MORE of this unique Weapon can be imported Due to Bill/Hillary and the DEMs, This Unique Weapon was Issued to Special Ops Troops and Law Enforcement, $4,650.00 OBO I have listed Several Unique Weapons Lately and Need to Let them Go, So Please Make a Legit Offer.... Will ALSO Consider partial Trade for HK MP5, OR HK 93, HK HIGH END PISTOLS P7, P7M10, P7M13, Listed Trades Only, WITH CASH ON My Side or Your Side...,BUT Prefer CASH. Private Party Will Ship to your FFL, No California, Washington State or Hawaii, PLUS UPS Ground, 2nd or Next Day (Cost Rounded to the nearest dollar)
  25. SOLD..Out of my HK Collection and One of the Only P7M13's i am willing to get off of P7M13 with BOX, Manual, One Magazine, Tools (NO Test Target) AND the Sights have been Drilled, For Replacement, so that is why the Price is NOW LOW $4,350.00 OBO, and if i get em replaced myself, then we are back in the Fives, Will ALSO Consider partial Trade for HK MP5, OR HK 93, PISTOLS: P7, P7M10, Listed Trades Only, WITH CASH ON My Side/Your Side..., Private Party Will Ship to your FFL, No California, Washington State or Hawaii, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD , Thanks Armslist