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  1. I have 2 types just in from Europe of the Elusive MAG-58 Non-Disintegrating Belt feed trays to allow the use of the German DM-1 or MG3 or MG-42 Belts. Very rare and allows you to load the German type belts easily with the many German surplus belt loaders around. No more hassle of individual disintegrating links to chase around.. 175.00 ea. 2 types (see pics) early and late version, Early has the U loop on the side feed, Your choice as inventory permits, only a few of each available. Also have Used and new M240 /MAG-58 barrels available Used exc. with Free Heatshield 575.00 and new in wrap heavy barrel with heatshield (See Pics)700.00 M240-D Spade grip assembly complete ready to use,for M240 or MAG-58 750.00 for the set. (See Pics) See my ad for the RARE M240/MAG-58 tripods of 3 types JUST Posted here on STURM., and many spare parts available. Contact me direct at 828-773-1938 Greg Alpine MIlitary Concepts 40 years of Rare Military parts can count on!
  2. All Parts and accessories below will work together with the FN MAG-58 MG's to upgrade them to the newer specs for better reliability and fun!! M145 Military issue MG Optic Elcan for M249 or M240B as new with Killflash for rail top cover on M249S save big, 1 only left 725.00 (1250.00 retail) M240 Top Barrel Heat shields new in wrap 80.00 M240L Collapsible stock, Hydrualic , new in package 450.00 (see pic below) M240 Heavy Barrel new 725.00 M240 Heavy barrel complete exc. 575.00 M240L new type Lightweight Barrel exc. complete 625.00 M240B Rail top cover stripped (Add your parts exc. 175.00 new 225.00 M240B or L Complete Rail top cover 375.00 M240B or L Feed tray new 125.00 M240 Right hand feed tray , new 150.00 M240B Op-Rod new 225.00 ........or complete Op-Rod with Bolt group with Firing Pin ...425.00 M240B Firing Pin new 55.00 M240B Buttstock Fixed Hydraulic complete exc. 175.00 as new 190.00 M240B Trigger group Exc. 175.00 new 225.00 M240B Bolt stripped new 175.00 complete 250.00 M240 Complete Bolt and Op-Rod group , all internal drive train except recoil group below, 425.00 M240B recoil spring and Rod group complete , new 65.00 M240B Bipod, new complete 150.00 M240L Collapsible stock, RARE new complete 450.00 See Pic M240B Top heat Shield, new 80.00 M240 Belt Feed assault mag, new 75.00 M240B or L 100 rnd Assualt mag Belgian made, New 90.00 M240 Bandoleer hanger bracket new, so you can use the cloth soft Older M60 100 rnd Bandoleers and boxes 50.00 M240B/L Combo tool new 50.00 M240/ M249 Spare barrel carrier, camo with heat pad built in ,new 65.00 M240/M249 Spare Barrel carrier bag, new with heat pad, Camo new 75.00 or used 40.00 M240 Blank adapter new , Standard barrel 50.00 M240L Short barrel Blank adapter 65.00 M240 New type FDE Issue Padded sling with QD Clips at both ends 60..00 M240B Black Padded sling with QD clip at both ends 40.00 M240 Sling, new Woodland camo GI issue with QD clips, 45.00 M240 Front sight adjustment tool 50.00 M240 Cleaning Carbon scraper cutter tool, new 45.00 M240L New type Adjustable Bipod, very rare New complete 375.00 M240B/L New type Coyote Tan Padded issue sling with QD clips 60.00 M240 Complete front rail Handguard, mounts around Gas Tube, new 100.00 M240 Bipod, new , complete 125.00 M240/M249 Tripod Pintle for M122 or 1919 type mounts 75.00 M240/249 tripod T&E with adapter 185.00 M249 T&E adapter , new 75.00 M122 Tripod complete with Pintle for m249s or M240 series/MAG-58 exc. 775.00 Many other parts available for these weapons and the M249 series, Just enquire, See the other ads on Sturm for FN MK-46, M249 and MK-48 parts Looking for HK MP5 .40 cal Mags and FN FS 2000 barrel in exc. or new condition.Alpine Mlitary Concepts , Email Direct is best or call to reserve items, 828-773-1938 Greg Greg 828-773-1938