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  1. PRE-MAY D/S MG34. Excellent

    PRE-MAY D/S MG34. Excellent Here is my pre-May dealer sample. Excellent condition. Comes with: lots of belts, starter tabs, bipod, tripod, carry handle, 2 drums in drum carrier 3 extra barrels of which one in barrel carrier, another barrel, which I think is .308, one more barrel besides above and,of course, one in the gun spider sight, extra spring, 2 German ammo cans with belted 8mm Mauser ammo $13,000 for all above. Additional ammo available. Will efile transfer form 3. All NFA rules apply. I have been a recommended dealer on Tom Bowers board since 2001. Call me daily 9AM-7PM Eastern at (207) 476-0000 or email