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  1. SOOO it's looks like the first tranny "Michael" Obongo with her/his "sky high" approval ratings, higher than President Trump according to the UK SUN toilet paper rag..(WTF do they come up with this b.s.?) is running for President in 2020. People you can make this kind of happy horsxit up! That's in addition to Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren running also, campaigning in Iowa right now. All jokes aside, the 2020 elections will be the most contentious election in the history of our country. Especially for gun owners. The freaks, fruits and garden variety wanna b socialist/commie assholes will be out in force to solicit support for their causes. As in the past, firearms will be one of their MAJOR platforms, in addition to a lesser extent some pipe talk about doing away with the 2nd amendment. That part of their new mantra is rather new, and should not be discounted totally. Don't wait get involved now with your local reps, 2 years will fly by pretty quick. Never underestimate the enemy. FWIW, R.L.