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  1. Each trigger counts as one US made compliant part needed for builds & conversions for US compliance of 922R. Compared to a factory HK trigger this trigger will make the pull and feel much better than a stock factory trigger. A huge improvement over a stock HK trigger. Qualities & features of each enhanced trigger: Made from 6061 aluminum Enhanced dimensions for the very best pull possible Adds 1 X 922R USA made compliant part You can get those here: or by calling 801-987-3494
  2. HK G36C Gas Piston Rod Spring Assembly - German - $94.95 Heckler & Koch SL8 & G36 Gas Piston Rod Spring Assembly - $69.95 Heckler & Koch G36 Gas Piston Rod - $47.95 Heckler & Koch Titanium HK G36, SL8 & 416, MR556 Gas Piston- US - $69.95 USA G36K Gas Piston Rod, Spring Assembly - USA - $59.95 GSG9 HK G36C Gas Piston Rod Spring Assembly - USA - $74.95 GSG9 G36C, G36K Gas Piston - $74.95 GSG9 In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  3. G36K Parts Kit - Includes Rear Hinge Section - $2495 Heckler & Koch HK SL8 Barrel- New - $499.95 Heckler & Koch G36K Parts Kit For HDPS Stock Block Conversion - $2695 Heckler & Koch HK G36C Barrel - USA - $499.95 G36K Barrel Front End Kit - G36K - $749.95 G36K Barrel Front End Kit With Extended Flash Hider - G36K - $779.95 HK G36C .300 BLK Conversion Kit - $874.95 Tommy Built In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  4. Listed for sale is your choice of a BRAND NEW Type 1 (Long Foot) or Type 2 (Short Foot) HK416C Stock and Handguard Kit. These are all factory German HK416C parts and are extremely rare hard to find. This stock and handguard kit will fit any HK MR556 or HK416 rifle. Once they dry up, that’s it! This is the most complete kit being offered as it includes the incredibly rare short German HK416C Handguard with handstop and mounting bolt. Kit includes these NEW German HK416C Parts: (Type 1) or (Type 2) HK416C Stock HK416C Specific Bolt Carrier HK416C Specific Flat Wire Recoil Spring HK416C Handguard with Hand Stop and Bolt Be careful who you purchase German parts from, especially HK416C parts!! I am a registered importer and these are not “Grey Area” illegal imports. I only have a couple so once they’re gone, that’s it. Sale includes USPS Priority Shipping, Buyer pays for Insurance if requested. Payment by USPS Money Orders, Discreet PayPal Friends/Family, and Venmo. $2,450 Shipped - First Come First Serve! Email me at Thanks for looking!
  5. 10 Round Factory Magazine - HK SL8 - $69.95Heckler & KochTrigger - HDPS US Made - HK UMP, USC, G36, SL8 - $134.95HDPS HK SL8-1 Locking Lever - Incomplete - $9.95Heckler & KochHK G36K Forearm - $99.95GSG9Barrel Retaining, Nut - HK G36 & SL8 - USA - $37.95GSG9Cocking Handle Spring for HK G36- US Made - $5.95USAIn stock and ready to ship today.HKPARTS 987-3494
  6. All in stock and ready to ship! Cocking Handle For HK G36 & SL8 - USA $49.95G36C, G36K Gas Piston German HK $74.95G36K Barrel Front End Kit With Extended Flash Hider - G36K $779.95HK G36, G36K Folding Stock
  7. The HK G28 Style Flash Hiders for the HK G3/91/PTR, HK 93/33, 417/MR762, & G36 we offer are 100% Made in the USA with high quality materials. We offer 3 different thread pitches on our website: 15mm X 1.0 pitch, which is a standard HK thread pattern for .308 and .223 caliber weapons 1/2 X 28 pitch, threaded for 1/2 X 28 barrel applications 5/8 X 24 pitch, threaded for 2016 and later PTR production models and other 5/8 X 24 threaded barrels These are great products to add to your firearm, so be sure to check out the list below! Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 ____________ HK G28 Style Flash Hider - US - 15 X 1mm || $79.95 G28 Style Flash Hider - 1/2 X 28 - USA || $79.95 HK PTR G28 Style Flash Hider - US - 5/8 X 24 || $79.95 ____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website for more of your HK needs.
  8. -I have a limited amount of FLIR ACTS T50 Thermal Optics. They are new never used but they are around 3 years old or so. They are $4950.00 each. They mount on a standard MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail by QD mount built in, in front of you current optic. These sell new for over $10,000.00 each so this is an awesome deal. I have included the description from the manufacturer below. (FLIR’s ThermoSight T50 is a clip-on thermal scope designed for short to medium range engagements. Utilizing a quick detach lever (BoBro Mount), 320x240 Resolution. These models are part number 26858-202. They do not have the integrated laser. FLIR’s ThermoSight T50 is a clip-on thermal scope designed for short to medium range engagements. Utilizing a quick detach lever, the T50 easily attaches and detaches from standard M1913 Picatinny rails in front of day scopes. This gives the operator the ability to deploy it on multiple weapon platforms without the need to dedicate a thermal scope. It can also be used as a stand-alone weapon scope with a choice of multiple reticle patterns to cycle through. In stand-alone mode, the T50 can act as a 1X optic or utilize the 2X or 4X electronic zoom. This system is manufactured by FLIR’s Government Systems division and is designed for hard use. The thermal core is fully hardened to MILSPEC and made completely in the U.S. The T50 provides extreme versatility for the modern Warfighter and Law Enforcement Professional. The T50 ThermoSight can be used as a hand-held thermal scope or clip-on device for weapon use. It is fully calibrated to maintain boresight with the host day scope. So, there is no point of aim/ point of impact shift when it is attached or detached from a weapon. The T50 is designed primarily for the M4/M16 platform due to its compatibility with short-mid range optics. It is especially well-suited for the Trijicon ACOG, coming equipped with a special adapter interface sleeve for this optic. But, it works well with any 4X optic. We do not recommend going much higher than 4X with the T50 because you will begin to lose resolution. The highest we could go was between 5-6X with a Nightforce NXS 2.5-10×32 before focus could not be achieved. But, 4X works likes a charm! The height of the T50 allows it to easily see over 12 o’clock-mounted laser modules. The controls are placed on the 9 o’clock side and easily accessible to right-handed shooters. After a few minutes of working with the T50, the control buttons become easy enough to navigate without looking. A footprint dock for a backup mini red dot sight is located on top of the unit and is compatible with standard Doctor sight base styles. -I also have the availability to special order the CornerShot direct from Israeli. Contact me for pricing or more info. -I have a few Post Sample HK UMP45's left. They are $1250.00 each. They are in good condition. Come with one mag. They require LE letter. They have the 2rd burst lower but I can get you a brand new Navy Lower for $225.00 or 4 position for $250.00 if your interested. If you purchase multiple of these I will consider cutting up for parts kits. -I also have one Post Sample HK G36C with Navy trigger group. PRICE is $2915.00. Gun is used but in good condition. Comes with one mag. Gun requires LE demo letter. Basic shipping is $50.00. -I have included a list of others I have available currently. Other Guns MG15 (reman)- $2500.00 Reman. Beretta AR70 - $1700.00 Jap 98 - $1800.00 HK UMP 40 - $1695.00 HK MP5/40- $1995.00 (A3 stock, 4 pos. trigger) FN F2000 - $1995.00 Any new FN machine gun- email for quote if serious only. Silencers (Hard to Find): B&T US MP7 Silencer(NIB)- $1500.00 Transferable: Colt M16A2 (burst marked but set up full auto) - $29,999.00 If you would like to be added to my exclusive dealer list to get updates about incoming guns before anyone else send me an email at 580-695-8340 Email us if you have a specific request for a certain machine gun. We also buy Transferable machine guns, pre may machine guns, and post dealer sample machine guns so please let us know what you have. Joshua Powers Owner J.S. Sales, LLC FFL/SOT 580-695-8340
  9. Have a few HK G36 IDZ stocks for sale. These are brand new factory German HK stocks. I have a couple concave and a couple convex stocks that I don't need anymore. First 2 buyers will receive a new German HK G36 stock roll pin included with the stock. Brand new and ready to mount to your SL8/G36 conversion or factory G36. $400 each shipped/insured, PayPal and USPS Money Orders are accepted. E-mail me at if interested.
  10. For Sale HK G36 IDZ Stock in RAL8000 color, very rare. Price $515 plus shipping. (USPS Priority) Contact Thx.
  11. I'm looking to buy demilled G36 receiver sections for a build. The longer the pieces, the better. I'm looking for front, center, and rear sections. The front and middle sections are normally disposed of as they typically are not used in builds. Thank you!
  12. All prices include insured USPS shipping, flat rate priority mail in small boxes, to ensure safe arrival. All parts are factory new German Heckler & Koch. I accept discrete PayPal or USPS Money Orders as payment. Please contact me with any questions. HK RAL8000 fire selector switch set G28 / MR762 / HK416 /HK417 $40 shipped per set (2 sets Available) HK G36 "XM8 Style" ambi magazine release $22 shipped each (1 available) HK G28 RAL8000 muzzle cap $18 shipped (1 available) Thank you!
  13. WTS HK G36C USED

  14. I have for sale as shown in Pic a Heckler & Koch G36K Front End. Barrel and Handguard are in excellent condition. Handguard includes Bottom Rail. $600.00. I will accept as payment, U S Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet, as a Gift). Shipping extra Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina