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  1. I have 2 types just in from Europe of the Elusive MAG-58 Non-Disintegrating Belt feed trays to allow the use of the German DM-1 or MG3 or MG-42 Belts. Very rare and allows you to load the German type belts easily with the many German surplus belt loaders around. No more hassle of individual disintegrating links to chase around.. 175.00 ea. 2 types (see pics) early and late version, Early has the U loop on the side feed, Your choice as inventory permits, only a few of each available. Also have Used and new M240 /MAG-58 barrels available Used exc. with Free Heatshield 575.00 and new in wrap heavy barrel with heatshield (See Pics)700.00 M240-D Spade grip assembly complete ready to use,for M240 or MAG-58 750.00 for the set. (See Pics) See my ad for the RARE M240/MAG-58 tripods of 3 types JUST Posted here on STURM., and many spare parts available. Contact me direct at 828-773-1938 Greg Alpine MIlitary Concepts 40 years of Rare Military parts can count on!