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  1. SOOOO I guess everyone here at Sturm is feeling the guilt for being white, successful, not having a relative in a correctional system, or having an IQ over 70. HMMM?'s terrible ain't it. Well I know just the thing to take care of that "white guilt" friends!! REPARATIONS!!!!! Yea Dat's the sxit!! Literally. I just posted my offer on Youtube for "reparations" to all qualifying applicants who qualify for my exclusive "dog sxit reparation packages". Yep, I just cleaned out our kennels and I have a nice supply for all those who think I owe them know since I'm white and all. Man I'm feeling so "guilty" They have a choice of nice soft squishy dog poop or the older more cultured sun baked hard "white" turds. As these loing oppressed folks are so fond of saying, if it's free it's for me. Well here here ya' go jazmo. I figure I should be totally quilt free and liberated from the sins of my forefathers after mailing off my generous "reparation " payments. You feel me? FWIW, R.L.