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  1. Scammer Alert “Ivan” Posting up NFA items at low prices and claiming to be a dealer out of NV and PA. He is using a current FFL/SOT from a reputable dealer located in PA, I know the dealer and contacted him right away. David had emailed his info (he thought to another dealer) for a deal on a Mac 11, then the deal went south. The scammer used the low price M11 to get a copy of a valid FFL/SOT. Then the scammer posted up a AC556 at a good price, also had a lot of pics, but this was all a SCAM! Don’t get scammed, ask for a copy of the F3 showing the weapon and always do a FFL Ezcheck!
  2. Scammer "Ammunitions for sale,..."

    Just got this email. "Ammunitions" for sale and transferable MG's at rock bottom prices. Hmm yeah I don't think so. Fwd: Post samples and ammunitions for sale,.. Inbox x tonya butler <> 3:21 PM (5 minutes ago) to HK51 @ $14025.00 Mini Uzi @ $13525.00 AC556K @ $6125.00 AC556 Folder @ $6800.00 M2 Carbine @ $4625.00 Sten @ $3525.00 HK Operational FBI Briefcase @ $2500.00 HK93 Marked HK33 Sear Ready @ $2000.00 Johnson 1941 Rifle @ $1750.00 HK91 Rifle @ $1400.00 NO LETTER dealer samples in the list below AC 556 $7,200 M14 13k Colt M16a2 FORM 3 $23k Humvee turtleback $27k M11 9mm $5,200 AC 556 $8k M16a1 $21k Lend Lease Grease Gun $19k 1928 Thompson $16k Group Ind Uzi with 22 and 45 kits $14k Maxim 08/15 $7k Iver Johnson M2 NICE $6,500 Sten MK 5 integral suppressed $7k Reising M50 $6,500 M11 9mm FORM 3 $6k M10a1 $4,900 Post 86 Dealer Samples NO LETTER! MG 42 $6k Mini Uzi NIB $4k Inland M2 Carbine $3,500 Beretta 38A $2k HK UMP 40 $3k HK UMP 45 $3k Sterling $3k Glock 19 $2k AK 47 $1,700 Soumi $1,500 AK 47 $1,700 PPS 43 $2,200 M11a1 $1,400 M10 $1,600 Ammunition TWO 50rd boxes NORINCO Quality 124gr. 9x19mm Parabellum Boxer Primed Non Corrosive 100 Cartridges / BUY TWO BOXES (100 rds) $37 shipped. 400 rounds of 9mm Mak 92grn FMJ Tulammo. 3 yrs old. Has been stored in airtight ammo can at a stable 70* F. $115.00 shipped CONUS. Reduced to $100.00 shipped! Have MILITARY OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION 50 Cartridges Pistol Ball Caliber .45 ACP M1911 230 grain FMJ ammo, non-corrosive, in PERFECT condition in original boxes in PERFECT condition, 50 Round Boxes $24 per box plus shipping or HOLIDAY SPECIAL: $23 PER BOX IF ALL 13 BOXES BOUGHT $299 Have only THREE NIB 100 Rifle Bullets Boxes each of Sierra MatchKing 30 caliber .308 diameter 168 grain HPBT MATCH BULLETS (Total 300 Rifle Bullets) $90 shipped in USA. 500 rd can of Winchester 308 1960's vintage Very good shape. $375 plus shipping I have one unopened can of WWII .45acp ammunition for sale. It was sent to Russia and later repackaged and sold. 756rds. I bought two of these years ago, shot most of the other one, and saved this one. Most rounds are from 1942 (going by what was in the other can). I still have a few loose rounds from the last can that I will include. "Mildly" corrosive, so you will have to clean up after firing it. $350 WTS .22 Winchester Mag 40gr FMJ & HP 250rds/$80 & Shotshells 132rds/$60 .From my Ammo Bunker ...... .22 Mag ammo Winchester Super-X FMJ 40gr - 5 50rd boxes - $80. shipped this is the White Box with the Orange & Red Stripe Winchester Super-X Hollow Point 30gr - 5 50rd boxes - $80 shipped this is the White Box with the Orange & Red Stripe CCI MAXI-MAG 40gr FMJ - 1875 FPS -- 5 50rd Boxes - $80 shipped In the CCI Plastic Boxes CCI MAXI-MINI Shotshells [ 1/8 oz. #11 shot 170 pellets ] 6 1/2 trays - 132rds / $60 shipped UBER RARE Vintage70's US LakeCity 7.62x39 10rds/$30shipped 7.62x25 pistol/SMG ammo NC BE 13 1/2 boxes, $125.00 U.S. 1911 .45 acp Ammo 22 boxes 1100 rds, $550 50 BMG Tracer, 100 round's in a GI .50 cal can ------------ $165 7.62 x 39mm Tracer, 500 round's in a GI .30 cal can ----- $275 5.56mm Tracer, 1000 round's in a GI .50 cal can ---------- $300 I have 5 cases of 8MM Romanian ammo (total 3,800 rounds). Comes in sealed 380 round tins. Two (2) tins per crate. Each crate comes with a spam can opener. $200.00 per tin or $400.00 per crate M8 API Pulled Projectiles in DFW Only $1500 1. Winchester M193 5.56mm 55gr ball (1000rd case). $450.00 2. IMI M855 5.56mm 62gr w/ steel core penetrator (1200rd case). $525.00 3. Russian 7N6 5.45 53gr (2160rd crate). $500.00 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $100 ReplyForward