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  1. The latest edition of technical manual for a m134 minigun. October 2005 edition. Over 500 pages split into 2 spiral bound books with clear protective cover and black back protective cover. Tons of pictures. Covers Dillon and GE miniguns maintenance, repair parts, and special tools. $200. PayPal friends and family. Free shipping
  2. Have a brand new garwood M134 mini gun rotor for sale. These have been ever harder to find, if you have a mini or are building a post sample you know this is the heart of the system. With the current legal troubles garwood is having who knows if they will even be avablibe again. I got my gun up and running, so can sell off some of the extras I collected over the years. If you want more photos just let me know, you are welcome to view it in central Pa. I also attend most of the big MG shows, can bring it along, and am willing to deliver it if the buyer pays expenses. Can provide many references for $10k+ deals, if you want more photos please email me. If you are looking for other parts the couple of photos with the table full of stuff has all the extras I currently have, just email me. Seems like the site doesn’t like my other photos I’ll try to get them uploaded else where. Payment by check, wire, MO, cash, gold, silver, other guns, machine gun parts, also looking for a slant back or uparmored hummer in trade. Always buying and taking trades. Had to add, willing to take payments on this, need a couple of months? Just let me know what you were thinking. Price is $7,500 Thanks, Donald
  3. I am looking for the exit chutes for spent links and spent cartridges for a Mini Gun. the exit chutes will need to be compatible with either a Garwood or Dillon version of the gun. the chutes for the original GE version do not work (unfortunately) as both Dillon and Garwood moved the location of the exit ports on their updated version of the feeder/de-linker. thanks for looking and hoping someone can help. picking up links and brass that fly all over is getting really old.