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  1. The StormWerkz scope mount for the FN FNC and AK-5 utilizes the military standard Picatinny rail.Both weaver and Picatinny rings and adapters fit this mount. The StormWerkz FNC scope mount has the longest rail available, allowing use of many scopes which could not be used previously due to scope tube length or eye relief. The mount body is completely CNC machined from USA origin aluminum and anodized matte black. Factory iron sights work with the mount installed. $80 Visit our website for this and other StormWerkz products Thanks for the forums Buddy! StormWerkz FNC Scope Mount Also here is a video by one of our customers showing the installation
  2. WTS: FN M240 Mount

    FN M240 Cradle w/ 200rd ammo box and pintle adapter $1,080.00 Contact Walter if interested
  4. Several heart & liver & other operations preclude some of my more accurate shooting, so I am offering the following suppressor ready guns up for sale. Remington 700 Police Special .308 Win. 20” heavy barrel, Tasco Custom Shop 8-40x54 scope, Harris Bi-pod, and fitted for SWR suppressor (not included) I use this rifle for police demonstrations. -- $699 without suppressor ------ Winchester Model 70 SA .223 Rem. Heavy Varmint 20” barrel, Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14x42 scope, Harris bi-pod and fitted for SWR suppressor (not included) I bought this rifle for accurate longer range .223 shooting & have put maybe 8 (eight) rds. through it. $1149 without suppressor ---- FN Herstal Special Police rifle .308 Win. 20” heavy barrel, 10x42 unnamed scope, Harris bi-pod fitted for SWR suppressor (not included). I use rifle for police demonstrations. $1975 without suppressor
  5. WTS FN FAL G-1 Pre-May Sales Sample $7995

    FN FAL G-1 West German Border Police 7.62 mm pre-May ’86’ Dealer Sample All of these guns are full auto & have built in fold down bi-pods. The most accurate of the issue FN FALs. British Military scope not included $7995
  6. FN Belgium Browning Hi-Power, 9MM

    I have for sale as shown in pics a Belgium Browning Hi-Power 9MM Pistol. Pistol is in good condition, Shoots great. Functions as it should. Includes 1 Mag. $650.00 I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or Certified Bank Check. FFL Required! Shipping Extra

    HK G3 Transferable registered receiver machine gun. Original conversion done by Fleming Firearms. Recently refinished and updated by Investment Grade Firearms, including new barrel, anti-rattle paddle, optic rail, mlok hand guard and latest German bolt group. Unfired since being restored - like new condition. $19000 OBO HK MP5SD built by RDTS with German parts kit on a Special weapons receiver. Investment Grade Firearms recently installed a new barrel, anti-rattle mag paddle and completely refinished. Suppressor also built by RDTS. This is a two tax stamp gun. One for the SBR and one for the suppressor. Like new condition, functions flawlessly and makes a great host for a HK registered auto sear. $7000 OBO
  8. I have a very good condition ORIGINAL FNH P90TR (Tri-Rail) for sale. The gun is in my inventory on a Form 3 and requires a demo letter. This is an ORIGINAL Belgian FN P90TR and NOT a conversion. It has some minor handling marks from use, but looks great overall. It includes 3 50rd P90/PS90 mags Gun has NO optics or fixed sights - this is the model with the low-profile picatinny rail system. No ammo included. $1750 SHIPPED or best offer Gun is lettered as FNH, Belgium, Model "P90TR", Caliber 5.78x28mm CALL or TEXT me at 281-467-5424.
  9. ALL NEW FROM FN PARA/5.7 PISTOL/SCARS 17/16/ CHECK OUT FACTORY 249S FDE JUST LIKE MIDDLE EAST GUNS FN Scar 16 223 Black NIB FN PS90 Standard Model 5.7x28 FN SCAR 17-S FDE NIB FN MILITARY SERIES 249S SAW FN FHN Ballista 338 Lapua TAN FDE FN M249S PARA 223 REM | 5.56 NATO FN M249S 5.56NATO 18.5" BELT FDE FN M249S 5.56NATO 16.1" Belt Fed FDE PARA FN 5.7x28 Pistol BLACK
  10. FN FHN Ballista 338 Lapua TAN FDE
  11. WTS: FN FNC

    Selling a very low round FNC. Excellent/like new condition full stock version. Extra firing pin included. Gun South import from here in Bham. More sears than guns remember. 4000 shipped
  12. WANT TO BUY the following 1) Beretta AR70 Sporter, not one of the newly manufactured ones from a parts kit. 2) FN CAL Fixed Stock or Folder. 3) SIG Arms SG551. Thanks
  14. Kel-Tec 308 RFB Carbine BLACK Umarex Hk 416 22 LR Carbine FN NIB Black SCAR 17 308 CALIBER Kel-Tec Shotgun 12 GA 14 R KelTec KSG Tan *Limited* KELTEC SUB2K GLOCK 19 GEN2 KelTec Sub2K TAN G2 Glk 17 17RD Mag Keltec RFB24 308 Bullpup Keltec Sub2K Gen II Glock 23 Black Windham Weaponry MCS-3 Multi-Caliber Rifle System .223-5.56mm / KelTec Sub2K G2 Glk 19 OG Green SIG SAUER P238 380 PURPLE CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol HK VP9 Striker Fired Pistol H&K VP9 9mm Striker Fired LEO 3/15 Glock 17 Gen 2 PD Trade IN HK45C (Compact) (V1) DA/SA OD Green Frame & Slide Smith Wesson MP& PD trade IN NEW Glock 30-S 45 ACP Kel-Tec PF9 Black DAO 7 RD KEL-TEC PRM-30 22 Black Taurus PT 738 TCP .380 ACP Black/Polymer Pocket Pistol ATI FX 45 ACP FatBoy 1911 Glock 42 NEW 380 caliber Glock 17 G4 OD GRREN Ruger LC9S Striker Fire 9mm Pistol Sig Sauer P938 9mm Purple Finish POF 5KX 9mm Pistol 2-15 RD 2 -30 RD MAG H&K P30SK 9MM SUBCOMPACT V1 LIGHT LEM DAO HK P30SK V3 9mm 730903K-A5 CZ 805 BREN PS1 556NATO 11" 30RD Glock 19 G4 Battlefield Green GLOCK NIB 42 380 OD GREEN SLIDE GLOCK NIB 42 380 BURNT BROWN SLIDE GLOCK NIB 42 380 FDE SLIDE GLOCK 17 9MM GENERATION 4 GLOCK 19 G4 MOS 3/15 RD MAGS Taurus PT111 G2 9MM GLOCK 23 Gen4 40 cal NIB Glock G27 G3 9+1 40 S&W 3.42 Kimber Micro Pistol 380 ACP NIB USP45 Compact V7 LEM DAO w/NS 3/8rd ZENITH Z-43 P MKE PISTOL 5.56X45MM ZENITH Z-5P MKE PISTOL 9MM Zenith Z-5RS Pistol 9mm H&K M704001T-A5 USP40 Tactical 13+1 40S&W 4.9" V1 Glock 43 9mm Pistol Heckler Koch VP9 Counter/Armorer's Mat LC M855 200rd SAW Battle Packs Linked CZ-SBR/922-SCORPION KIT Telescoping/Folding Stock for the SIG MPX and SIG MCX SIG SAUER MPC/MPX A3 STOCK CZ BREN 805 922R PARTS AND FOLDING STOCK KIT SOCOM Pistol Carry Case FN/HK MCX/MPX SIDE FOLDING STOCK NEW FROM SIG FDE FNH SAW 249S WITH 200 ROUND BATTLE PACK LINK 556 IWI TAVOR 9MM 1/32 RD FDE IWI Tavor 223 Israel Defense Forces IWI Tavor 223 Israel Defense Forces FDE TAVOR SAR, flattop with full Picatinny rail, LEFT HAND IWI Tavor OD Green Glock 43 9MM Special Addition GLOCK 42 Battlefield Green DIAMONDBACK FIREARMS DB9 9MM EXO DIAMONDBACK FIREARMS DB9 9MM DUOTONE 3" VISIT OUR WEB SIGHT AT FACEBOOK PAGE HI CAPS MAGS HERE AR15 and other weapons here
  15. This is a basically like new SCAR 17 .308 in FDE. I have fired exactly 20 rounds thru it to test. It is well set up with a Nightforce 1x4 scope in an FDE ADM QD mount. In addition it has an AAC flash hider, Parker engineering steel selector levers and an extended/bent charging handle to clear the scope mount. It will ship with the original FN box and accessories, original box for the NF scope and a total of 11 magazines: Total of 9 FN mags (3 new in box) and 2 aftermarket 25 round mags in wrap. I would not part with this but I have to put a roof on a rental property. It is set up perfectly. $4000 shipped in CONUS. I accept Money orders, checks (must clear), cashier's checks. SOLD Thank you
  16. Here is a list of the current M240/MAG-58 and M249 parts I have available all in New condition unless specified! Here is what I have for you; M68 Combat Gun Sight Aimpoint Comp M4s Sight as new with Rubber covers and Killflash450.00 (These are 800.00 from Midway wholesale) 80,000 hour battery life) uses 1 AA Battery M145 MG Optic Elcan for M249 or M240B as new with Killflash and camo Pouch 650.00 MK-46 rail handguard new 100.00 M192 tripod exc. complete for 240/249 875.00 M240/249 Flex Mount cradle with ammo can holder bracket for excellentcondition M240/249 325.00 M240 Infantry barrel new complete 675.00 M240 Heat shield new in the box 75.00 M240 Gas regulator and collar new set 75.00 M240 bipod new 135.00 M240 top cover internal set complete 225.00 M249 Infantry barrel new 20" Length with heat shield225.00 M249 Infantry 20 inch barrel Exc. 135.00 M240 or M249 heat shields individually new, 75.00 M249 Short Para Barrel new with Heat shield 225.00 M240 RARE Right hand feed top cover complete for 240 new 525.00 M240 RARE Right hand feed tray 240 125.00 M240 Left feed top cover complete with Optic M145 Elcan rail all new 240 450.00 M240 Left feed tray for 240 new 100.00 M240 Bolt, new stripped 200.00 M240 Ejector set 65.00 <240/M249 Tripod Pintle for M122 or 1919 type mounts 75.00 M240 Complete Bolt and Op-Rod with firing pin, and connector for 240 425.00 M249 Complete Bolt and Op-Rod carrier group for 249 575.00 M249 Recoil spring for 249 35.00 M249 Recoil Buffer spring drive rod 249 100.00 M240 Recoil spring rod group complete for 240 50.00 M249 Top cover repair parts kit 249 150.00 M240 Top Cover repair kit 240 150.00 M240Complete trigger group all new 240 225.00 M240 Firing Pin , new 50.00 M249 Firing Pin and spring 35.00 M249 Complete Trigger group all new 249 225.00 M240 Complete new Bipod 240 125.00 M249 New type improved 249 Bipod upgrade 150.00 M249 Charging handle for 249 new 90.00 M240 Charging handle for 240 new 100.00 M249 New feed tray for 249 100.00 M240 Ejector set,3 parts new 65.00 M249 Trigger group new sear 35.00 M240 Trigger group new sear 40.00 M249 Combo Tool new 20.00 M240 Combo tool does it all.Extractor changing, carbon cleaning etc.35.00 M240 Sight adjustment tool 35.00 M240 Belt drum attaches to side, camo , new 75,00 M249Blank adapter new M249 25.00 M240Blank adapter new M240 25.00 M240/249 Padded Sling with QD Hooks 35.00 M240/249 Spare barrel bag new, with built in heat pad and many pockets for the tools and accessories 75.00 M240 Ejection port cover and pin, new 40.00 M240 Buttstock complete used exc. Hydraulic version 150.00 M249 Fixed Hydraulic Buffer stock exc. 115.00 M249 Hydraulic Buffer Stock new 150.00 M249 Rare Collapsible slide out early HK Style stock as new 200.00 M249 Ejection port cover with pin 40.00 M249 Magazine side door and pin 50.00 M249 Charging handle stop 30.00 M249 Takedown pin Bottom 25.00 M249 Large Takedown pin Top 35.00 M240 Top Cover Hinge pin, new type45.00 M249 Top cover hinge pin 3 part set 50.00 M240 Belt feed pawl set, new complete 75.00 (Must have spare) M249 Standard Bipod, as new 75.00 M249 3 rail KAC Handgaurd new 85.00 M249 Gas tube 125.00 M240 gas tube 300.00 M240 Barrel change assembly lock set 65.00 M240 trigger group pin 40.00 M249 Bolt complete with extractor all new 150.00 M249 Bolt carrier slide complete with Roller 150.00 M249 Op-Rod new complete 150.00 M240 Flash Hider, new 40.00 M249 Voretex newest type 50.00 M240 Voretex newest type 60.00 This will give you a great spare parts set for all your potential needs and fun. will figure shipping as for what all you want Paypal to this email as a Gift or add 3% or Check to me at : 828-773-1938
  17. UPDATE: ALL SOLD OUT. I'm selling the following items: 1.) AR-57 5.7x 28mm upper for AR-15/M4 rifle. Has a 16" barrel and standard bird cage flash hider. Appears unfired or test-fired only. Comes with TWO original FN-made 50 round magazines. This is a Gen 1 upper, complete, with an unfluted barrel. Bolt is the semi-auto type. These retail with ONE magazine for $745.99 plus shipping. I've reduced my price to $635, postage paid to CONUS. No FFL required, but check your state and local laws. Sorry, no shipments for mag ban localities. Just one available. 2.) AR-57 5.7x 28mm upper for AR-15/M4 pistol. Has a 10" barrel and the distinctive AR57 proprietary flash hider. I've only fired 150 rounds through this upper. Comes with TWO original FN-made 50 round magazines. This is a Gen 1 upper, complete, with an unfluted barrel. Includes a set of black UTG rail covers. Bolt is the semi-auto type. These retail with ONE magazine for $745.99 plus shipping. I've reduced my price to $6356, postage paid to CONUS. No FFL required, but check your state and local laws. Sorry, no shipments for mag ban localities. Note that this upper can legally ONLY be installed on an AR-15 lower that is marked "PISTOL", or on a registered SBR lower! All NFA rules apply! Just one available. (For technical details on AR-57 uppers, see: ) 3.) FN-made 50 round magazines for P90, PS90, or AR57. Brand new. All are still in blue FN factory boxes. Now just 10 left $25 each, postage paid, or just $25 each, postage paid if you order five or more. (Note: For only the buyer(s) of either of the two above-listed uppers, up to five of these magazines are available for just $20 each, if mailed in the same box with an upper.) 4.) SOLD 5.) FOBUS Roto FN FiveSeven pistol holster. Black, adjustable. Also fits SIG P250 pistols. Just one available $15, + $3 postage or free postage if you also order any magazines. 6.) SOLD 7.) SOLD: HK-93 steel 25 round magazine. Original HK made. "IE" date code. 98%+ finish. Truly excellent condition. Looks new, aside for some light insertion marks. $65, postage paid. SOLD 8.) Galil Handguard. SOLD. 9.) SOLD 10.) SOLD 11.) SOLD 12.) SOLD Note: If you but all three sets of grips (#10, 11 & 12), then I will knock off an another 20%, for the package. No overseas sales. All NFA rules apply. I prefer payment via discreet PayPal, but will also accept USPS PMOs. Sorry, no checks or other sorts of money orders. I also love to barter. Some possible trades: Winchester Model 88 .308 magazines (original factory 4-round or Colyer brand 8-round or 10-round extended mags.) Canvas cover for a M2/M3 Browning .50 HB, preferably the type with the relief gusset to accommodate a barrel handle bale. HK91 magazine loaders HK91 magazine unloaders Sealed original 10-packs of HK G3 alloy magazines. Pelican or Starlight brand rifle hard cases (new or used.) Silver coins (I prefer U.S. American Eagles or pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters, and half dollars.) __________________ ~Jim Rawles~ Editor of
  18. Looking up to sale my FN SCAR-17S used but in excellent condition "Black" Scar 17s 308 cal, included accessories and box. bought it brand new late 2013. i personally put about 600 rounds through this rifle, cycles flawlessly. Few light cosmetic scuffs from regular use. Comes with (1) original FN mag, box, manual-booklets. ggfit124@hotmail."NOSPAM"com - email me for quicker response.
  19. I have a Brandnew factory FN Made complete ready to mount on your M240 or MAG-58 Rare Right hand belt feed Top cover and feed tray, (You never find these complete) 525.00 plus 8.00 shipping flat rate Priority mail. Perfect to make a Twin mount to feed from both sides. I also have a complete left hand new feed Rail Optic top cover 450.00 I do have a Brand new M240B stripped Rail Optic top cover for 250.00 (If you already have parts but , just need the new type upgraded top cover) Brand new feed tray for M13 links 125.00 Op-Rod complete with Piston 175.00 Bolt complete with firing Pin ready to mount to op-rod 200.00 Complete new Trigger group 250.00 Recoil Spring group complete in factory package with Rod ready to install 50.00 Camo Assault belt feed pack (attaches to side) 65.00 Ejection cover and pin 35.00 Charging handle group 125.00 Vehicle or tripod Cradle mounts to small pintle hole and has ammo can rack 325.00 Let me know your wants Paypal or M.O. or your good check! 828-773-1938 10AM to 6PM EST
  20. Department manufactured FNH PS90 SBR. Will transfer direct from the department on an ATF Form 5 so no NFA tax paid (only sales tax) if purchased by an individual in Mississippi. Conversion was professionally done by gunsmith who installed a CMMG barrel and threaded barrel nut into a new in box FNH PS-90. Test fired one mag by after conversion to SBR by department armorer to verify function. The Sheriff has decided duty ammo is too expensive to issue the SBR so its basically new with box. Comes with a Silencerco Saker mount installed and FNH factory case collector. (SAKER pictured is not included). FNH PS90 SBR $1750 + shipping (trades considered for certain B&T TP9 LMT18 SBR, DS Arms FAL SA58 OSW PARA SBR, MKE Z5P Pistol, MKE Z-43 P Pistol, MKE Z-5RS Pistol, or PTR K3P PDW Pistol) Mississippi Auto Arms 1300 Van Buren Ave #111 Oxford, MS 38655 662-816-4802
  21. All parts are Factory FN P90 parts in used good to very good condition, unless otherwise noted. All nfa rules apply. cashiers check, MO, CC+3.5. P90 10.3" Barrel - **Sale - $725** Top rail, no screward -$100 Take down button and spring - $42 Charging handle - $42 Barrel Spring Set - $22 Small Rail section and screws $9
  22. Hi everyone, I wish the new boards great success and hope all embrace them fully. All prices plus shipping, paypal or M.O. or check ok. 828-773-1938 text for quicker response or to hold an item. I have the following original FN Items for the M240, M249.SAWMAG-58, MK-46, Most are new condition. (Nearly all M240 parts work on MAG-58) M240L New type collapsible telescopingstock, Very scarce 425.00 only 2 available M240/M249 Flex mount cradle with ammo Can rack for use with 7.62 or 5.56 belts , Uses small Pintle, exc. condition 325.00 M240/M249 tripod Pintle, 75.00 M240 Barrel heat shields new in carton 75.00 M240L FN Short CQB barrel complete new in wrap 800.00 M240 50 rnd side belt drums new 65.00 M240 Bolt complete with ejector and extractor 225.00 M240B Rail Optic mount Top cover new 250.00 M240 Op-Rod and Piston new 175.00 M240 Top Cover parts set complete to build a stripped top cover, all new 225.00 M240 Feed tray exc. condition 100.00 M240 Feed tray M13 links New 125.00 M240 Bipod used exc. condition 85.00 M240 Hydraulic Buttstock housing exc 100.00 M240 Stock complete with Buffer Assy 150.00 M240 Cocking handle complete 100.00 M240 Firing Pin new 45.00 M240Recoil assembly new in wrap 50.00 M240 T&E tripod mechanism exc. Cond. 125.00 M240 Combo tool as new 30.00 M240 Blank adapter 25.00 new M240 Front sight tool 30.00 M240 Padded sling new 20.00 M240 Ejection door and pin 30.00 M240 Voretex flash hider, 98% flash elimination new condition 50.00 M240 standard flash hider new condition 35.00 M240 Bipod , exc. 150.00 M240/249 QD clips 15.00 per set for sling I have 10 new M249 100 rnd nutsacks, 15.00 ea. buy all and free shipping I also have the following SAW M249 Parts All are in New condition; MK-46 3 Rail Handguard for top of Front or Bottom Very Rare,100.00 Sold elsewhere for 700.00 plus! Op-Rod with Piston new condition 125.00 Slide/Bolt carrier with Roller 150.00 Gas tube 125.00 New Bolt stripped 125.00 New Bolt complete 150.00 Ejector set complete 45.00 Savit collapsible stock complete as new 80.00 Recoil guide rod new 100.00 Top Cover depressor pawls and springs with pin set 75.00 Feed arm 75.00 Latches for rear of Top cover with spring 40.00 Dust cover with spring and side pins 40.00 Mag well cover with pin 50.00 Charging Handle 75.00 Feed tray, standaard 100.00 MK-46 Feed tray with holding pawls 140.00 Firing Pin and spring 45.00 Recoil spring 35.00 Top cover Hinge pin with spring and tensioner set 45.00 Barrel latch lever 85.00 Trigger group frame new 80.00 Ejection port cover and pin 35.00 Tripod pintle 75.00 Sling , padded 20.00 Pair QD Sling Clips Like HK 15.00 Carbon combo tool 20.00 Voretex military flash hider 99% reduction 40.00 Takedown lower pin 20.00 Takedown large knob Top pin 30.00 Sear 35.00 Trigger guard 10.00 Trigger 20.00 Trigger spring 10.00 Paypal or M.O. ok 828-773-1938 Also have MAG-58 /M240 Parts, in stock, inquire as to needs Greg