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  1. Lowering price do to it being a rewat. This is an STG 44 made in the first month of 1945. Registration form indicates “Germany” in manufacturer’s block. The Machine Gun is a rewat done by J.P. Sauer mfg. . This condition is 90% No pitting original finish. With the upper being blued and the lower Phosphate. Cal. 7.92 Kurz. 16-1 4″ bbl. A great example of an “ STG-44 with “jbe” final proof on underside of receiver. Visible numbers matching throughout (but is forced matched on the stock). It is also matching laminated wood 5″ toe to heel (later low profile style) length Stock. This machine gun was manufactured in 01 1945 as indicated on the mag housing during a period when these assault rifles were coming out with “2-tone” finish. CONDITION Overall appearance and finish is Very good orig smooth Lustrous Blue on receiver, heat shield, cyl tube, rear sight, and bbl assembly,buttstock hardware, and ejection port cover . Very fine orig gray finish on pistol grip lower assembly. Bolt and op-rod retain most of their smooth gray finish. This is an absolutely incredible find for the advanced German WWII collector. I have been in the Machine Gun Business for 18 + years and this is the best late example I have ever come across. This was correct for this time in the war. Bbl was mfg by C.G. Haneal with mostly Merztwerk subcontracted sheet metal parts. Buttstock hardware is a renumber from 4095. Hand grip is SN 3269ai marked underneath buttstock housing. Bolt carriers non-matching. Bolt is 3269 in electro-pencil on left side. No bolt cut-out indicating this bolt is of the earlier configuration, still completely correct and acceptable for this late war production gun. I have added a correct front cover see the last two pictures. This is an amazing Strumgewehr dont let it get away. On a Form 3 so it will transfer Quick. Thomas Earl Stewart 602-763-8867
  2. This Savage Thompson is an Original WWII Machine Gun marked with a Bridgeport Connecticut address on the right side receiver. The Barrel looks to be original and in excellent condition. Wood it Very Good Condition The finish was redone at depot. No pitting or issues on this Thompson at all. This Will shoot all day and never fail.The upper and lower do not match. The brace was done at the factory. This has the Dog ears 183000 serial Number. There are 3 Stamps GEG FJA and the Ordinance department stamp on the receiver. It is a real M1 not over stamped. There is a s stamped on the receiver. On a Form 3 so it will transfer Quick. Thomas Earl Stewart 602-763-8867
  3. Up for sale is a Colt M16A1 Commando. IT is a model 619. They did not mark the guns with that model number many had no designation. This one is Marked Commando. It is basically a commercial export model of the 609 Military XM177 rifle for Vietnam. Was made about the 1970 1971 era.Very rare. The only difference between it and the 609 Model was it did not have the Property U.S. Govt print. This is a rare MG and only comes up every 2 to 3 years. Also to have one in a test fired only condition is even rarer. The Moderator has the ATF number added to the housing as they felt this was a silencer. This was done in 1975. This is on a form 3 and will go out on E form in one or two days. Thomas Earl Stewart SOT since 2000 You can call me at 602-763-8867 for more info.