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  1. M192 GI Newest Type M249 or M240 LMG Tripod, This is the lightweight best US GI tripod that folds up really small. Complete with Built in T&E Ready to go to the range... Ultimate Man cave Display!!! Sale!!! 875.00 only 3 left This has a built in Traversing and Elevating Mechanism, will stow and carry in the spare barrel bag, Bag, also available new, 55.00 I have other M249S accessories, spare barrels,spare parts, Collapsible stocks, 100 rnd and 200 rnd camo Nutsacks, just ask me your needs! M2HB Twin Rail scope mount new condition 175.00 Short Para 249 Barrels, exc. 285.00 with Free heat shield 100 rnd Nutsacks, for 249 32.00 with starter tab M249 SAW 20.5 standard barrel, with adjustable gas regulator so you can actually clean it, exc. with heat shield free 335.00 200 rnd camo Nutsacks, 55.00 M240 Right Hand Feed Cover group with feed tray all complete like new, ready to make a twin Mount set 650.00 Excellent front KACM249 Rail system, 175.00 , New type Improved Bipod for M249S 165.00 New GI New version M2HB .50 T&E 125.00 Elcan Machine Gun Optic, for M240 and M249 complete in new condition (Not some beat to hell one) with Rubber covers, Killflah, Padded pouch and rare Laser filter only Sale 725.00 (These are 1350.00 retail!!!!without accessories) M240 Heavy standard B barrel, new 650.00 with free heat shield!! M240/MAG58 rail optic top cover 175.00 M249 spare barrel bag with heat pad, new 55.00 M249 M240 New version padded slings, New condition in pack, FDE 55.00 or padded Black, with QD clips 40.00 M249 Blank adapter, new 35.00 Call 828-773-1938 text or email Direct only Please Greg